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Subnautica's got me real good guys. I've been trapped playing it obsessively for days now rip. It's just so much fun... I'm not even doing the story lol I just want to build my perfect base and explore.

There's an option on my Steam profile where friends can request to watch me play. So if anyone's interested, my steam is this. Don't need to ask beforehand, just go there and request to watch and I'll respond as long as I'm available. Sometimes I'm afk as I look after my aging grandparent a lot these days.

Taking a break from TEF for a bit.



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lunafreya: Just looked up

Just looked up some photos, Glacier is especially stunning! Tbh a lot of my appeal in Yellowstone is also what's underneath it... Scary stuff, but it's wildly fascinating to me.
I'm seriously so happy for you. Lucky getting to see all these wonderful places! Much as I love some of the countryside and parks in the UK, they're not quite as dynamic!

Oooh serious grats to him! Amazing how quickly the operation fixes body positivity too right? I hope so. ♥

We addressed it once before.

We addressed it once before. Others have since as well. This is as far as whatever friendliness I showed towards you goes. Leave me and Vee alone, do not set foot in our spaces again, and leave us out of the whirlpool toilet seat that is your mouth.

I don't care if any of you all finds this low of me, when this is brought to a public chat, it's already made a public matter.

♥ all of my love to

♥ all of my love to you.
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Proud of you, support every

Proud of you, support every bit of what's been said.
Courtesy is something that has to go both ways and if you spit on people, expect nothing better in return, and don't you dare have the audacity to get up in arms about it. As stated, you did it to yourself through your own choices, behaviours, and it's pathetic imo that you've managed to play the victim card time and time again when others have been seriously hurt over what's been said and done. And worse yet, that people take pity- in fact, I find those people just as much to blame, because they feed the flame so that it never goes out. Guess there'll always be people like this, but TEF is a safe refuge for all of us and to think someone is capable of damaging that- no, that they want to, is disgusting, ugh.
Much love to all of you, and sorry you've had to deal with mistreatment and unfairness so many times. ♥
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I'm so sorry you're having to

I'm so sorry you're having to handle this. it's completely unacceptable and inexcusable behavior.
And it sickens me that it still exists even here in our community..
Wishing you all the strength in the world for the things you're facing. You've displayed so much of your strength and love through the years already, and it's been inspiring.
Got so much love and respect for you and Jin both. Always here if you need anything I can help with ♥
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♥ Definitely stand

♥ Definitely stand with you, Vee. Transphobia has no place here and should receive 0 tolerance.

adorable art by Tuoho! ♥
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With you all the way.

With you all the way. ♥

agree with everything pan

agree with everything pan mentioned.. im so sorry that this is something you're still having to deal with and experience from a 'member' of the tef community, who has no concept of respect and lacks basic human decency. All my support for you ♥

Sig: Aihnna

♥ Was deeply disturbed

♥ Was deeply disturbed by the first time this happened and, if anything, yours and Jin's behavior and civility since then had only inspired me to try and move past the first instance and led me to believe things were resolved and in the healing process. I'm sad it can't be that way but it definitely isn't for your guys' lack of trying.
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♥ ♥ ♥

♥ ♥ ♥
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Well HOOOoly shit. When it's

Well HOOOoly shit.
When it's something that hateful and cruel (and the type of thing that effects more than the people directly involved), I think it's appropriate to bring it to the public so people know who they're dealing with.

A full grown adult can't apologize for an 'outburst', claim to have no problem with the trans community and then, once again, pull the same insults out of their ass if they do indeed have 'no qualms' with 'that lifestyle'. I understand being angry at someone- even years after your problem with them is over- but using those kinds of insults says a whole lot about the person spewing them. Nothing to do with a bad day, a bad month, anything.
That's their personality, those are their beliefs.
Some people admit to their mistakes and change, some people pretend to be sorry until they get pissed off again then expose themselves.

You guys have my support.

PS. I have no issue with people who play characters who are rapists when they at least try to be sensitive.
When the player behind that rapist character is this level of cruel, things become real fucking uncomfortable.

♥ Lots of love your

♥ Lots of love your way, and definitely echoing everything everyone else has already said.
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Love you Vee, you have my

Love you Vee, you have my full support ♥
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♥ Already spoken to

♥ Already spoken to you but- you have my support. Sending positive vibes both of your ways.
Discord: Tzvii#9954 // Signature by Wake.

will totally share my support

will totally share my support for you ♥
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Ahh, the rumour mills. Gotta

Ahh, the rumour mills. Gotta love tef for those. Im so utterly sorry what youre going through and have been for so long. You have been kind to me and I will stand with you. This kind of behaviour is unecceptable. Im hugely disappointed to hear a person from tef would stubbornly and with malicious intent keep using the wrong pronouns.
Again, Im so sorry Vee. You know we got your back, we do not tolerate that kind of behaviour.
Stay strong. ♥

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So sorry to hear you still

So sorry to hear you still have to deal with this, both of you will always have my support ♥

I'm also sorry for the hurt I caused with the role I played in that rut.

all the love to you.

all the love to you. <3
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Wtf... Im so sorry that

Im so sorry that youve had to deal with this and echoing everyone above here. Im with you and im disgusted by their behavior.
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I think I've completely

I think I've completely missed out everything about this, but it pains me to read you've had to get shit on your neck from this thing again. Thank god the disgusting phobic lot is a minority in this community although it doesn't make it any less wrong.

With you. ♥
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Hate has no place here. I'm

Hate has no place here. I'm sorry you've had to deal with this.
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Like everyone said , there is

Like everyone said , there is no place for hate here or elsewhere .
Damn , sends ♥ towards you !!
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Not surprising in the least.

Not surprising in the least.
Very proud of you for defending yourself, though.
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can only back everything

can only back everything that's been said already. good on you for taking a stand against that tripe.
sending good vibes and ♥s your way

I love all of you.

I love all of you. <3

I also want to take the time to point out that - while I get where some of you might be coming from, and I'm in no way suggesting that responsibility shouldn't be taken - there are many reasons why some may choose to not stand up to people like this. You're not doing them any favors by pushing them into the arms of someone worse than you. Please keep that in mind.
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We are a small community and

We are a small community and we defend our family/friends ♥

I have nothing but full

I have nothing but full respect to both of you. You handle things maturely, you have amazing and inspirational characters, and what I saw between Saosin and The Red was simply magic in all its purity. I know I have my own demons to fight, but the two of you I have always looked up to.
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I wish both of you nothing

I wish both of you nothing but the best. ♥
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As I said before; I support

As I said before; I support you and J!n completely, and i'm so upset you had to deal with such bad person,,that behavior, bigotry and hatred is truly disgusting ;;

You always have my support, I

You always have my support, I completely understand how it feels to deal with bullies especially those 'masked' in the community. It takes a lot of courage to stand up for yourself - people in general - sometimes, especially warning others like this. You will always have my respect for it ♥

I don't understand people who

I don't understand people who do things like that. Well I sort of do, but...it's still ridiculous.
It's difficult when it comes from someone I usually like at least somewhat. Doesn't mean I have to like/condone everything they do or say, though. And I'm with you on this one.
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You know my feelings,

You know my feelings, everyone here has echoed my thoughts. I love you guys.
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&hearts; Just slipping in to

Just slipping in to say I support you.
& that misgendering someone is, as should be obvious to any half decent human being, disgusting

With you, friend. Always, but

With you, friend. Always, but especially in this.
Agreeing with the voices here; more eloquent than I could have managed.

It's good to see a community

It's good to see a community rise up and take matters into their own hands with something like this, in a mature and realistic manner, at that. No "flame wars" but just raw truth that is more powerful than childish slander.

This community seems like a wonderful, peaceful and all around laid back and fun place to be just to escape the day to day things and it would be a shame for that to be tainted with such nasty energy.

By the looks of it though, this community is strong in the belief of keeping it as so and this is refreshing.

I hope everyone, especially those who are mistreated, get the positive support they rightfully deserve.

Never let the salty rampage of another individual dampen your beautiful glow of life. You all are your own temple of self/love/positivity and have every right to defend that and be above the shallow grit of anothers nasty ways/beliefs.
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Perfect words. Don't let

Perfect words. Don't let people blame you for their own mistakes and downfalls just becasue it's easy to do so. Bitterness is an old song and transphobia is not okay- we all know that here.

There was some hope that

There was some hope that after all this time that such archaic, hurtful thoughts would have changed. It's disheartening to see that they haven't, but at the same time I'm proud of this community for upholding our values.

I don't want to pester you or Jin with "omg are you okay, do you need somebody to talk to?" because when something like this happens it is--to say the least--shocking and may take some time to mull over, but if you ever need to talk to somebody, let me know.
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I'm here with you guys,

I'm here with you guys, you're like family. I love you.
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I'D LOVE TO REPLY TO EVERYONE INDIVIDUALLY but I'm just overwhelmed by the comments and support and all the love! I hope you guys can understand. Sincerely, thank you for all your support - not just for me, but for everyone else who'd have been affected as well. I am sorry that this had to be escalated in public, but as Qanat so well put to words, a line had been crossed and there really was no room for complacency. Know that I'll have your backs, too, if I can, if it's needed.

To be fair, when I first

To be fair, when I first found out about this, I kind of balked at how "better" things appeared to have gotten. People like that I pretty much write off for good.

That said, it's a shame this is happening again, though I'm not surprised. Just know that I've got your back Vee and Jin, even if I don't get involved at all. I can't stress your P.S enough. The world as a whole is not a safe place for trans people right now, regardless of what anyone else thinks. :/
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Agreeing with everyone

Agreeing with everyone above.

I'm so sorry you had to deal with this disgusting behavior... You and Jin have my full support. <3
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Oh, I remember this. I didn't

Oh, I remember this. I didn't think it could get worse than what it already was. You'd think this person would have grown after being told off the first dozen times. I seriously had that hope.

I am disgusted, and it really pains me that you'd get involved in this trash again. I may not be here much, but that doesn't mean I've stopped caring about the awesome people here. My best wishes to you both. You do not deserve this.
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What the heck... Not cool.

What the heck... Not cool. Think enough has already been said here so I don't feel the need to add anything else.
But it's obvious that a lot of people here love and support you, and others alike. To hell with the ones that don't.
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sigur ros!! hell yeah. hope

sigur ros!! hell yeah. hope you guys have a good trip
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Wow I'm so jealous! Enjoy

Wow I'm so jealous! Enjoy Sigur Ros!
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Excited for the 'Ros and

Excited for the 'Ros and looking forward to seeing you dude ♥
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I'm so glad you guys went and

I'm so glad you guys went and saw it. I've seen them twice now and they leave me on the floor every time.

(HOW NUTS is the ending of that set?)