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Seed + Seed's Bio + RP Blog

Connection Status: Good.

Seed is: A tree-deer and a gentle poet, prone to bouts of melencholy but willing to do just about anything. He wears the kirin pelt, the whistling mask. Parts of his body, especially his legs, are made of living wood; leaves and purple flowers sprout from his branching antlers
Physical: Healthy
Thinking: -
Feeling: -
Doing Recently: -

Oh, and if you play one of my deer's friends and are online, or want one of my deer online... Do not hesitate to post here or IM me. I am thrilled when I can manage to spot a specific deer who is friends with my deer, whether it's arranged or what. It makes my day. My skype is lady.deme , and I have other messengers I can tell you about on request.

Also, uh. Happy Birthday to Me, I guess! Hooray!
We had a little walk starting and ending at the Old Oak today, for said birthday, and if I have time, I'll post some screenshots. It was a lot of fun.

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Welcome back Seed!

Welcome back Seed!
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Hello. : ) I keep thinking

Hello. : )

I keep thinking Gustiro has actually played with Seed before other then today. If I remember right they were with another deer (maybe wearing brown?). I can not recall the other deer's pictogram or if was even Seed I am recalling from that day. It has been so long. Heh.

We also saw you on the witch earlier. Heh.
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It's possible they met

It's possible they met before. I dunno.

I considered putting Witch on just to mess with Gustiro, but kinda changed my mind at the last minute. I'm a little under the weather -- it's hard to imagine her hyperness right now.

While I am thinking about it, I may need to find a way to combine my recent love for "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" with TEF. Maybe try doing TEF deer in Pony-style, with cutie marks? Hyacinth's would be a flower and her picto, The Witch's would be a magic wand and hers... But I dunno about Seed or Krym.

Also, try letting Seed have a once-a-week "exercise routine." Or Krym, who I literally haven't played in months and months. Or both. Something to do, at minimum once a week, when I'm not sure what to do. Hopefully, I'll run into someone or someone will join in.
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Seed's mark could be a tree

Seed's mark could be a tree perhaps? Not sure about Krym though.
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Maybe his symbol will be some

Maybe his symbol will be some sort of abstract image of how I'm increasingly aware that he's fading from existence. This makes me sad, but I do not know what to do about it.
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I am not sure if my opinion

I am not sure if my opinion will be much help, seeing as I do not know Seed well… But could I suggest a split seed with the starting of a young plant or tree? It both goes with his name and metaphorically symbolizes the growth and spinning of stories, in my mind. If I remember right he is a storyteller?
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I like your idea for the

I like your idea for the distinction... It's kind of unique-sounding, which I like.

He's actually more of a poet than a story-teller, though he's told a story, once or twice... It may be a fun thing for him to try more, while I'm brainstorming things to do ^^
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Ooh, I like Gustiro's idea.

Ooh, I like Gustiro's idea. =D
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Have I mentioned today how

Have I mentioned today how much I hate, hate, hate school an its endless assignments? I'll probably be busy for a while... *sigh*

I'm on Spring Break right now, so I'll have some time to play. Then it's head down until everything's done...Luckily, I only have 2 weeks -- 3 if you count exams -- left. Then it's glorious summertime~!
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Seed's online for a bit now.

Seed's online for a bit now. Trying to get my activity up...Remind me: Rouda and I talked about being activity-drive partners, sort of like having someone to go to the gym with...I need to get on that.
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Purr. Let's start working on

Purr. Let's start working on that when I get my new laptop. 8D
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Indeed ^^ Just say the word,

Indeed ^^
Just say the word, and we'll work out a system. I have a few other things I'm thinking about to help, like giving my deer routines they need to go through before I just log off when I don't see one of my pals on.
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*** Below is a fragment of

*** Below is a fragment of what could have been The Witch's First Diary, From the 11th***

...(Stuff I didn't write down)...
After some amusing experiences shortly after I woke up, including a very impudent rabbit who dare change me into a squirell! Beautiful me! Well, there wasn't much I could do about that... And I had some tea with Kauna, so we'll count the day in the balance.

Then I prepared a marvelous shape-shifting spell...And something really fun happened! I found that funny little Vala, and cast away... But it didn't change his shape at all: it cast a pelt spell over a red pelt. How did that happen, when it was in all ways a shapeshift spell when I prepared it? I don't know: but it was so surprising! I was really very happy. Vala immediately returned my challenge, and the two of us went to see what strange trickery was afoot. The next spell I cast, as Vala slept in the circle of mushrooms, was a slightly mundane but successful bat spell. Ha -- I only wish Vala would have been awake, so I could have gotten a good look at his face! *cackle*
Well, when he did wake up, he tried to cast a curse... But no luck! Just a mini spell, *cackle*!

...(Other stuff)...

((I've been unsure whether or not to post it...May as well.))
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Trying to decide what to do

Trying to decide what to do with this. I don't update it enough for it to be really great updates. But it's good for having links to some stuff -- I may want to add more...
Maybe I can use it for RP? Would anyone be interested in that?
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Saw a rolling ball of deer

Saw a rolling ball of deer violence today. What was up with that?

Also, any opinion on RP?
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People RP on bios and updates

People RP on bios and updates all the time, so nothing wrong with using this blog for RP. =]
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My question isn't "Do

My question isn't "Do people," but "Should I?" as in "Would anyone actually want to or care?"

Yes and yes.

Yes and yes. Smiling
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Awesome. I admit I have no

Awesome. I admit I have no idea how would be a good way of saying that this is probably what you'll find here, or how to start... Anyone feel like a little RP, then?

I wouldn't mind, if I had any

I wouldn't mind, if I had any ideas.
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Hmmm.... Well, any

Hmmm.... Well, any prefference for deer?

Well I was thinking something

Well I was thinking something with Oisín and Seed, although I also wouldn't mind doing something with Oisín and Hyacinth, too.
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Let's go Seed. He's easier to

Let's go Seed. He's easier to RP, since he talks and all. I want to telegraph Hy's character developement better before I let her speak again.

Seed's path through the forest today, made up mostly of walking with some little skips, looked strange. He'd turn suddenly, or go in almost a circle, or go somewhere, turn back to a certain point, and then go in another direction. Still, he looked amused. Almost certainly, he was playing a game of some sort -- the matter was the rules. He paused for a moment by a patch of flowers and took in a deep breath of the scent.

Oisín noticed a familiar

Oisín noticed a familiar scent nearby--one he did not sense often. He stood from where he had been sitting, and swiftly made his way toward the older stag. He stopped nearby, and waited for Seed to notice him.
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And, eventually, notice the

And, eventually, notice the younger stag he did. He smiled and gave a little bow.

"Oisin, how are you? It's been a while."

"Greetings, Seed," Oisín said

"Greetings, Seed," Oisín said as he returned the bow. "It has." He smiled. "I am well. For the most part, at least."
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"That's good! I'm..." He

"That's good! I'm..." He paused and then went on, a little smile on his face. "...Also well."

He was lying there. But then he turned the subject away from that, in case Oisin caught it.

"I was actually just in the middle of inventing a sort of game for myself, you know, to pass the time."

Oisín noticed the pause, but

Oisín noticed the pause, but Seed changed the subject before he could comment. He considered saying something anyway, but if it was something Seed didn't want to talk about, he didn't want to pry. "Oh? Sounds interesting." He tilted his head a little and looked at the flowers. "Something involving flowers, then?"
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"Oh, no, actually... The

"Oh, no, actually... The flowers were a diversion from a diversion," he admitted with a sheepish little smile. He scratched the patch of light they were standing in.

"Today, I'm using the light to guide my steps -- while playing it, I can only step on sunbeams or dapples of light...And I have to jump over the rest of the forest, and make the shortest paths I can...It's actually not a bad meditiation, I suppose."

"Hmm, that sounds

"Hmm, that sounds interesting, I don't think I've heard of anything like that. Though it also sounds difficult. And tiring." He looked at the sunbeam and then looked around for any others nearby. Most of them were far enough apart that he was certain he wouldn't be successful if he tried what Seed had described. Oisín briefly glanced at his back leg, almost unconsciously, before looking back up at Seed. "I doubt I would do very well. I am not very good at jumping." His smile was good-natured, meant to show that he was not bothered by this.

((okay so when Seed tried to nuzzle Oisín, he was probably about a whole deer's length away from him and was nuzzling the air X3. That's why he was surprised and then laughed. I don't know if it looked like that to you.

Also, who is "Complex"? It says page not found. *shrug* ))
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((It sooo did not look like

((It sooo did not look like that to me. XD.
Also, Complex is Seed's generally-long-lost daughter. Verdy plays her.))

"Ah...I'm sorry to hear that. My own legs aren't quite the best..." Seed had a tendency to be stiff-legged, and couldn't jump at an angle as well as he used to....And considering Seed always had leg trouble, that was a wierd sign. He shrugged. It was just the way of joints.

" But it's actually not as much work as you'd think. That's what I mean about a meditiation. You only need to keep your eyes on the land, and you realize...That if you're looking for the smallest specks of light, you see that there's more light in this forest than you could have imagined."

He said it with a very gentle smile. There was something about the way he spoke that indicated he was no longer talking about mere sunbeams.

"Ah, I believe I can agree

"Ah, I believe I can agree with that." He returned the smile, thinking of his friends and his family. But then the thought of Poltergeist and Celeste made him sigh a little. "Celeste is still missing. But as long as I have my other friends, I find I don't miss her so much." He smiled again. "I am lucky to have them, and my family as well."
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((Sorry for the delays. Was

((Sorry for the delays. Was at a con))

"I'm sorry about her absence, but glad to hear you're Ok..." He thought about it for a moment, then added, "That always seems to come up when we run across each-other. I wonder why that is."

"I...I hadn't even noticed."

"I...I hadn't even noticed." He sighed. "I imagine it is because she is never far from my mind, even as I try to focus on other things. It is probably not only with you. I suppose I do talk about her too much..." Oisín frowned slightly, trying to think of a different topic, and failing. "Is there something else you would rather discuss?"
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"Oh, it's hardly too much.

"Oh, it's hardly too much. Even love-in-seperation is something I can't hear too much about...But if you'd prefer to talk about something else..."

He pursed his lips and tried to contemplate a topic that was perhaps further from both their hearts: Seed had too many stories of absent love, and each of them played out, with their depressing ends, in his mind.

"The forest is a strange place, isn't it? It's endless and confining all at once, some days..."

He took a moment to consider

He took a moment to consider what Seed was saying before replying.
"I actually have never considered it that way. Confining, I mean. Although I can see how it might be to some. But for me, it is all I have ever known, or at least all I can truly remember, and I have never had a reason to wish for more."

((I'll be gone for the weekend so I won't be able to continue for a few days))
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"I myself only know different

"I myself only know different faces of this same forest...And I suppose that's why I can call it a little confining. It's not necessarily a bad thing, but what it is is fascinating. A true paradox."

He explained, trying to sort of his own feelings. He could move; he could go 'away.' But somehow, he always ended up back where he began, having gone nowhere.

"The ability to see a limited thing as unlimited, simply by seeing it differently: do you suppose that may be wisdom?"

"Wisdom?" He looked a bit

"Wisdom?" He looked a bit surprised at the question. "I...cannot say. I certainly would not consider myself wise." He paused for a moment, considering the question further. "I would not say I consider the forest unlimited, however. Although it does seem as such sometimes...but I think that is part of the forest's magic. In any case, I don't think 'confining' and 'unlimited' are necessarily the same."
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"They're not. They're exactly

"They're not. They're exactly opposites. That's what makes it fascinating. The forest isn't just this one forest we deer live in: how can that be, when I think we all live in slightly different worlds?"

He mused, reflectively. Then he noticed he was quickly plunging in deeper than Oisin or possibly himself was ready for. And so laughed.

"...But boy, does this complicated business take a lot out of me. Let's go for a little drink, shall we?"

((Oh god, I totally mis-wrote

((Oh god, I totally mis-wrote that and didn't even notice until I read your response! I meant for him to say "I don't think 'confining' and 'limited' are necessarily the same." aarrggh asdfskjl; >.<; omg Sorry! X3; ))
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((Oh dear. Well,

((Oh dear. Well, regardless.))

Edit With Major Update:
Seed and Nevilly have formally divorced due to irreconcilable differences. Expect to see Sad Seed for a while. Maybe a long while. Possibly, but not likely, forever.
Seed would like to add that he is a waste of space who does not deserve your attention. I'd like to smack him one.
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I'd like to smack him, too.

I'd like to smack him, too. He's too amazing to be a waste of space. ♥
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Awh,I think this is the deer

Awh,I think this is the deer my mini doe sat with,he looked so sad ;A;

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It was indeed. Seed thanks

It was indeed. Seed thanks your doe for her company.
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SillySeed, You'll drown if

SillySeed, You'll drown if you keep sitting there. v_v
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He's not sure that wouldn't

He's not sure that wouldn't be a bad option, though, to be fair...He probably wouldn't anyway. Magic bites.

And anyway, the pond was crowded. He's finally wandered around enough to find a suitable "crying patch."

Oh, man, I--what happened I

Oh, man, I--what happened I don't--

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Basically, Nev felt she

Basically, Nev felt she wanted a family most of all, and Seed's methodology for offering her one wasn't one she could accept, and he couldn't offer her one she could... And there really wasn't a way to work around that for *either* of them to be happy, so here we are.
... It is, though, very sad. Seed doesn't want company, but he needs it very much all the same. He's silly like that.

Oh dear :c I feel so sorry

Oh dear :c I feel so sorry for him sdfkjh <3 I would have had Rut stay with him as silent company but my forest is terribly laggy at this time of day...
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It's fine. He thanks Rut for

It's fine. He thanks Rut for the little visit anyway, and hopes he can see Rut again when he gets his ability to make a fake happy-face back.


Some days I just feel blerg. I guess I feel like I need to re-connect to my friends here or make some new connections, but I'm just really, really bad doing that sort of thing. Any tips? I dunno. Maybe no one feels disconnected from me, and I am just crazy.