My Updates [Thanks Everyone!]

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Seed + Seed's Bio + RP Blog

Connection Status: Good.

Seed is: A tree-deer and a gentle poet, prone to bouts of melencholy but willing to do just about anything. He wears the kirin pelt, the whistling mask. Parts of his body, especially his legs, are made of living wood; leaves and purple flowers sprout from his branching antlers
Physical: Healthy
Thinking: -
Feeling: -
Doing Recently: -

Oh, and if you play one of my deer's friends and are online, or want one of my deer online... Do not hesitate to post here or IM me. I am thrilled when I can manage to spot a specific deer who is friends with my deer, whether it's arranged or what. It makes my day. My skype is lady.deme , and I have other messengers I can tell you about on request.

Also, uh. Happy Birthday to Me, I guess! Hooray!
We had a little walk starting and ending at the Old Oak today, for said birthday, and if I have time, I'll post some screenshots. It was a lot of fun.

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Online Deer: I dunno who was

Deer: I dunno who was on this computer last.
Gender: ?
Currently: Who Knows
Mood: Glad to be back
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I'm in a very spring mood

I'm in a very spring mood since it's freakishly warm today, so I'm gonna put Scape in to run around at some point if you were planning to have Seed in today. =] (I won't right now, though, as my dad's on his laptop and I don't wanna leech the internet.)
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I wish I had seen this

I wish I had seen this yesterday! Gaah! I was at a movie Saturday evening.

Either way, Seed's online ATM, for everyone who cares.
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The "spring mood" vanished

The "spring mood" vanished after sunset, so ended up not putting Scape in. |D Heck, it turned into "winter downs" almost. So you missed nothing.
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Ah. That's good, I suppose.

Ah. That's good, I suppose. ... Man, I've really fallen away recently. Things feel kind of odd since I got back -- I'm kind of intimidated, or something XD
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Awhile ago, I noticed I have

Awhile ago, I noticed I have more trouble going up to deer I don't know, regardless of what deer I'm playing. I used to go up to everyone. O.o
But I'm sure if I had to take a long break and came back, I'd be intimidated too, since new people arrive more frequently nowadays.
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Yeah. It's rough, especially

Yeah. It's rough, especially since my two secondary deer are pretty undersocialized. I'm not sure if I've just gotten complacent with my group of people (as little as I see some of them -- and that's not just you. 'my group of people' is apparently one that persists without a high frequency), or what.

...well, it's not just a new people thing. There's just this wall of new, strange posts, and all sorts of stuff going on I'm out of the loop on. I get pretty nervous when I know I'm out of it.
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Oh yea, the new site design

Oh yea, the new site design just take a lot to go through. I definitely take longer to go through things on here than I used to...
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Yeah, that's probably it,

Yeah, that's probably it, too.... Man, now all of the sudden I feel old. I was just saying two years didn't feel like a long time, and now I feel like I need a rocking chair so I can yell for all these kids to get off my site -- I mean, lawn. XD
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XD I'll let you borrow

XD I'll let you borrow human-Toukan's cane to shake at those pesky kids.
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I have a small collection of

I have a small collection of walking sticks for the occaison, actually. Consarnit.

Deer: Seed (in the mood to switch)
Gender: Male
Status: Healthy
Mood: Quiet, a little melancholy
Currently: Sitting in one of his thinking spots.
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I'm sorry about Ravyn. She

I'm sorry about Ravyn. Sticking out tongue
She always sits extremely close to other deer, haha.
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Oh, it's quite alright.

Oh, it's quite alright. Seed's sorry if he concerned her, if she'd have rather been somewhere else...
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Hm. She doesn't know what she

She doesn't know what she wants to do. (:

Seed is naked btw. .-.
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I know. It keeps shutting

I know. It keeps shutting down on me.

EDIT: oh, and I am back!


Deer: Seed
Gender: Stag
Status: Healthy
Mood: Nervous, hoping to be happy
Currently: Going to see what there is to see.
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Hello stranger. =] I wish I

Hello stranger. =]

I wish I didn't have to be doing work. Otherwise, I'd start up TEF. |D
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*glomp* Work sucks. I'm glad

Work sucks. I'm glad I'm done for right now ^^
I love Louisiana's early summer break.
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I'm waiting on the semester

I'm waiting on the semester to end myself. Just one more week, and 4 things to do before then. |D
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Oh dears. Status:

Oh dears.

Status: Online
Deer: Krym
Mood: Excited
Currently Doing: Sitting in with some new people and Virgil
Thinking: "Arright! This guy seems pretty coo!"
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I see you ♥ You'll

I see you Laughing out loud ♥ You'll hafta forgive me if Jester is a bit lazeh though-my new Windows setup is running really slow so to make a hotkey work I hafta mash it a billion times over *giggles* Sooo, trying to fix that. But Krym is awesome ♥ And haaai yoou~! :3 How are yoou?
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Thank you for thinking so; he

Thank you for thinking so; he thinks Jester is pretty cool, too. We're both glad he's getting a chance to meet another deer I can recognize and thus he can be friends with.
I'm doing well, I think.

edit: you don't seem to be lagging that badly to me, actually...but there's a lot of sitting-down time mixed in, so who can say?
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Status: Online Deer: Krym,

Status: Online
Deer: Krym, but I may switch
Mood: Happy
Currently Doing: Exploring
Thinking: "So, world, whatcha got for me today?"
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Oh, I see! XD ...Eh, well,

Oh, I see! XD
...Eh, well, it's not like Seed has never done that before. Sorry for running off (he did invite them to come as he excused himself, though). Seed found the siren call of fireflies too hard to resist. He loves the little bugs.

Deer: Seed
Mood: Happy
Junk: Junk
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I didn't want you to miss

I didn't want you to miss this. I hope you like it.
Congrats again.
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Random Update I'm going

Random Update
I'm going online soon. I have a new character concept I want to try out sets for. I'll be using an older pictogram for this one...

Edit: Well, that was very productive. She got her set and turned someone into a frog. Very good. She got off at least one cackle, so all goes well. Whoever you were (the map does not have a page, but the username is "dae"), she thinks you would make an excellent servant/pet... I'm pretty sure that's her way of saying she likes you.
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She sounds interesting XD ~

She sounds interesting XD ~<3
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Well, I think she is. I'll

Well, I think she is. I'll make her bio probably tommorow or Monday or somesuch, and immediately following that I have a story for the forest fables told by her. She suggests these things for me.

Right now, I'm preoccupied with Mechacon.

Mechacon is pretty awesome this year, if anyone wants to know. Yesterday I went in my costume, a black vest item, a billowy white shirt, a black lace and taffeta skirt, and loads of purple ribbon. And, of course, my fabulous hat.
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UPDATE! I have a new laptop.

I have a new laptop. I've done a little testing of TEF on it, and it seems to be working much better. So as of today, I am back in the game!
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Update! I decided to add a

I decided to add a spot to say who the next deer online and the last deer online would be, and so on. I don't know why.

Things to do:
Finish the Witch's story
Work on drawings for Witch and Hyacinth
Make a post asking if anyone would like to meet some of my deer and ect, for the purposes of expanding my recognition pool again.
Take more screenshots
Stop expanding this list, darnit...


Edit and Update:
Anyone recognize this guy? The Witch liked him a lot.

I guess if no one ever replies to this, I'll make a seperate post asking about him.
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Update The test is over, so

The test is over, so Seed is back in town! Huzzah!
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*is poked*

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You're damned right you're

You're damned right you're poked! Laughing out loud

Hey Seed, I'm glad you're still around! Smiling
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I'm glad I'm still around,

I'm glad I'm still around, too.
And that you're still around, of course, which is the more typical answer...

Seed throws me little fragments sometimes. This'll probably we worked into a diary entry at some point.
"We bring the seasons with us, effervescent time rising up off of us like dust or the powder blue scent of trees..."

I've decided that I'll need to do something with my secondary deer at least once a week. Today, I guess I'm messing with Krym.
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Hai there We don't know

Hai there Smiling

We don't know each other, but I was browsing through the forums looking for fun stuff, and I came across a Birthday Book, and it said today was your special day, so I thought it'd be nice to wish you a happy b-day. So here we go:

Happy Birthday, Seed ^_^
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Awwww.... Thank you very

Awwww.... Thank you very much. It is indeed my birthday.

I'm 21, and thus now able to legally drink!.... But I still won't, so it's pretty meaningless.
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Nice one! Happy

Nice one! Happy Birthday!
I'll drink one in your honor, since you won't. XP
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Thanks ^^ Update I was

Thanks ^^

I was thinking... why is everyone so focused on sets and spells anyway? I mean, don't get me wrong... I like their sets... But if I couldn't have Seed in the green, or Krym in the nightfall, or with big antlers.... It wouldn't really matter. It'd be sad. But it wouldn't change their characters, right? They live, acknowledgedly, in a world where appearance is mutable. The Endless Forest is the world where a constant appearance is a choice, not an assumption.
... I dunno. I'm just thinking about stuff.
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Personally, I agree with you.

Personally, I agree with you. Story-wise, I do tend to picture my deer looking a certain way, but in-game they'll wear whatever is thrown on them and won't be insistent about maintaining a certain look, because spells are apart of the forest.

Then again, I notice role play is heavily encouraged here (totally blew me away when I started looking at all the biographies), and many characters seem to have their own world with an atmosphere quite different than what TEF describes on the website, and they do their best to bring that role play in-game. For example, there are deer with an actual skull for a face, instead of it being just a mask (maybe it's face was destroyed by a disease, or it's been raised from the dead, etc.). The skull becomes an important aspect of the character. So, take the skull away, and it'd be like taking part of the character away.

I suppose it's pretty much the same with characters having real deer faces, instead of having human faces sporting deer masks. If your role play starts to deviate from what the Forest actually is (frolicking with other deer in a general peaceful atmosphere and casting appearance-altering spells), you kind of set yourself up for trouble when changes are made.
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I had a very long reply

I had a very long reply written up, discussing the merits of preserving a setting for roleplay, flexible character design, the advantages of change as a means of character developement (because, really: magic can't take away an obviously magical part of a character for a while? That smells of lazy roleplaying), and the creativity of the community, its sometimes failures in accomodating setting aside.

And then my computer ate it. Graar!

Anyway... I am also in love with the combos you can get from mini-spells (yay), sets sticking to fawns right now (yay), and the ability to load your spells while in fawn-form. I must see Mini-Mini-Seed!
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I am back! Huzzah! I'll be

I am back! Huzzah! I'll be tossing Seed on.
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Update: So I totally forgot

So I totally forgot to re-load the candles yesterday, and I've lost them. Very sad.
I'll have to get back on when I'm not with Birch Forest Sitters like Virgil, so Seed can hang out with the fireflies.
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Update: Need to think of a

Need to think of a good project to help get me back in. Any ideas?

Edit: Game just kicked me out. How odd.
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The ninja and the witch could

The ninja and the witch could have another spell duel perhaps.
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That would be great ^^

That would be great ^^
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Blurg. I am a bad TEF-er. I

Blurg. I am a bad TEF-er. I need to get back in the game...
*tries to figure out ways*
I have a hard time getting myself to do what I love sometimes.
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Hey Seed, I just finished the

Hey Seed, I just finished the lineart for your request. I finally have Spring Break, so I finally have time to draw. :3
[pixel deer by Aldebaran]
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Awesomesauce. Also, man I


Also, man I suck. But I've had an epiphany.
#1: I still need to think of things to do when I don't know what to do, who to see, ect.
#2: I need to embrace my deers and I not knowing what to do and who to see, ect.

Suggestions for either appreciated.