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Admiral, Fuji & só.


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Alternative title is "Have you forgotten about me?" but that's kindof a bummer.

There's four birds(aside from the ones flying by) and a toad in this picture. Can you find them?

(open in a new tab for full experience. Smiling )

The Night Caller

Technical issues, game refuses to work

I tried playing TEF but its giving me a strange error message when I set it as my screensaver that I dont understand so the game refuses to work, its about some sort of q3d error
It doesnt work as I boot it up from my desktop either, it just shows me a deer sleeping in a black background indefinitely
And I have to restart my whole computer to get access to it again since when I boot up the game I cannot exit it anymore, please help me
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Little dark age ~Samael~

Samael. male / Weak, thin, moves and speaks little, gets tired quickly.


Goofy funny

2020 Was like being stuck in a flooding, muddy combination homedepot, walmart, walgreens and target, and you're desperately texting your groupchat for help but half of them are too busy trying to find directions to your location and the other half is trying to post anthro balto x twilight sparkle fanart and yelling at you for repeating yourself and then you make a meme in this combination homedepot, walmart, walgreens and target, about your suffering, ans then everyone starts fighting over the fanart and asking each side why the fuck you're in the combination homedepot, walmart, walgreens and target, and why YOURE JOKING ABOUT IT WHEN YOU COULD BE READING THE FUCKING FANFICTION THAT THE FUCKING FANART IS BASED ON
And then two people throw you out of the combination homedepot, walmart, walgreens and target, and in their sudan


I have a gay lover

something dark's living down in my heart ; rhysand

smol tef bio for my favorite troublemaker, DISCLAIMER that he's sometimes naughty. i'll slowly be adding more.. and will prob post updates here as well at some point :3
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