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got back my old deer

hello. i'm back again. after.. over/around 20 years in the endless forest.

support was kind enough to help me remember my old deer's accounts.

i just had a big hit of nostalgia and had to see if this lovely game was still alive.

looking back at my old posts, sheesh. now i can appreciate how far i have come with my endeavour of learning english on my own. yes, i still screw up, but i screw up far less than back then X3

i always wrote everyone to check out my artworks, sheesh , i had also come far from then

the old deviantart account is pretty dead. i have moved onto other social media and art profiles.

i will post them below. in the rare situation that someone , vaguely remembers an old baby deer constantly looking for elder deers to learn from, and showing off the doodles it did. would like to look how far this now old deer has reached. <- please turn on SFW browsing in that one 0,0''

anyway, i should check on my secondary deer, the one i made when i forgot the login for this one. hopefully i will get back the skins i got in both of them, and do a drawing of them.. so many memories. i hope to find new friends over here.

everyone please take care.

R.S <3
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he`s hatching!

i know that recently i`ve only posted blog entrys to make my dragon egg to hatch, well i hope this is the last one with that objetive,it seems that he is going to hatch! ^^
or die, he has only 17 hours of life remaining, if he hatches i promise to stop putting blog entrys to hatch dragons ^^`

pleeeeeeeaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee click on iiiittttttttttttt
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changed my history

well i was reading at the help page of the endless forest,and i readed that all the deers we can play are males, so that changed my whole history xD

well well now my deer will be called,,hummm i dont have a name for he yet, but i`m writhing a history about all that,and i`m thinking on putting it here but it will be on spanish, my english isn`t good enough to transalate it xD

well that was all for now
(i only written this blog entry coz i`m getting worried about my dragon egg, he has 3 days of life remainign,and it didnt hatched yet =S i need more cliks

please help me )

PD: visit my dev! maybe i`m not so good at drawing like all of you but i`m getting better! ^^

see ya on the forest!^^
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i have a question, why there are 2 or 3 deers with my same pictogram?

1week later of my registration i`ve seen other picto similar to mine and i thought it was a bug, but it isnt, how can i change my picto? i dont like to have the same as other ^^`
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can yuu help a small and young deer?

hi i`m new on the forest,i`m still a baby deer, but i chould love to know how can i do to change things of my deer,like the gender ans fur colour,please help me

*huggs* ^^
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