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So I'm planning on having a memorial/tribute to any deceased TEF characters in my story, Fall From Grace. I originally was going to make the tribute only relate to heroic TEF characters, but it can also feature those on the darker side.

The tribute will be related to a new alien species that brings the bodies of dead or dying heroes from each world and keeps them on a 'life support' system, though each hero is symbiotically attached to one member of the alien species. They are laying on the chest and belly of the alien, with several veins/branches attached to their body, arms, and face. The hero is sleeping and given their own unique dream world to enjoy while the alien keeps watch over them.

In the case of TEF characters that aren't necessarily heroic, the alien species may have them there for a specific purpose. You never know, they would be important enough to keep alive.

So anyway, if you have a deceased TEF character that you would like featured in the story, please let me know here. All I really need is their name and a short title or description, for example:

Caw, the banished island deer who regained his faith in the Twin Gods.

Feel free to comment below with anyone you would like included in the story, and I will be glad to add them in.

Thanks guys Eye
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XD...shameless bump

XD...shameless bump
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I have Trysta if you want.

I have Trysta if you want. She's a bit on the sad side, though. Never found a mother to take care of her.
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I would've said Laghodessa,

I would've said Laghodessa, but she's alive now. Sticking out tongue
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That's fine XD...I can work

That's fine XD...I can work with Trysta and Caw, I had planned on adding some real life heroes as well but...not really sure who is considered a hero since opposing sides and all. An example of one person I had in mind was Leonidas I of Sparta. If you guys have any other suggestions, please let me know!