Birthday boy

Our younger brother, Hvoshch Knigochei, has grown up this night, so the family has a small cozy gathering not far from the The Great Singing Tree to celebrate. We will be glad to cuddle with more creatures to feel even cozier if there are any who want to join!
His name looks so terrible in transliteration x) It means Horsetail the bookworm. You can listen to the pronunciation here.
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Nevei "Skywalker" | Windchime | Son to Athena and Andrei | Baby | Around 4/Tiny | Toyhouse

Is a StarEater like his mother

Personality will develop as they grow

makes bio on here too because I'm a TEF old and its like tradition

Foxy's Sketches


Foxy is a very new nonsensical noob. Foxy - because the glyph he got, uh, resembles a fox. No full name for this fluffy fawn yet. Maybe the full name will be Foxtrot. Foxfire. Foxfeatherforever.
Names are hard.

This is Foxy. He mostly runs around and is excited about everything.

And here are some deers he met on the way! (My pelt was changed, like, a hundred times, whyyy can't I keep these cool features? Lemme grow fast!) I hope i got those awesome colors and horns and glyphs right, apologise in advance for the mistakes!

There were more (and a couple of fawns), but I didn't turn my screenshot program on right away, silly me.
So just throw me a screenshot if we meet ingame and I'll be happy to draw you!
Endless Forest somehow broke an art block I'd been having for several months, thank you guys.
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Goofy ahh tef doodles

Doodles? Not really-
Art pieces? No, just some goofs.


Nameless forest monk

The real deer mask is underrated in tef art.!

Gods please bless us with a pine forest

Magic gifts from Rosinka


Rosinka wants to use some of her dance magic to gift three things she've created to the first three creatures who wish to get a gift. You can find her dancing at De Drinkplaats. Moooo at her if she doesn't pay attention carried away and write here, please, to start the magic quest.


December-January TEF sketches

Sleeping buddies
Tarter, Sanga, Podorojnik

Sketches for future characters, paper ones were done at work:

Forest Ambassadors

Uitelger, Urschanabi - true ambassadors for The Forest - and nakijo? and dear/deer friend ruminane! cher ami! thank you for texting me and for all the dancing! merci - vraiment magie! I am not entirely awake/alert, but tried to take screen shots and will post as soon as I can - bon nuit mon amis!

Eleuthera hos ho anemos

CSS by Veldritch


"I wonder where the wind will take me..."

Hello everyone

Hello everyone Smiling

I've just rediscovered this game. I used to sometimes drop in while I was in college but then forgot about it for a long time. I loooove the background sounds! They are so relaxing and calming and remind me of a warm summer afternoon and the smell of pine needles (I don't know how I came to that was just there suddenly). I also really like how Thy's pictogram reminds me a bit of a kitsune. Back when I was registering her, I was presented one that looked even more like one but then I accidentally stopped the registration and had to start all over again Sad

I still have no idea what I am doing (I never had) and currently just run around with my little fawn trying to figure out all the emotes and hoping that I won't offend anyone by choosing the wrong ones.
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