got back my old deer

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hello. i'm back again. after.. over/around 20 years in the endless forest.

support was kind enough to help me remember my old deer's accounts.

i just had a big hit of nostalgia and had to see if this lovely game was still alive.

looking back at my old posts, sheesh. now i can appreciate how far i have come with my endeavour of learning english on my own. yes, i still screw up, but i screw up far less than back then X3

i always wrote everyone to check out my artworks, sheesh , i had also come far from then

the old deviantart account is pretty dead. i have moved onto other social media and art profiles.

i will post them below. in the rare situation that someone , vaguely remembers an old baby deer constantly looking for elder deers to learn from, and showing off the doodles it did. would like to look how far this now old deer has reached. <- please turn on SFW browsing in that one 0,0''

anyway, i should check on my secondary deer, the one i made when i forgot the login for this one. hopefully i will get back the skins i got in both of them, and do a drawing of them.. so many memories. i hope to find new friends over here.

everyone please take care.

R.S <3
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Tossing this idea out there

Tossing this idea out there too..

if someone can help me recover my dark skin , the hair , and maybe get some cool horns to go with them i will be happy

also , i'm having cheap commissions due to an emergency irl. so if you wanna get your deer or fawn drawn, please contact me trought twitter or any of my art profiles and we can fix a price, even a kofi or just a 5 will be neat ^^'

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Hello and welcome back!

Hello and welcome back! Always good to see 'oldies' return to the forest Smiling

I wish I could commission you, but neither PayPal nor Ko-fi work in my country anymore Sad
Can help you with the set, though. Here's the set guide, could you specify what you need exactly? And at what time do you usually play?

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Welcome back,

Welcome back, shadowmere.
I'll help you with the spells if I'm online and see you on the map.

Looking forward to your deer drawings as well as some forest shenanigans if we happen to meet ingame.
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thankyou for the set

thankyou for the set guide!
honestly i do not quite remember my deer loadout, i had lost all the screenshots i took from him years ago
so i can only guide myself by the tiny picture of my profile ;w;

i THINK it had the orca skin?
i have no idea how it got hair on the deer ._.
I had those antelope horns, but maybe i can get some better horns?
honestly as long as it has a dark colored overall scheme i am happy

and i had no mask i think i was trying to find a cool one..

for now i got a butterfly skin, a bird mask i believe, and some big horns, i kinda dig the big horns i will see if i can pick flowers with them or something

maybe i need a deer ' a la mode designer' and get me a fancy deer to show off!

my old one has the normal deer mask , and flowers in her horns, weird to see her grown up!

and i have no hours i play with, but i'm from argentina so my timezone is around -3:00 gmt i think?
i might set it as just a normal screensaver, or be around uh... 7 - 9 pm around here?

might be hard to find me ;w;
also i forgot every single control of the game so i might not be capable of interacting properly ;w;

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i dunno why this sent twice,

i dunno why this sent twice, sorry

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thankyou! i hope so too ^W^

thankyou! i hope so too ^W^ <3


Mark and I saw you some time

Mark and I saw you some time ago, and we got you the big horns and the butterfly pelt.
If we happen to meet next time, my fawn could spell you until you see the things that you like, perhaps?

"so i might not be capable of interacting properly"
Don't worry about it, take your time.
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i remember you two! tho, i

i remember you two! tho, i can barely see the sigils of each deer, it might be a problem with my config, i just see the shine of the sigil and the sigils themselves are very blurry [or maybe im going blind ;w;''']

thankyou for the big horns! at one point i was a bit overwhelmed by so many spells cast on me and i was a bit worried, but then we found the big horns and i think they look neat! i hope i can grab flowers with these!

Thankyou for helping me, and for your patience ^w^

also a bit out of topic, but, i cannot get a way to see my sigil, it gives me a missing plugin error, whenever i try to see mine or someone else's sigil.. or is it glyph? deer-name-thingie.. i can't get a picture to my own.. if you could link me an image of my own i would be very happy.. my other fawn is this profile
[i must say that is a far easier to remember sigil glyph name thingie, than the one i have with this, my very oldest account]


Hm, which version are you

Hm, which version are you running? (you can see that in the News tab of the game menu)
3.41 should be working fine. 3.31 may glitch deer names up.
If your game is up to date, another thing I can think of you could do is lower the "Soft effect" in the Display settings. And try tweaking the game's "Screen resolution" in the same tab.
If those don't work, take a screenshot of that blur, upload it somewhere, and post it here, I'm sure more people will be able to help.

I can get overzealous when I try to be helpful, ehh. You're welcome.
Unfortunately, flowers can only be picked with bare default antlers, since flowers and horn spells share the same data slot.

As for the sigils (we call them pictograms), here's a thread that has some solutions for viewing them. There are also these maps, showing pictograms of the deer who are playing the game at the moment.
Anyway, I took pics of your pictograms:
shadowmere, rhunen
(Your first account pictogram is a first generation, and first generation names are pretty rare.
Thus, many would find it memorable because of rareness alone, in fact. It's funny how these things work)
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Just checked, is 3.41

Just checked, is 3.41 version, i will see if i can tweak the display settings a bit

Aw that's kinda sad for the flowers, it would have looked really pretty, then my hopes are in getting the horns with the candles sometime, if i can remember to be around for halloween time ;w;''

Thanks a lot for the pictures of the pictograms ^w^
I'm very aware that this one is a first generation pictogram.. i was made aware by a weird wave of people spamming my inbox trying to buy my account, and i was like 'wtf,, no this is weird this is MY deer i won't sell it x-x '

I mean, yeah, i did forgot of playing this game for like 12 years or so, and i rarely do play it now, but is a part of my life you know, i made this account when i was a teenager, and things like this deer, my old dragoncave account, my old neopets.. it's stuff that it's part of my story in the internet, a part of my life you know, i dunno, i guess is the nostalgia speaking, but i do appreciate sometimes opening either an old account of mine that is still around, or browsing very old screenshots from games and remember the good old times, sorta like a photo album, but all around games and the internet X3

I think that,, maybe people would have a hard time seeing my pictogram, or understanding what it is tho o.o'' it just has so many weird shapes X3
my other account's pictogram is far easier, it looks like a deer head, but not even i know how to draw my own pictogram of this account X3

(i guess that's why i never drawn this old deer!)

thankyou for your help! ^W^

[and sorry if i do not recognise you in the forest, not seeing sigils is something i hope to fix soon, also, crappy memory ;w;']

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Hey, shadowmeere! Sorry, I

Hey, shadowmeere! Sorry, I missed your reply for some reason Sad
I'm in GMT+3 timezone, but I often stay up late. Will be looking out for you in the forest.
Right now I'm chilling at the Pond with friends, by the way. Come join us if you wish, we can also cast spells on your deer if you're still looking for any set pieces!

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Just found you! couldnt

Just found you! couldnt recognise you by the pictogram thingie because i think i'm just kinda blind to that shade of color or something, but i did recognise the long snoot! really cool deer ^W^

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The game certainly dislikes

The game certainly dislikes being alt-tabbed tho ;w;''

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Huh, yeah, I was trying to

Huh, yeah, I was trying to make the character recognizable, as some people play with pictos off.

Lol, mine crashed too.
You can alt-tab if you check "Run in a window" in the Display settings of the game's Menu, though.

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i had fun >w< i forgot that

i had fun >w<
i forgot that this game can be fun, when people walk around! X3

thankyou for helping me wiht the skin! i'm gonna try to find a neat-er mask than the owl perhaps there is one that fits better

maybe we can meet again sometime! i will likely log off near the graveyard if i open it and i do not see you around, perhaps we can run around for a while some other day ^^

thankyou for playing with me! <3

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Yeah, people rarely play

Yeah, people rarely play actively nowadays, but it's always fun.

No problem! I do hope we meet again soon, will try to join you whenever I see your picto on the map.
Thank you too <3

P.S. Found this in my screenshot folder:

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^ Fridays. shadowmere, Dam



Damn, a wave.. Not the first time I hear of folks doing that, but gets me every time.
Some players treat pictograms like it's yet another customization option for their character and forget that they're identities.
The worst part for me, personally, is to see some new character wearing a pictogram that my friend's deer used to wear.
Because, ultimately, everyone in the forest shares the same base model, so all my memories and impressions of a deer/player are connected to the name.
The swapping, trading and the selling of names simply devalues them, for me.

So yeah, I hear you about the 'internet memories'. They're as valuable as any memories, to me. Even though I don't reminisce often.

As for your pictogram's shapes, I think it's good there's many of them. Gives imagination something to work with. I mean, my own is simply a triangle.
And shadowmere's picto looks like aehh.. mini-tractor, to me. But somebody else could see something else. Maybe Urschanabi will.
Hope you find your art muse for this poor 1gen, after all, haha.

You're welcome. And you wouldn't miss me in the forest. I play either as a huge crow, this tin deer, or a pesky fawn. All share the same pictogram.
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that was my favorite part of

that was my favorite part of mask swapping XD!!

i had no idea you could take screenshots, I'm so glad you saved it, we have something for the memories now! ^W^

it made me happy!

still not very sure what to do and cant really interact very well yet, but I will try to have my fun following you around >w<

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my pictogram does look like a

my pictogram does look like a weird truck thingie X3

I can't quite distinguish between the generations of the pictograms, I think all first generations were quite square ish?

i see a lot of the new ones have a lot of curves and look more like pen strokes made in a drawing tool like SAI

or are like a tower and very thin and tall

I'm quite dealing with the dread art block, but I have some patrons who have given me their chars to doodle, and also dealing with what has been happening in real life lately, i might take a long time to try and draw my deer, specially also when i am still not 1000% sure i like my masks and all.. lets hope i can get the candle horns sometime! right now i am wearing an owl mask, kinda odd i must say, perhaps you will see me in the forest someday and you can let me know if you like how it looks!

and if not you can always spam spells of mask on my deer until we find something neat >w<

i like fawns, tho i might try to cast too many spells to them, i remember when i played as a fawn i just loved following everyone around, if i figure out how to be a fawn i might re do that ^^

hope to see you sometime!!

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Oh yes, you can! You just

Oh yes, you can! You just have to press P on your keyboard. You can also press Ctrl+P to take a screenshot without the action bar and navigation borders.

Screenshots are usually saved in the screenshot folder:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Tale of Tales\The Endless Forest 3\screenshots
If you don't see them in the folder, you might need to click the Compatibility Files button on the Explorer bar.

If they still don't appear, enable hidden files and try looking in this folder:
C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\Tale of Tales\The Endless Forest 3\screenshots

Also, having a gen1 picto you can actually get the candles anytime, I believe.
You'll have to install an older version of the game, the 3.13 one, alongside the one that you already have.
Then you can run both versions at the same time, pick the candles at the Playground in 3.13 and cast them on your 'second' self.

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oh i can get the candle

oh i can get the candle ones!??
ahh but that sounds so hard to do .. specially when the game will not let me alt tab without it instantly closing,, is there perhaps any way you could help me getting them?
or should I wait until Halloween?

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Oh, I wish I could, but

Oh, I wish I could, but unfortunately I don't have a 1gen picto Sad
Only 1gen players can log in into the older version of the game and cast candles on others (as well as the Crying Mask and the Day of the Dead set).
But I'm sure someone else will be willing to help you, if you ask here on the TEFc site!

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shadowmere, Installing 3.13


Installing 3.13 is actually pretty easy to do, just try it. Follow the steps in the guide, and if you have doubts at any step, we'll help.
Once you get it done, you'll be able to cast not only candles on yourself and your friends, but also this neat halloween set and this mask.

I believe the payoff is well worth the trouble)
_ _ _

As for the generations, AlisonRobin used to catalogue gens and the glyphs they were made of. Sadly, it's become incomplete and the tabs on that page are broken.
You can now find some info on the gen differences here. Or play with the gen1, gen2 (and so on) buttons here, to see which of the pictograms will react.

Life takes priority, of course. The forest will still be there.
I'm no judge of appearances: as long as people enjoy what they wear, I think it looks good, too.
But my fawn will be glad to help you out with spells. Maybe you'll gang up on adults with him, if you figure how to be a fawn. Ha.
Likewise, see you.

If you are online today, I

If you are online today, I can help with the candles ^^ We can meet up at the playground (big rocks) or at the twins god statues whenever you are ready!

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