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Seed + Seed's Bio + RP Blog

Connection Status: Good.

Seed is: A tree-deer and a gentle poet, prone to bouts of melencholy but willing to do just about anything. He wears the kirin pelt, the whistling mask. Parts of his body, especially his legs, are made of living wood; leaves and purple flowers sprout from his branching antlers
Physical: Healthy
Thinking: -
Feeling: -
Doing Recently: -

Oh, and if you play one of my deer's friends and are online, or want one of my deer online... Do not hesitate to post here or IM me. I am thrilled when I can manage to spot a specific deer who is friends with my deer, whether it's arranged or what. It makes my day. My skype is lady.deme , and I have other messengers I can tell you about on request.

Also, uh. Happy Birthday to Me, I guess! Hooray!
We had a little walk starting and ending at the Old Oak today, for said birthday, and if I have time, I'll post some screenshots. It was a lot of fun.

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I know how you feel. I often

I know how you feel. I often take breaks and go and spend time with other friends I have. It usually works and when it comes to TEFc, noone really seems to miss you too much.

And additionally! I forgot to thank you for having Seed with Walter the other day. He really needed the company after getting in yet another fight.
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That's sort of my problem,

That's sort of my problem, though: It's sort of hard to get back to something if no one seems to care if you're there or not. I'm always trying to find places I can sort of wiggle in, and I just can't seem to find anything.

Anyway, you're welcome. Seed loves Walter's company when he's not being a total maniac, and hanging out with other people is good for Seed right now. He's still pretty bummed about about being dumped (the "if he doesn't wear flowers, it means he's depressed" thing is in effect).
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Update: I has a sick. It's

I has a sick. It's annoying.
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*sends tea*

*sends tea*
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Have some soup too. ;;

Have some soup too. ;; -offers-
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Thanks, y'all. *sips tea and

Thanks, y'all. *sips tea and has some soup* I'm feeling better this morning.

I'm wondering if maybe, to boost my activity level, I shouldn't return an old character and give a little "help him recover his memories" plot.
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UPDATE I'm going to be away


I'm going to be away for a while: it's mid-terms, and I need a few fewer things to deal with.
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Hey, anyone want to RP? I

Hey, anyone want to RP? I feel like when I can't get on the game for a while, I lose all connection here, and I don't like that. So let's RP!
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(No subject)

<3 Iphea is having a ton of fun

ForTwoLifetimes, Moonsoverwater, PandaXiongMao, MissButterflyCaught, FaunGrae, All the same, a friend with many names.
Avatar by Meadow Sig by SightHoundLady
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So's Seed: I'm glad they met.

So's Seed: I'm glad they met.
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So, I'm planning on adding my

So, I'm planning on adding my character's dealies for TEF tropes and all...

Anyone want to help me compile a list?

Here's a start for Seed:
Stepford Smiler. It's the trope that quickest comes to mind.
Man in the Mirror Talks Back For that bit with Shadow Seed. You know, I ought to add the index to somewhere. Seed's Bio? Here? Both?
Alone in a Crowd
Poetry (the lack of poetic tropes makes me sad Sad )
Drowning My Sorrows
Heroic Self-Deprecation
Non-Action Guy
Asexual (Generally Heteroromantic)
No Biological Sex

...Wow, this list is getting long. But until I have the time to bother with CSS, I'll just keep piling on here.

Anyone else have some ones they think may be applicable, particularly those that involve other people's reactions?
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Aww, poor Seed. D: Gustiro

Aww, poor Seed. D: Gustiro does not get to see him much and one of the few times he does he chases him away!
Sorry about that. Dinah Moon (the white deer with magpie feathers) is in labor with Gustiro's fawn. He is in overly protective mode.
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I figured that out later,

I figured that out later, actually, so it's OK; Seed's not a hard-feeling sort of guy. He was hoping Gustiro would let him hang around at the sniff-distance, but...Eh. What can you do when that gets shot down agressively, right?

Seed just saw Dinah Moon from the distance and since they've hung out succesfully a few times, was hoping to get to know her better. Another day, perhaps.
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Thanks for attending the

Thanks for attending the convention.
It meant a lot to have Seed there.
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Really? Because I know he

Really? Because I know he wouldn't have missed it for the world; he tries to attend as many Lightbringer events as he can.
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Hey'all. I wanted to

Hey'all. I wanted to know...What would make this place more 'happening'? I'm kind of shy, so I'm hoping to get more involved by making it easier for me to be approached... Any ideas for how to help this page do that?
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Considering all my dead blogs

Considering all my dead blogs I may not be the most trusted source... xD

But today I did add a Meebo chat to my Herd and Curses pages. I can more instantly see when someone has something to say without actually being on TEFc and refreshing 100 times a day, and no bumping to the top of Recent Posts involved just because of idle chatter.

Also I'm hoping the more instant the reaction time, the closer us players can bond, and maybe they'll get to the point where they can feel free to chat or be with me in-game whenever they like, rather than just consider it a "one time" thing.

If that makes much sense? Sticking out tongue
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Kinda... While a live

While a live chat-thing might be useful, my suspicion is that no one actually reads this to begin with; unless there's something to give people to talk about, I doubt people will come here to talk over other places. I mean, heck, no one even comes here to say 'It was sure nice running into Seed' or something.
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For anyone who tracks

For anyone who tracks this:
[url=] I made an event![/color] I hope to see some participation.
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Wb. (:

Wb. (:
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Thanks, glad to be

Thanks, glad to be back!
...Man, all this is getting kind of silly. I feel really tempted to go into every one of these "I need to say something" posts and giving them a hug. It just feels like the right thing to do.
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*places a track here*

*places a track here* ♥
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Seed's online now, chilling

Seed's online now, chilling out with Sage. Talking about species and stuff.
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Seed! :3 great seeing him in

Seed! :3 great seeing him in the Forest now.
not sure how recent the message is; but have fun on your trip (: (or, hope you had fun).
This land is made of love and peace!
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I'm back from my trip now,

I'm back from my trip now, and really glad to be getting back in the swing of things ^^
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Welcome back. =]

Welcome back. =]
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Glad to be back ^^ Hmm....I

Glad to be back ^^
Hmm....I feel like a project...

Edit: Seed is on, still thinking about projects. My thoughts include possible bio revamps, getting a reliable diary/play schedule, and more Seed Poetry scavenger hunt. Hm, choices, choices...
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Putting Seed in. Planning on

Putting Seed in. Planning on working on a reliable play/diary schedule...

But I have a question for you guys. I occaisonally consider giving Seed a more arboreal-inspired design, and making a story to help give that redesign a logical origin within RP contexts... And this time I'm thinking about it pretty seriously. But I'm kind of not sure, at least in part because I don't know if, for example, some of his appeal as a character is in the way his design is rather, well, undesigned -- the way he's simple and straightforward and basically his in-forest appearance.
So I thought I'd ask anyone who cared, since I do care about what people think in this matter; what would you think of a Seed redesign?
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Seed is appealing in that

Seed is appealing in that he's a poet of the Forest. He's basically THE poet of the Forest.
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Update: Throwing Seed on

Update: Throwing Seed on hoping to break my TEF writer's block. Need one more poem, boyo...One. More. Poem.
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THe Second Great Poetry

THe Second Great Poetry Scavenger Hunt has started, for anyone following this who doesn't see. Hope it goes well.
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I am now somewhere with

I am now somewhere with power, which after Isaac is pretty swell.
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Glad to see you survived.

Glad to see you survived. Laughing out loud
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Oh, like I'd go down that

Oh, like I'd go down that easy, XD
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Ok, update time. Anyone

Ok, update time.

Anyone with any interest in Seed as a character needs to read This Chapter of Seed's current story/plot, and likely the two that will follow it as well. Since the next one's got some community activity stuff, and since they do affect Seed's status-quo, it's pretty significant.
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Update Time: Tossing Seed on,

Update Time:
Tossing Seed on, but I'm mostly not going to be watching that screen; I'm guiding a friend through Persona 4.
Off for now.
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I was glad to see Seed again.

I was glad to see Seed again. <3 It's been months since they've sat together!
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(No subject)

<3 I have to track this with this account, definitely!
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@ Verdalas: Yeah, it was

@ Verdalas: Yeah, it was really so relaxing! It's been ages...Seed's missed having a grumpy and occaisonally morally reprehensible (and, curently, apparently somewhat ghostly) old man to cuddle.

@ Apoidea: Yay for more tracking!
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Update Time Happy Festive

Update Time

Happy Festive Natal Day to Me....
Happy Festive Natal Day to Me...
Happy Festive Natal Day, Dear My~self...
Happy Festive Natal Day to Me!
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Happy Birthday! 8D&hearts;

Happy Birthday! 8D♥
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*sets a cake down here*

*sets a cake down here*
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*noms some cake* Thanks, guys

*noms some cake* Thanks, guys ^^
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Hello! Just wanted to touch

Just wanted to touch base with you and make sure you will still be available to co-host the convention tomorrow.
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Yeah, I'll still be

Yeah, I'll still be available. Anything I particularly need to do?
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Just be there on time. Thanks

Just be there on time. Thanks again!
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Update Look at this. I am so

Look at this.
I am so proud of myself!...For being able to use Unplugged's tutorial code.
...It's a little pride, but it's mine.
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Update! Seed online...My


Seed online...My computer had a string of bizzare behavior, forests stopping working, and now a Seed-clone...So I figure that means that, from his perspective, he's sick as a dog.
I'm having fun, and expect a diary for this.
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Someone thought I would enjoy

Someone thought I would enjoy this. They are right.
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Since no one had anything to

Since no one had anything to say when it was on its own....I thought maybe someone may notice this here: the only sketch I've ever done of a human form of Seed. Forgive the mess.

I may try and work with this face...