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Subnautica's got me real good guys. I've been trapped playing it obsessively for days now rip. It's just so much fun... I'm not even doing the story lol I just want to build my perfect base and explore.

There's an option on my Steam profile where friends can request to watch me play. So if anyone's interested, my steam is this. Don't need to ask beforehand, just go there and request to watch and I'll respond as long as I'm available. Sometimes I'm afk as I look after my aging grandparent a lot these days.

Taking a break from TEF for a bit.



Fincayra's GoFundMe for tumor and cancer treatment. Please share and/or donate if you can.


snapchat is "veeicorn"

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Unicorn Fae.

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noot my page

my page
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Hum: omg yeah. Has Stone had

Hum: omg yeah. Has Stone had any of these woes?

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I'm so sorry Vee....

I'm so sorry Vee....
Account previously Mjrn, returned to Veedeer.
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I'm so sorry love...she was a

I'm so sorry love...she was a beautiful girl.
Account previously Mjrn, returned to Veedeer.
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I'm so sorry.. -hugs-

I'm so sorry.. -hugs- ♥
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So sorry, Know it's an

So sorry,
Know it's an extremely hard thing to go through ♥
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I'm truly sorry, she was

I'm truly sorry, she was gorgeous. ♥

She was well loved. Those

She was well loved. Those pictures are beautiful; she seems happy with all of you.
I sympathise, deeply.

If you ever want to just talk about her, or anything else, I'm always there to listen.
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That photoset made me tear up

That photoset made me tear up ;; it's so nice you guys had a photoshoot with her. Very sorry you've had to let her go ♥ I'm happy I got the chance to meet her. Best dog.
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Thank you so much for the

Thank you so much for the thoughts, everyone. <3 It's still difficult to accept, sometimes it doesn't feel real, but we're okay, we're all going to be okay.

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That rack is so gorgeous.

That rack is so gorgeous.
Account previously Mjrn, returned to Veedeer.

that rack! welcome back, you.

that rack!
welcome back, you.
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Thanks guys.

Thanks guys. <3
Ye, we were surprised to find one in such good condition and size. Couldn't resist getting it!

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Blending text and bg colours

Blending text and bg colours are the bane of my existence.

Happens a lot on Tumblr too, and it's so frustrating.
Account previously Mjrn, returned to Veedeer.
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Loud agreeing. Peronally I

Loud agreeing.

Peronally I just give up trying to read bios like that.
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Just wanna point out that

Just wanna point out that every computer/laptop is different. For example my office computer has a brighter screen than my laptop (the colours also differ), so sometimes people wont even realise their bio colours are too dark to read ;u;
Sigi by Wake

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^ Good point, thank you for

^ Good point, thank you for mentioning! Maybe good to ask for input with friends? I do have a pretty bright computer, but sometimes there's a bio out there that needs to be highlighted yet!

Mjrn, Draak: ♥

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Ahhh I'm so happy for you!

Ahhh I'm so happy for you! You and Jin have fun in Sweden too. ♥
Account previously Mjrn, returned to Veedeer.
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So happy for you! And enjoy

So happy for you! And enjoy Sweden. ♥
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Hgn so lucky.

Hgn so lucky.
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bhdfhjhhhh hso jealouuuusss

bhdfhjhhhh hso jealouuuusss
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casually air-punches... the

casually air-punches... the universe in the FACE
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Keep, Unplugged: it was so

Keep, Unplugged: it was so beautiful, and very lucky! We only went out to see the stars, and there they were!

Dag: FUZZY PEACH IS A NEW ONE andimadoptingit.
Right. I actually feel like there's a direction my life could go, and I'm hopeful for it!

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Just an education for you

Just an education for you folk. Please don't take it the wrong way, I understand completely that it's a little known deer fact!

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Fff, thanks for telling. I

Fff, thanks for telling. I realized after I made a feral deer how little I actually know about how they behave, and how I tend to give human traits to my animal characters without even thinking about it. I've also googled a lot lately, but the sites I looked at didn't give much info about how does behave during rut and such, so thank you. n_n'
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You can always ask me

You can always ask me anything friend! c: I'll help you with anything you need~

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Here's another one that is

Here's another one that is .gov, Vee.
With white-tail deer they estimate it lasts about 24 hours, give or take. And they may cycle multiple times after an estimate of 28 days between, though often don't have the chance for that.

Though, truthfully, I don't really fellow the actual behaviors too closely but more use it as a supplement to compliment the character. If I followed the behavior and biology too completely Moose based Gustiro would be wearing his own brand of cologne and be very disappointed his 'Judges' didn't role in his... er... "mud pits". XD
Hear that, Illrose? That's totally why her and Gus' had relationship issues in the past!
"Yah, relationships counselor... She wont even role in my mud pits! It's like... does she even care? D: " Sticking out tongue

Also, Vee. I didn't know you had this. :I
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That's perfectly okay dude!

That's perfectly okay dude! Thanks for the link though. c:
Haha I doubt a lot of people would want their characters rolling in musky mud. :B Red does, though.

Haha welcome! Sticking out tongue <3

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I believe I thought about it

I believe I thought about it before, way back when, but decided other people wouldn't appreciate it. lol
Oh, Virggy, you smell so divine. :3
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>Virggy Now that's a name I

Now that's a name I haven't heard in a good few years!

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You can always approach any

You can always approach any of my characters for interactions if you desire. c': Or I could try to toss any of mine at any of yours in-game if I see them around, but I tend to be horribly distracted by other things while having the game running in the background, lol. ;;
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^ Same. Always welcome with

^ Same.

Always welcome with any of mine Vee ♥!
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If you want some

If you want some sandbox/kiddish interaction I'm here. Doubt it but you asked. xD


Always down for interactions.

Always down for interactions. In game or otherwise. C:
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echoing everyone here.

echoing everyone here. <3 y'know esll will seek out Red when he seems him

And you're always welcome to

And you're always welcome to mine ;w; Through Forest/bio rp/skype (cinderblockedgarden). I'm never bothered by interactions ♥
If I see you around in Forest I'll try to throw someone at you bc I completely understand what you mean. Also I've always admired your characters /hides
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My chars are always up for

My chars are always up for interaction Smiling Gonna parrot everyone else above me!
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I'm always up for some

I'm always up for some interaction/plotting etc ´v`/
No need to be shy~

Tho I'm pretty shy too DFFMFG It's s'ok.
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&hearts; Feel free to

♥ Feel free to rp/inforest interact with any of my characters! (rofl I only have like two though.)
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*highfives* TEF is really


TEF is really discouraging when it's the same routine of wandering around, glances around groups of deer, get ignored, close game and repeat after a couple of days
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you know you can always talk

you know you can always talk to me bout interaction. I'd love it!
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All my characters and OOC are

All my characters and OOC are yours (and everyone elses, too) to interact with.

Its pretty lonely in the forest these days.
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It would be wonderful for any

It would be wonderful for any of our characters to interact anytime, Vee! ♥

By Leuvr
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Rohit is pretty easygoing,

Rohit is pretty easygoing, though he can be a little shy/awkward, and if you can get past her guardians baby Laurel loves to meet anyone and everyone :3
And of course "D" is always open for company if it's in~
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Any rare time you see me, you

Any rare time you see me, you can come and visit, no matter what.
And I mean pretty much anybody, Lacie, Juri, Shadou, my OOC, anybody.
And if want an RP on a blog or whatnot, I'm totally up for that too.
Account previously Mjrn, returned to Veedeer.
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I've been in the same

I've been in the same position on-and-off for a while now. Casti's particularly friendly!
Hum's picture

U no me, bae. Ur always

U no me, bae. Ur always welc.

Tho it's not like I'm around, lmao.

One day we should get to that RP tho w/ Eli and my one persona.

-Types like a pleb.-
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Oh my goodness, your

Oh my goodness, your responses are incredible, everyone. ;; Thank you so much for reaching out to me, this confidence boost was needed and I look forward to all the possibilities we have in interacting!

I hope so! Usually our characters do encounter one another but little happens. Perhaps we could see about making such encounters a little more interesting, if you're up for it! Maybe talks, roaming, perhaps even drama could occur. I've got plenty of others who could always add to mixed interactions. I'll reach out more to you. <3

Happily! We saw Kettu the other day and was excited, but the situation ingame was a little more tense so we couldn't do much. Maybe next time, yeah? I imagine there's development that could be had too! And if you need any help developing your other characters feel free to poke me too, I'll try to reach out more aswell~

Most my characters are good with that! Especially Star, Rhona, and Ison. Red can be encouraged to play too, but I can't say he'd be as careless. Eliah might be a bit too heavy to prance around a lot... I also have Vee who'll play! Hope we can get some playing done sometime. ♥

Ever since I figured out who you were I've been absolutely thrilled to see you back. So welcome back! ♥ I really hope we can interact! I think Starless has met Zorn by the ruins once, so if you're up for it we can expand on that! I've also got others who we can interact with, be it good or bad. Admittedly I've been shy; I wasn't a very good person in the past, and if I've ever wronged you, I'm sincerely sorry.
I look forward to interacting with you again. <3

Fantastic! We'll reach out to Esll more too. Maybe time will fix Red and his tensions with one another. Or not. Either way I look forward to it. And all your other characters are welcome to interact with all of mine too! I do stalk your bios, and they seem very interesting to me so I'd love to meet them.

You're most welcome to! Infact I got pretty excited yesterday when we met Nix. I was playing Rhona (lil red mini) at the time when he approached the group by the Drinkplaats. I hope we can play again! Also been watching out for Allison, I love her design. c:
Added your Skype!

I've been wanting to meet you for a long time. When I returned from my hiatus last year(?) your Sonali stood out to me immensely. Perhaps it was her design, but I've always found her extremely pleasant to see. I'm glad you're back. c:
Had Ison reach out to Sonali a few days ago but she was asleep. Maybe we'll try again sometime!
I think Ixo and Starless might meet again too. Maybe even Ixo and Eliah. Super did suggest some interaction between the three of us in the future and I'm really excited for it!

Can we please? It'd be a pleasure to interact with you again! Usually it's just the odd encounters, but I'd be up for forming solid relationships between our characters if you are! Be it good or bad, all is good interaction and development.

I still fondly recall Starless and Sky sight giving Arkady a bit of bother. That was a lot of fun! So if you're up for it they could meet again!
I'm also up for other characters of yours meeting with any of mine, for good or bad. c:

I understand friend, you know you're welcome with me and my lot!. Maybe we can even help you expand on your circle of people to interact with. I'd love to work with Jehoel and Starless on deeper levels. And I really miss Kostya and Red shenanigans. Heck maybe if you're up for it we can have our other characters meet and get acquainted!

I tend to be pretty slow with some rps, but I've offered a request to instigate one. <3 See you in Skype!

I've been watching for you for ages, so I'm happy to try and take up on that. You're welcome with any of mine too, and I'll try to make an extra note to approach you whenever you seem lonely. c:

I'd really love that Ranza. ♥ We have Cerv and Star, but I'd also like to meet some of your more main characters. Got any ideas friend? Anyone you'd like to meet?

I'd love to meet Rohit with Red. c: Or Ison and Rhona if younger, less cautious and more active company is preferred! Would be happy to meet Laurel too, a good chance for both of us to get some development there!
I still intend to commission something for you sometime. Sorry it's been so slow, but it's not been forgotten! I'm still endlessly grateful for the help you've given us back during the rut. ♥

Sure thing! Occasionally we do see Lacie around. Sometimes we visit her while she's asleep, I understand that it's not always seen though. But we see you. c: And sure I'd be up for a RP. I can be a little slow though. Anyone you're up to interact with?

Would be happy to meet with Cast. I love his colours, always a delight! Sorrel is welcome too, her design is very neat!

I'd kick ur ass into being more active but I'm too understanding of your circumstances and ways to nag you for it. >:B But yes! You're always welcome company. Stone with everyone, for better or for worse... And sure I'm up for that friend!