[OFFIC SPAM THINGY] resurrection from the essence of my favorite croissant

I'm gonna utilize Pitbull as an actual oc and learn css just for a fancy bio and then throw him in my prev characters story as a motivational speaker who drives his honda civic into the ename ruin to start a rave, its pride month i can do what i want

thinking about sam levingson and how much he looks related to my dad
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13 Years Have Passed

Dear fellow players,

Today marks my 13th anniversary for being on this game and community since 2010. I have played this game for such a long time. I hope everyone is well. For years, I have helped numerous players keep their physical avatar appearances and giving candles for new players. I wonder if there is a way for me to still become a backer for the new version of The Endless Forest. I hope to enjoy playing the game in the years ahead and seeing my old friends and making new ones.

May the Lord bless you with peace, prosperity, and joy.

See you in the forest. Smiling
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Starling - toyhouse - she/they
discord: pixeldeer#6405

• Russet-coloured coat, deer-faced
• Wears anything in-game & likes creature spells
• Welcomes any company! friends, strangers, come chill with her

Starling sometimes feels like a bit of a lost soul; drifting through each hour like a ghost. This deer is incredibly introverted and her social-energy can drain very quickly. As of more recent years, her shift in age has reconnected with deeper roots, and she will at times naturally fall into a feral state of mind. She is drawn to herds, though enjoys being on the outer edges and being able to come and go with ease.


May be unresponsive whilst I work throughout the day. But I'm often checking in and will probably see if you stop by! any company is welcome & appreciated. <3


sometimes I draw things whilst sitting in the forest ~
24.05.23 | 25.05.23 | 30.05.23 | 10.06.23
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Fawn, Frog.
You've heard of lowpoly frog, now get ready for warped 2D frog.
Somewhat dedicated to the frog I saw a while ago while hanging out near the stream, under the "66" username.

The peacock is one of my fave pelts/sets, despite its meme status.

~ Bio Notes ~

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Admiral, Fuji & só.


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Alternative title is "Have you forgotten about me?" but that's kindof a bummer.

There's four birds(aside from the ones flying by) and a toad in this picture. Can you find them?

(open in a new tab for full experience. Smiling )

The Night Caller

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