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Trippy antlers

Request for Leika. I don't really know what's up with the antlers. Mostly I only realized I'd forgotten to add antlers until the last minute, and, well. Oops. Also took a few liberties/butchered the design. Oops again.

Hope you like it anyway babe. <333


Torgny, AKA Padlock.
I won't say I'm officially back, but I am visiting.. and here to introduce a particularly adamant deer.
I won't go into too much detail, but he's very socially inept. This ineptitude insn't helped by his deafness and persistent and awkward nature. He's not usually violent unless provoked and tends to be pushy or controlling with deer he may see as weaker than himself- this isn't done out of spite, but out of loneliness. He's not a malicious deer.

Another, earlier concept.

Those are scars covering his body and face. Hair is oily and ears are shredded.
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A spontaneous idea...

TEF hoodies! 8D Wouldn't it be cool to wander about with your favorite TEF pelt on? Just imagine all the funny looks we'd get Sticking out tongue
(The top one is a personal design, by the way. It's based off the pelt design I gave my main deer. Basically it's a modified version of the gray pelt)
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Tiki/Hawaiian concept

I made this a little while ago, I figured I would upload it here, and show it off. The antlers are Hawaiian fish hooks. I spent a little too much time making it look smooth. I should have spent more time one details. Oh well. :<

It says "Image By Bunny," because... I'm mainly known as Bunny to friends.
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Please do not Auto-Play + Little site updates.

Hi everyone,

Someone pointed out to me, and I agree, that it can be really unpleasant to browse blogs when there is music in posts that automatically starts playing. If there are more than one of these, in the "Biography" blog section for example, It quickly becomes a cacophony! So, I ask you to please set all your music tracks to NOT play unless someone presses the PLAY button on the player.

Here are some instructions on how to do this:

* On, just go to the customize tab and click the blue word "Settings". Then select no for autoplay.

* If you have a player that is auto-playing check in the embed code and you will see something like: 'autoplay=true'. Please change that to 'autoplay=false'.

If I find any autoplaying music in my journeys through the site today, I will change the settings on them as well.

AND WHILE WE'RE AT IT! If you are posting lots of big images, please try putting some of them behind a "Read more" link. Use the button in the posting area that says "Split summary at cursor." Everything in the top textarea is immediately visible, everything in the lower one will be seen when a reader clicks for "more." This will help save people's bandwidth and make browsing a better experience for everyone. But the point of the image galleries is to see your images, so definitely don't hide everything away! We want to see what you are making Idea

AND about that 'Display Name' problem! nope. it's still not fixed. We are dependent on our server admin to help us fix this because Michael and I haven't the slightest idea why it doesn't work. The guy has been a great help with the overhaul of the site on the server side. But we can't monopolize all his time (unfortunately Twisted ) He will get to it soon as I poke him about it some more.
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Beliar Retina Burn

Severely late fanart for Beliar. <3 Sorry for the eyeball-burning colors. C:

After staring at this for so long, my eyes probably look like his...

Winter is coming and I'm so happy!

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