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Thought And Memory


Apologies for low activity, it's A Lot going on currently

Characters & Interaction

Plot / interaction ideas? Hit me up, I'm open for most things!

Most characters originates from my headworld, the Athuan Universe.
A macrocosm of endless intersecting dimensions and worlds: Ea, and
within it, the world of Athu, the focus point - a place thrumming with
magic, strange phenomena, where universes collide and resonate
through each other.

A world much like our own, yet very different.

Eye of the Storm: Ephiré

May seem cold and distant at first, but is quite approachable. Always interested in things.

Types of interactions in-game:
• Calm sitting. Feel free to strike up a conversation via discord! Good listener and gives decent advice.
Stalking Watching interesting characters.
• Spars or fights? Eph's good at flower sparring.

• Almost anything!
• Secretive, but rather resourceful.
• Is a god, but would rather not let that be known

Can help with:
• Portals & travel. Ever a restless wanderer, Eph slips easily between worlds.
• Being a gentle guardian or watcher. Babysitter?
• Standing around looking intimidating

Visions in Dust: Leto

Can be somewhat moody, but generally appreciates company and new faces. A merchant, of sorts, dealing in various magical items, as well as substances that might give interesting effects.

Types of interactions in-game:
• Calm sitting. Feel free to strike up a conversation via discord!
• A grooming session or a cuddle. Leto loves physical contact.
• Spars? Fights? Sometimes he's got a temper. General mayhem?

• Has got a spirit hitchhiking in his mind. Peaceful for now... but who knows
• Friendships! Relationships! Enemies!

Can help with:
• He has a stash of mushrooms and plants that gives interesting effects if ingested.
• Subtle magics. Able to manipulate thoughts, emotions, feelings and dreams, to varying degrees.
• Has access to a variety of magical items from another world.

Crocodilian, Rotmaw, Water-shadow: Neath

More of a scavenger than a predator. Indifferent to company, unless you are threatening him in some way. Awfully curious about anything that could lead to food. Surprisingly good at conversations.

Types of interactions in-game:
• Stalking wounded or dying characters
• Lurking in the pond and sniffing people creepily to check if they're edible
• Chases and fights

• Wanna get rid of a body (or body part)? Neath's here to "help"
• Possible villain-type

Can "help" with:
• If you need old bones, give him something in return
• Being a chilling reminder of how easily life slips from your grasp
• He can give you cool scars and a fear of water

Power and control: Syongery-Ytuh

Approachable, friendly, but with a sort of predatory, dominant demeanor. Fairly welcoming and amiable unless provoked.

Types of interactions in-game:
• Sitting, conversations
• Chases and fights.

• Possible villain-type
• Main base of operations is in the world of Athu; runs a crime organisation

Can help/"help" with:
• Enjoys hurting people. Especially with someone's consent
• Flirt outrageously with your character
• Could definitely be something of a bully.

Shadowtongue: Gair Vatuh

Made to serve and protect, to obey any command from their master: whoever holds power over the black stone mask.

Types of interactions in-game:
• Anything, really

Plots, ideas:
• Is affiliated with a cult and a strange entity, currently negating the point below
• If killed, their new "master" will be the next person to summon them
• Will (involuntarily) try to get people to join this cult

Can help with:
• Guardian, watcher
• Able to go between worlds
• Very physically formidable
• Not a stranger to mercenary work

Songs that the Hyades shall sing: 'starchild'

A vaguely fawnshaped void, with eyes that seem to glow softly. At night, there is something like the twinkle of far-away stars within their form, if you look long and hard enough.

Types of interactions in-game:
• Sitting, playing
• Just Fawn Things

• ???
• Has vague memories of a life before the Forest
• Will absorb traits/behaviours/visuals from others

Can help with:
• Weird you out with strange noises
• Be cute or unnerving

Elsewhere & About

Hi hello, I'm Apel, 30, from Sweden. They/them!
Artist, avid escapist (books, games, roleplay, daydreaming), nature lover, bird person.
Currently working as a character artist in the video game industry.

Discord: Apel#9645Main tumblr
Email: apeldille at gmail dot comPersonal tumblr

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Art by me.
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So cool looking... ._.

So cool looking... ._.
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This looks stunning.

This looks stunning.

Definitely tracking this.

Definitely tracking this.
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Hi. <3
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Gooorgeous >u>

Gooorgeous >u>

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Track :0 Awesome layout~

Track :0
Awesome layout~ <3
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Wow, gorgeous... Tracking

Wow, gorgeous... Tracking like a boss! <3
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So lovely &hearts;

So lovely ♥

By Leuvr
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Aw, thank you everyone

Aw, thank you everyone ♥ Didn't think this many people would comment!

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I like reading what my

I like reading what my friends have to share. <3
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I love personal update blogs!

I love personal update blogs! Great for stalking. ^_^

I like reading personal

I like reading personal blogs. And I like really good CSS too.
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Going away for the weekend?

Going away for the weekend? No, this is not allowed. *clings to your leg*

Well have fun.

And yay! Spellchatcher Cat! ^__^
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NOOOO I'm Apel deprived!

I'm Apel deprived!
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Apeldille deer is so pretty

Apeldille deer is so pretty <3

As far as bios go, I love a lot of info on a character, little tid bits of what makes them tick, quirks, their opinions on various things. I like exploring a bio too. Nice to have a brief, upfront synopsis of the character but for people who want to dig, more info they can find and discover if they want.
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have fun!!!

have fun!!! Laughing out loud
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“Aiiiiiin't no sunshine when

“Aiiiiiin't no sunshine when she's goooooone
It's not warm when she's awaaaaay.”

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Good luck Apel!

Good luck Apel!
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Lots and lots of good luck to

Lots and lots of good luck to you! You'll do great I'm sure! They'd absolutely miss out if they didn't accept you ^^
I'll be thinking of you!
Sighthoundlady's picture

Good luck Apel! You're

Good luck Apel! You're amazing, their loss if they don't snatch you up! ^^
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Good luck! You deserve to

Good luck! You deserve to study there!
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Yay! I'm so happy for you

Yay! I'm so happy for you Apel! That's awesome news! <3
Mis's picture

EE Congraaats! I'm glad for

EE Congraaats! I'm glad for you! That's amazing, you got through such a huge selection too! See, you're an amazing artist, they'd really have missed out had they not accepted you. I hope you'll have a toooon of fun!
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Congrats, Apel! I will (as I

Congrats, Apel! I will (as I am sure everyone else will) be waiting to hear tons about your game-creating adventures. o.o
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Haha, I'm ridiculously bad at

Haha, I'm ridiculously bad at replying to comments. u_u Thank you, everyone! I'm glad I got accepted, haha, I had no plan B.

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Wicked new layout. I love the

Wicked new layout. I love the little icons for each character too!
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Oooooh, look at this pretty

Oooooh, look at this pretty new CSS! Snazzy!
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How come this CSS got better

How come this CSS got better each time I spied?
Ah, right, because unlike me, you have a great idea to start with.xP
Nah, seriously, I really like this CSS. Original! I don't think I've ever seen a layout like this before. Looks like you didn't stick with blue hues, though! xD
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Ooh this is so lovely

Ooh this is so lovely indeed.. Really liking the layout. Ah you and I both get freedom soon. Livestreams all around.
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this is gorgeous. and

this is gorgeous.

and Shakespeare. ♥
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Ohhh, take care then, Apel!

Ohhh, take care then, Apel!
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Track! Smiling
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Yes Apel. This. It’s a bit

Yes Apel. This. It’s a bit heart breaking every time I see another artists commission price list go up with laughably low prices and worse yet that artist truly believe this is all they can ask for and this is what they HAVE to do. They undervalue themselves AND everybody else doing the same work. And THAT is such a tragedy. I could go on forever but I won’t. I’ve ranted to you enough on this topic, you know my feelings. Grrr, double grr. ;_;
Sleepything's picture

you make a really good point,

you make a really good point, especially the bit about being 'unfair' for other working artists here.
i never really thought of that before, and seeing as my art is at pretty low prices, i apologize.
i've never had any intentions of stealing potential clients from others or undervaluing them. :/

the prices i have now are what i truly believe my work is worth, for now anyway! plus i like to keep them affordable for other people because i know how it feels when you really want some different art but have a pretty tight budget.

i do plan to raise them eventually though.

adorable art by Tuoho! ♥
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Sight: Yeah we've talked

Sight: Yeah we've talked about this |D

Sleepything: I don't think apologizing is neccessary c: I don't think people do it on purpose really. But it can be something to think about, can be good to check around and see what other people charge for about the same work.
Of course one should have what prices they see fit, but it's very sad when artists charge almost nothing for their work.
But it's nice to be able to buy art even if you don't have much money. Raising prices gradually is a good thing too, especially if you feel you've improved.

Eledhwen22's picture

Erf, it's a delicate subject

Erf, it's a delicate subject ...

I agree about the fact it's unfair for the other artists ... But sometimes, it's difficult to see that some people can't pay for art. When the person draws too, it's easy because you can do an "art trade", so it's not in exchange of nothing. But when the person doesn't draw at all, it's difficult ... Well, or give a unique gift maybe.

I don't take actually commissions about drawings, because I didn't draw since a long time and have a lot of things to learn about it yet. But if one day I'll do commissions, I'll think seriously about the price, to not be unfair with the other artists.

As I already said, your work is just incredible, and you don't have to do it in exchange of nothing ... Because you spend a lot of time to this, and must be creative.
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First off, I want to say that

First off, I want to say that this entry is beautiful. I love the layout and the little pictures for each character. It's a perfect excuse to track it.

Second, your updates. I feel like I tend to shortchange myself with commissions, too which bothers me sometimes. I'm not complaining; I'm just saying. For example, on a good day, a flat colored picture from sketch-start to save-finish takes me at least one hour, sometimes two. I'd like to think that my artwork is worth more than that, maybe, but I'm not sure if people would be interested in commissioning me if I were to raise my prices. But at the same time, I enjoy drawing TEF characters and don't have to survive on commission money, so I look at it as a side project with perks, or something along those lines.

I guess that one just has to find a middle ground somewhere with commissions should they decide to accept them. I'm kind of curious to see how this discussion goes, though, what other people have to say. It's something that I've been wondering myself as of late.
Apeldille's picture

Eledhwen: Yeah, it certainly

Eledhwen: Yeah, it certainly is. Everything involving money seems to be :/

I know some people don't have the money to pay for art. But people don't have the money to buy other things either. Is art worth less than those things? Is art something you have a right to? I don't know... it's a difficult subject really. Personally I don't think so, but at the same time I feel everyone should have the opportunity to have art in their lives in some way. Argk.

Still, being an artist is already seldom seen as a "real" profession by people and making your art cheap isn't really helping.

Scythe: Oh, thank you!

I have to admit that your commission blog was one of those I had in mind; I believe you could charge much more than what you do, really. I think people still would commission you, your art is wonderful.

But I see what you mean, if one doesn't need the money, why raise the prices? I suppose you have to balance between what you think your art is worth/what other people charges/if people want to buy.

Difficult, really. Personally I'm trying to make my living money trough art right now (living cheap at home, I don't need very much luckily :'D) instead of taking student loans, so I can imagine how low prices could affect someone. I'm lucky enough to be able to charge what I think my art is worth and people still seem to buy it though.

Ah /ramble ramble

cicadia's picture

@_@ I can speak for both

@_@ I can speak for both myself and Shiori, when I say we both tried the whole 'higher price'/acceptable price thing...but we never got any bites. No one would buy. Not at all. And in the end, we needed the money so much, we lowered the prices and just worked out ways to make our art faster.

It's not the ideal situation, though, of course. If I could, I'd love to sell my work for more than its currently priced. :/

OrinocoFlow's picture

I'd like to charge but I have

I'd like to charge but I have no clue how to set up pay pal -_-
I don't charge because at the moment I have no idea how to set it up for it. Also alot of my free commissions are for my own practice. But the main reason is I just don't know how/trust paypal.

any advice would rock XD
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Apeldille's picture

cicadia: You and Shiori is

cicadia: You and Shiori is two of those people I feel really deserves more money for their art :/ It's really weird that you didn't get any customers. How long ago was it? Have you improved since then? Maybe try to raise prices gradually... I dunno really.

OrinocoFlow: I must say, what you are doing right now is not 'free commissions', it's requests. :P Commissions are when you get paid. Unfortunately I don't have much advice on setting up a paypal, I'm still much of a paypal noob. You have to be 18 or older I think and have a bank account/visa or credit card(?). Have a look around on their website and google a bit, that might be more helpful than my advice.

OrinocoFlow's picture

oh yeah your right ^^'

oh yeah your right ^^' requests is a better word for it..oops

Well I am 23 and have an account. I tried to set one up before but I just did not understand it so never completed it.
Thanks for advice I will check around their site and google for help (perhaps a set up tutorial)

I was curious...if I did end up starting commissions (and I'd take much longer on those so they came out far better than what I have already done) what would you think I could charge...Im never good with that sort of thing...^^'
like you mentioned in your rant I am the type that feels bad charging too much . I also am unsure how much to charge. Your art and Cicadia's art is incredible and is worth every penny you charge for your work. If I had enough money I would definitely commission from both! So with my art (I am far from having the knowledge you two have) I am not sure how to charge because I am not at your guys levels I don't think I should charge near those prices.

I am sorry for my rambling >.<
You do not have a soul. You ARE a soul. You have a body.
~ C.S. Lewis
Kaoori's picture

well, to be honest I charged

well, to be honest I charged low for mine because I don't know what my work is worth. I'm trying to get myself out there, I'm trying to improve in as many ways as I can. At one point in time, my art was going to be my sole way of income, now it's not going to be and I do it on the side for fun. I'd like to use it occasionally as a way to get extra cash, because I could use some, but I don't know what to charge. I don't have the skills many artists have, but I do believe I'm pretty good at cartoonish flat coloring.

As always, I'm always willing to listen to anyone with help with my art, over the past two years I've gotten a lot of help from some great people. But if I've hurt anyone's commissions in any way here (I don't think I have, I only got two commissions |D ), I Do apologize.
Eledhwen22's picture

I totally agree with you ...

I totally agree with you ... if you have not money to commission art, you don't have it either to pay some other non-vital things ...

I've lost my work 2 years ago, I can't offer me anything since this time (not even decent clothes), and personnally, one of the first thing I would buy the day I recover a job, it's art from artists ... So people can't choose to pay for art, as to pay to play sport or other things they like.

I know I'm too good-hearted, and I easily take pity on people ... But often, they take advantage of me.

So thank you to have launched this debate, this let artists remind that their work deserves a pay ...
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Eledhwen22's picture

"So people can't choose to

"So people can't choose to pay for art, as to pay to play sport or other things they like."

I obviously would say "CAN choose" Smiling.
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OrinocoFlow: Hahaha I'm

OrinocoFlow: Hahaha I'm certainly not an expert at setting prices either ;_; I have no idea really. Depends on what kind of picture it is too. Try and set a price and then lower/raise when you feel like it? Larger pictures with backgrounds should of course cost more than a simple flat coloured lineart. See how much time you spend on each picture and then decide how much money you want per hour? And then if you don't get any customers either improve more or charge lower? As I said, I'm no expert XD

Kaoori: Oh I know how it is, I have had a hard time setting decent prices on my art too. It gets easier after a while though :') But yeah it can be very difficult to set a price on your pictures, I've struggled a lot with it in the past.
And as I said to sleepything, don't apologize... it's not like you did in on purpose! <3

Eledhwen: Yeah. On one hand I feel that art is for everyone... but perhaps in a bigger perspective, like something that rather politicians or the like ought to adress, not artists themselves. And on the other, artists need money just like everyone else. Difficult stuff.