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Screensaver and fawn

Work on the remake is going well, in spite of my other projects that run simultaneously. I have adapted my daily schedule to enable a large slot of time on the days when I am free. It seems to be working.

Over the past two weeks I have implemented the "screensaver" feature: the camera rotates around the sleeping deer and optionally switches to rotate around other players' avatars. Amusingly the same bug occurred as in the current game: the ground disappearing from under the other players here and there. I will need to fix that later.

Implementing this system also allowed me to discover and fix some issues with controls.

After a desperate search for old files on defunct file servers and CD-Roms, I ended up re-doing the rig for the Fawn avatar in Blender. After that I was able to implement it in Unreal so it re-uses the animations of the adult deer (which didn't working the current Quest3D-based game). It also took a bit of "exploring" to find all the textures for the fawn. But I did! So you will be able to frolic around the forest as a fawn in the next build.
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Back on track

After releasing what I guess is my first solo art piece in ages*, I have returned to the wonderful world of remaking The Endless Forest in Unreal Engine. I will be able to devote a lot of time to it over the coming months until August when a new project starts. So I am aiming for a new release before then.
I still teach part time (at IULM in Milan) and I'm working on a secret Endless Forest related project once in a while. But still, I'm happy with the time available and I am already making progress.
Over the past two weeks I have added joystick control of the avatar and a system for showing different language versions of the menu. I am trying to get all the main features in the game, working towards a beta release (feature complete but lacking detail and containing bugs). But if there's any features you would like to see prioritized in the remake, please let me know.

All the best,

Michael Samyn.

* Information and free download of "Compassie" can be found here.
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Phase Four unlocked

Thanks to a beautiful act of friendship, the fundraising for the remake of The Endless Forest has crossed the threshold of Phase Four. This means that, once the remake is complete, the game will be expanded with a new area, a very special character, and some activities.

Thank you all for contributing!

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TEF II step 19: alpha!

Phase Three has been completed in the remake. We are now in alpha stage!
Backers of the Second Decade should have received a download link to the new build via email.

Details about this step can be foudn on the development log.
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TEF II progress

I hope summer is ending beautifully for you.

We are working hard towards a first alpha release with the complete forest area. Implementation of the Drinkplaats feature is slow because it involves some Abiogenesis features. But it's good to have these implemented, anyway. The other, secret Endless Forest related project is also taking some of our time. But more about that later (when we can talk about it).

So the next progress update will have to wait another month. But it will be worth it!

Thank you for your patience and support. And above all for continuing to enjoy our work.

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TEF II Step 18

A small step this time. But it made the forest of Phase Three much more pleasant.

Details on the dev log
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TEF II Step 17

The forest in the remake is now just as big as the forest in the current game. There's a lot that remains to be done. But an alpha release may be in sight.

Read all about it in the dev log.

Thank you for your support and your patience and your trust!
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TEF II step 16: Winter 2020 build

I have added all the Phase Two features to the remake of The Endless Forest and created a build for the backers to try it out (sent via email).

Details in the dev log.


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TEF II step 15

In this step of the remake of The Endless Forest we implemented taking a bath and worshiping.

Details in the dev log.
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TEF II step 14

I'm sorry that it's been a while but here's something to make you happy: the forest of Phase Two in Unreal Engine:

Read all about it in the dev log!
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