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Subnautica's got me real good guys. I've been trapped playing it obsessively for days now rip. It's just so much fun... I'm not even doing the story lol I just want to build my perfect base and explore.

There's an option on my Steam profile where friends can request to watch me play. So if anyone's interested, my steam is this. Don't need to ask beforehand, just go there and request to watch and I'll respond as long as I'm available. Sometimes I'm afk as I look after my aging grandparent a lot these days.

Taking a break from TEF for a bit.



Fincayra's GoFundMe for tumor and cancer treatment. Please share and/or donate if you can.


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I was once slapped in the

I was once slapped in the face by someone with twelve nipples- sounds weird, dozentit.

Wow really? That's so awesome. My bud has been holding off on surgery because he's afraid of the scars. Maybe your recovery story can assuage him a bit.

Oh dear, what a pun to start off a page with.
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If he's already small enough

If he's already small enough he could try looking into keyhole surgery. It is more painful though. I don't mind the scars - I'll make a new excuse for them everytime someone asks. "Attacked by a Wolverine", "I got it from the war"...

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The MammaryMonster... k i'll

The MammaryMonster... k i'll stop now

Hope your recovery goes smoothly. <3
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I found this treasure

I found this treasure yesterday while cleaning up my files. So I share because mammaries memories.

And dayum those puns.
And heal up real quick so you're fine and dandy asap =3

!! :0 my heart skipped a beat

!! :0 my heart skipped a beat when I recognized her picto
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Vessan: Healing up real good,

Vessan: Healing up real good, bouncing back faster than I expected too, but still taking it easy.
I think I remember that doodle! Heh, good times, Vee should hoard both the dwarficorns hehe.

Archangelus: ♥ I'm excited to be reconstructing her.

So sorry for your loss. Such

So sorry for your loss.
Such beautiful rabbits. They almost look like wild rabbits with the coloring. And they're so big! Can I ask what they are? I've never seen rabbits like that.



Oh no.. I'm so sorry for your

Oh no.. I'm so sorry for your loss, she was gorgeous
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She was, and is, a beautiful

She was, and is, a beautiful soul. I'm sorry.
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She was, and is, a beautiful

She was, and is, a beautiful soul. I'm sorry.
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Such a beautiful rabbit - Id

Such a beautiful rabbit - Id never seen such a type of rabbit until I saw Primrose. My thoughts with you both.
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You have my deepest

You have my deepest sympathy... She is gorgeous in those pictures, and Primrose is a lovely name. ♥
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My condolences to you

My condolences to you hun...rest in peace Primrose. <3 ):

Sainte atha ma u Hrair, kan

Sainte atha ma u Hrair, kan zyhlante hray u vahra ma hyaones.

Sleep well, Primrose. Know that you were, and always will be, loved.

I was going through my old

I was going through my old photobucket album and happened upon this. Smiling

dated 12/05/2009
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Thank you everyone for the

Thank you everyone for the thoughts and condolences... ♥
We're hoping to bring her ashes home this Thursday. Her widower is doing okay, but we're keeping a very close eye on him for any signs of depression.

Archangelus: Niiice, good find! An ancient artifact right there haha.

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I only see this now ..Feel so

I only see this now ..Feel so sorry for you , hugs ♥
" ~ Lady in Red ~ "

♥ ♥

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Amary: Belated! They're

Amary: Belated! They're Belgian Hares.

Vala: You sweet. ♥

looking them up now what a

looking them up now
what a gorgeous breed, I love the wild look they have

What happened? I haven't been

What happened?
I haven't been paying much attention to the news lately.
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Just Brexit being triggered

Just Brexit being triggered yesterday. It's basically our equivalent of a Trump level of stupid political choices.

Oh, I didn't realize that

Oh, I didn't realize that hadn't happened yet
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hi dude

hi dude
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hey there

hey there

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My own depression has gotten

My own depression has gotten worse again recently and it's awful. I hope you'll get better soon.
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Don't be sorry , you are a

Don't be sorry , you are a wonderful person !!
I hope you get through this bad times very soon !
Sending lots of postive vibes towards you Smiling
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Unplugged: Am here for

Unplugged: Am here for you.
Flyleaf: Working on it, and you need those positive vibes more than me! Hang in there, you treasure. <3

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We got this.

We got this.

You may know it's the

You may know it's the depression talking, but that doesn't mean the occasional reassurance doesn't help. Anyway, we should talk more, if you're up for it.
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I agree with Amary, even

I agree with Amary, even though you know you can handle everything, as hard as it is, a little reassurance can go quite a ways. Depression is underhandedly deceiving and I do hope you've got a network of people(s) to help keep your fight against these unwanted and draining feelings at bay as best as is possible.
I mean this all in the best possible way, coming from another with such a battle. Ruts are to be expected, but you'll get out of it.
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Hey. Just wanted to let you

Hey. Just wanted to let you know that I really understand how difficult it must be for you right now. My own depression has been really fucking me over this past year, and I know firsthand the struggles of all the guilt, frustration, and isolation that comes from it. I just wanted to reach out and let you know I understand how it all feels-- and also, what it is like to become so numb in spite of feeling.
I hope you'll be able to take time for yourself and do whatever you need to do to heal. It's all valid. Sending all my best of luck, love, and strength to you.
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Depression fucking eats

Depression fucking eats swamp-ass. Anyone who's had it understands how you feel, man. Keep taking care of yourself, and know we're all here for you.

If it helps? There's an app called BoosterBuddy. You choose a little animal and your task is to wake them up every day. The animal helps you with self-care, tracks your mood, and reminds you to take medication. I use it every day. Sometimes I can't bring myself to turn on my tablet and wake up the little shit until it's almost night time, but the program never puts you down or reprimands you, just offers encouragement. It also tracks drug and alcohol use if that's a thing someone wants to get under control. Maybe look it up? It's helped me a bunch.
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I have been feeling the same

I have been feeling the same way myself so I understand completely. Take care of yourself and hang in there. Take it one day at a time.
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Kimi: Trying! Amary: We

Kimi: Trying!

Amary: We should, the struggle to talk more is probably on my end, and I rarely know what to say or what to talk about to know how to keep a conversation going, and I worry that I seem bored with not knowing how to word things right, you feel? That's why I posted this; not looking for sympathy, just understanding and patience and... hopefully offering reassurance to anyone I've neglected to know that this is me, not them, that's having a hard time being a good friend. And why this is.

Sarcastic: The problem now is fighting the "I don't deserve this" part OTL. But I know, as I said this is all about clarification anyway. Am hyper aware that this is all the depression talking even if it has a strong hold at the moment. I suppose being able to combat it with logic helps, but it doesn't always shout louder than the way one feels, if that makes sense.
I'm sorry that this is a battle you have to work with too.

Bayleen: Doing what I can. Been hoping to reach out to you and your characters too, by the way, just struggling with that push and motivation.

CydaLuva83: Thank you for the thoughts, they apply to you too. <3
That App seems really interesting and constructive. I don't think I'll use it myself as I have pets irl who need me, but I'm glad you mentioned it because maybe someone here will read it and check it out. Thank you so much for telling us about it, I'm glad it's been such a help to you too. c:

AND accidentally pressed save instead of preview rip

YaraMyst: I'm sorry this is a fight you're struggling with. I hope you'll be able to overcome this. I can listen to you if you ever need, even if I can't offer much constructively.

Same to you Vee (I'm

Same to you Vee (I'm treedancer btw if my new account confuses at all) but if you need anyone it doesn't bother me if you need to talk.
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I know you're Treedancer.

I know you're Treedancer. <3 Been keeping tabs, hehe.
Thank you. c:

Ok just wanted to make sure

Ok just wanted to make sure XD

Thought I was tracking this.

Thought I was tracking this. Fixing that now.

Hoping you're alright. <3
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Hi. <3
As okay as can be!
Hope you're well too. Waiting on those Yellowstone photos sometime. I'm so jealous!

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Nests in here.

Nests in here. <3
Bard/Wilds (they/xe/it collectively) | Updates


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Welcome you two!

Welcome you two! <3


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Hello there! &hearts;

Hello there! ♥

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I'm doing quite well actually, better than I thought I would.

Sadly, I wasn't able to photograph any grizzlies, coyotes or wolves, they were all too far away. Got some elk, deer, bison, pronghorn, black bear, and moose though. Also got some marmots and mountain goats in Glacier too. Got some prairie dogs and feral horses elsewhere as well. (And some really cute baby chipmunks heeee)
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The landscape itself would've

The landscape itself would've been exciting to me, but I'm so thrilled for you that you got to see all that wildlife! You're so lucky!
Yellowstone is like the only place in the US I'd like to go to rofl. What a remarkable place...

I'd also reccomended Custard

I'd also reccomended Custard State Park and Glacier National park. In Custard, we were stuck for almost two hours because of a bison herd meandering across the road. Got to hang out with some semi-wild burros too. Glacier is just incredible too. Mountain goats and the like.

I feel so fourtunate too...it's a dream come true.
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Hope you're doing well. My

Hope you're doing well. My friend just had his top surgery yesterday and he's over the moon. You're an inspiration, Vee <3
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