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Thought And Memory


Apologies for low activity, it's A Lot going on currently

Characters & Interaction

Plot / interaction ideas? Hit me up, I'm open for most things!

Most characters originates from my headworld, the Athuan Universe.
A macrocosm of endless intersecting dimensions and worlds: Ea, and
within it, the world of Athu, the focus point - a place thrumming with
magic, strange phenomena, where universes collide and resonate
through each other.

A world much like our own, yet very different.

Eye of the Storm: Ephiré

May seem cold and distant at first, but is quite approachable. Always interested in things.

Types of interactions in-game:
• Calm sitting. Feel free to strike up a conversation via discord! Good listener and gives decent advice.
Stalking Watching interesting characters.
• Spars or fights? Eph's good at flower sparring.

• Almost anything!
• Secretive, but rather resourceful.
• Is a god, but would rather not let that be known

Can help with:
• Portals & travel. Ever a restless wanderer, Eph slips easily between worlds.
• Being a gentle guardian or watcher. Babysitter?
• Standing around looking intimidating

Visions in Dust: Leto

Can be somewhat moody, but generally appreciates company and new faces. A merchant, of sorts, dealing in various magical items, as well as substances that might give interesting effects.

Types of interactions in-game:
• Calm sitting. Feel free to strike up a conversation via discord!
• A grooming session or a cuddle. Leto loves physical contact.
• Spars? Fights? Sometimes he's got a temper. General mayhem?

• Has got a spirit hitchhiking in his mind. Peaceful for now... but who knows
• Friendships! Relationships! Enemies!

Can help with:
• He has a stash of mushrooms and plants that gives interesting effects if ingested.
• Subtle magics. Able to manipulate thoughts, emotions, feelings and dreams, to varying degrees.
• Has access to a variety of magical items from another world.

Crocodilian, Rotmaw, Water-shadow: Neath

More of a scavenger than a predator. Indifferent to company, unless you are threatening him in some way. Awfully curious about anything that could lead to food. Surprisingly good at conversations.

Types of interactions in-game:
• Stalking wounded or dying characters
• Lurking in the pond and sniffing people creepily to check if they're edible
• Chases and fights

• Wanna get rid of a body (or body part)? Neath's here to "help"
• Possible villain-type

Can "help" with:
• If you need old bones, give him something in return
• Being a chilling reminder of how easily life slips from your grasp
• He can give you cool scars and a fear of water

Power and control: Syongery-Ytuh

Approachable, friendly, but with a sort of predatory, dominant demeanor. Fairly welcoming and amiable unless provoked.

Types of interactions in-game:
• Sitting, conversations
• Chases and fights.

• Possible villain-type
• Main base of operations is in the world of Athu; runs a crime organisation

Can help/"help" with:
• Enjoys hurting people. Especially with someone's consent
• Flirt outrageously with your character
• Could definitely be something of a bully.

Shadowtongue: Gair Vatuh

Made to serve and protect, to obey any command from their master: whoever holds power over the black stone mask.

Types of interactions in-game:
• Anything, really

Plots, ideas:
• Is affiliated with a cult and a strange entity, currently negating the point below
• If killed, their new "master" will be the next person to summon them
• Will (involuntarily) try to get people to join this cult

Can help with:
• Guardian, watcher
• Able to go between worlds
• Very physically formidable
• Not a stranger to mercenary work

Songs that the Hyades shall sing: 'starchild'

A vaguely fawnshaped void, with eyes that seem to glow softly. At night, there is something like the twinkle of far-away stars within their form, if you look long and hard enough.

Types of interactions in-game:
• Sitting, playing
• Just Fawn Things

• ???
• Has vague memories of a life before the Forest
• Will absorb traits/behaviours/visuals from others

Can help with:
• Weird you out with strange noises
• Be cute or unnerving

Elsewhere & About

Hi hello, I'm Apel, 30, from Sweden. They/them!
Artist, avid escapist (books, games, roleplay, daydreaming), nature lover, bird person.
Currently working as a character artist in the video game industry.

Discord: Apel#9645Main tumblr
Email: apeldille at gmail dot comPersonal tumblr

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Shey, SoliloquyChryseis,

Shey, SoliloquyChryseis, TreeDancer: Thank you!

e; ha, took my own page

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I have to ask..how did you do

I have to ask..how did you do the clawed fingers? It looks so seamless!
Apeldille's picture

I used a pair of thin cotton

I used a pair of thin cotton gloves that I painted on with acrylics; the claws are glued on them :) the claws are made of paper and wood glue, so they're very light but still pretty durable.

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Now that is a rockin'

Now that is a rockin' costume.
Iaurdagnire's picture

Holy sheet you look amazing!

Holy sheet you look amazing! 8D
parrotsnpineapple's picture

Such an amazing costume, go

Such an amazing costume, go to the internship in it.
looks awesome.
parrotsnpineapple's picture

Maaaaaan all of those

Maaaaaan all of those costumes and that venue look amazing. I would so love to do something like that one day. Your costume was the best imho Smiling

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Major major meh

Major major meh
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Oh...no? I am so very glad


I am so very glad to have met Bastian in person when I could. My thoughts to you right now.
Evern's picture

My, you look good on that

My, you look good on that horse. He seems like a fine fellow.. I'm sorry you have to leave him.
Saying bye to animals is always the hardest, argh. I hope it goes okay. <3

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You're amazing .u.

You're amazing .u.

I drew Eph for ya. He honestly kinda reminds me of my own culture. He's totally badass.

Apeldille's picture

Sight: yes :

Sight: yes :<

Kate: yee, he was old (24 years!) so it was expected, but still meh :/

Evern: Hehe, that's actually my mom in that picture! But yeah he was a very nice horse.

Jiaruqa: Hah aw thank you, and ahhh what a great picture! I love it, such a nice surprise. Thank you!

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I'm truly sorry for your

I'm truly sorry for your loss, he was an absolutely beautiful horse. ♥
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Lovely new layout &hearts;

Lovely new layout ♥
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snow: <3

Keepiru: Thank you! :>

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Wanted to stop by and say I

Wanted to stop by and say I browsed your personal tumblr for a good while.
Your work is looking as gorgeous as ever.
Apeldille's picture

Makes me really happy to

Makes me really happy to hear, thank you!

Keepiru's picture

WB! &hearts;

WB! ♥

Pretty simple bio! Welcome

Pretty simple bio!
Welcome back!

gif © In
Salome.'s picture

So proud of you and welcome

So proud of you and welcome back ♥ You were missed ;;

by sleepything
Apeldille's picture

Keepiru: Thank you

Keepiru: Thank you <3

Hautakumpu: Thanks! It's old and I should redo it someday... but not today haha

Salome.: Thank you! I missed this place too. Nice to see Djinn again <3

Oh I love this. Welcome back.

Oh I love this. Welcome back. (:
Snowsauria's picture

So nice to see you and your

So nice to see you and your characters around again ♥
Starling's picture

Hello! How are you finding it

Hello! How are you finding it here in the UK? (:

It is always nice to see old faces around, even though we never interacted much.. always admired from afar.
Am I allowed to ask what company you work for? Sounds awesome!
Apeldille's picture

Basen: Thank you! snow:

Basen: Thank you!

snow: Thank you, you too! I've missed this place.

Starling: The UK is for the most part pretty nice! With some baffling or weird stuff, of course, haha. Milk in pints bottles?? cars on the wrong side of the road?? School children in uniforms! Hahah. And I miss some swedish foods & nature.

Same for you! Starling has always been an iconic character to me.

Yep! I work for The Creative Assembly Smiling making characters for the Total War games.

Whoaaaah welcome back! Long

Whoaaaah welcome back! Long time no see! I’m so glad things seem to be going well for you. Smiling
HoneyBean's picture

Good seeing you back and

Good seeing you back and congrats on the job!!! (this is OrinocoFlow btw not sure if you remember me..the ever changing username XD)
Starling's picture

Ahh yeah, Sweden looks so

Ahh yeah, Sweden looks so lovely! I've only ever visited Stockholm, but even that was super nice. I'd love to visit other areas though.
I'm glad you're enjoying it here anyway (:

Thank you! ; ;

Oh my gosh, that's incredible! What an awesome place to say you work for! I've seen your work on Tumblr and it's always so intracate and beautifully sculpted.

It's great to see you back

It's great to see you back Apel!
Apeldille's picture

Ravyn: Thank you! It's so fun

Ravyn: Thank you! It's so fun to see old names here still.

HoneyBean: Thanks! and yeah I remember you!

Starling: Ahh thanks! I think TEF has at least partially helped me get to where I am now, hehe. I wonder how many people on the community went into art or games because of it!

J!n: Thank you! Good to see you around too!

HoneyBean's picture

As for the art and games part

As for the art and games part i already loved the idea of doing concept art for games or film but tef helped me pursue animal art. Before tef I was terrible at it haha.

Mis's picture

Don't feed the ego too

Don't feed the ego too much
Kaoori's picture

apel i just wanna say i have

apel i just wanna say i have totally looked up to you so much these past years. if i see you in forest i'll totally try to come around. kaoori would love some quiet ephire time if he ever finds his way into the forest again, and i'd love to see your new characters too.
Snowsauria's picture

Oh, looks very nice in here

Oh, looks very nice in here now ♥ Also I can relate vry much with the anxiety part so mostly I've just admired your characters from afar, but maybe I'll try to bring one of mine over if I spot a character of yours in the game :')
Apeldille's picture

mis: heheh Kaoori: Aw thank

mis: heheh

Kaoori: Aw thank you.. And yes please do, both me and Eph would like that very much! He's back in the forest nowadays Smiling

snow: Please do!! And same here, that feels like all I do haha. Admire from afar and not dare to interact... trying to get better tho.

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Kaoori's picture

I usually just plop my

I usually just plop my character nearby and hopefully they'll tab in and see them and we can interact! Smiling
Vessan's picture

What Kaaori said, it's good

What Kaaori said, it's good starting position like that and a small nod like that can spark some better things over time.
I've noticed some people like the quieter interactions in forest more (and suppliment with text rp), others like to actually have a field trip all over for a few good minutes. Sometimes hitting a person over discord bluntly does the trick too. With the advent of the in game activity channel it's probably gonna get better and better to coordinate things.

Your characters will always be welcome around mine, for plotting or chilling or any other! And I'm also pining more and more for in-game adventures, the more people I see and hear about wanting just the same (so far it's sucessfull! Just gotta boop them in discord to see if they have time for a few mintues of shenanigans)

A long overdue track ! I

A long overdue track !

I feel similarly to you. Unfortunately my active characters have antisocial tendencies and a lot of the time they dont have a real reason to approach anyone either so Im a little bit stuck too on how to get around it without having my characters act oocly. Plots help but they can be tedious and its hard to have the muse to come up with one for most scenarios. x-x
Clare's picture

Definitely think this is a

Definitely think this is a Universal TEF Problem. NGL, I'm with the others and I'm 210% guilty of tossing my characters around/near other OCs in an attempt to Make The Friend. Most of the time it turns out okay??

I'll also scour biographies pretty diligently and find similar physical traits/other things and use that as an approach excuse, too. Half of my OCs are pretty social beans, but the other two.. ugh. I get where you're coming from but don't give up on it!

If I stumble across your kiddos, I'll make sure to steer a social bean their way.
wake's picture

Yeah, I think it is a pretty

Yeah, I think it is a pretty common thing. Personally I sometimes feel like my characters don't have anything to offer and I don't wanna bore people with just sitting around (even though I know most people would be just as excited to get small interactions) I do have those moments of why bother but I tend to be a little more reactionary to things I see in game and go off of that, but it can be hard if everyone is just sitting 5 feet from each other hoping the next person will come say hello lol, I am guilty of that too.

THAT SAID, you're definitely welcome to pop around my brain babies, new or old.
Mauvable's picture

I am always down to rp or

I am always down to rp or just quiet hangout c:
Freyja's picture

Swooping in for the

Swooping in for the antisocial character issue- I think the best way to deal with it is to force both characters into a situation (a conflict or something out of either characters' control like a fire orrr something more subtle lol) but then that's really hard to do in the game itself....and yeah you still have to TALK to people to do that, ehhhhh

So popping a track and also feel free to prod me or sit next to my characters if theyre in the forest! Cause I have the same problem
Apeldille's picture

Thank you everyone for your

Thank you everyone for your comments! Some good ideas there, I'll give them a go. And even if I might rationally know most people really want interactions and are up for forest activity, it's reassuring to hear it, too <3

Salome.'s picture

Congrats for moving and

Congrats for moving and getting this little munchkin!! We definitely need more pictures though?! ♥

by sleepything
Hum's picture

NICE. Nothing says welcome


Nothing says welcome home like a new friend.