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Samba Deer

My OOC deer Rett if she were to look more like a Samba Blissta

Drumsticks for antlers : )
This was lots of fun to paint. I feel Ive found something good here.
And certainly no play on words for a Sambar deer.

Have some photos of my latest gig.
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Herla Reference Sheet-Finally!

You can download the full version on DA which is what you’ll have to do if you’d like to actually read the text.

I had so much anxiety for ages trying to think how I would ever manage a reference sheet. So first time making one of these. It was a lot of work and that was with all this art already being drawn. @_@
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careful, child

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De Drinkplaats

My new fave place to hang out...i wish i could have gotten a shot of the flying fish earlier Sticking out tongue but the rainbow is probably my most fave thing along with the lightning

what weird things have you seen that i should look out for? Smiling
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Back to normal?

Alright, for those who know what went wrong the other day... Just letting you know, it all _should be alright again. Please proceed with your usual blogging, biography-ing, storytelling, and picture posting. If you notice anything wonkier than normal, something not working the way it used to and you want it back, please email me and Michael and let us know - the.endless.forest at - I'll check the comments on this post for a few days too.

I know the site is not perfect but its yours. And we do our best to keep it up and running for you.

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It's been a while

Since I posted any pictures... I haven't had a lot of time for personal stuff with school. But it feels good to blow off steam with commissions like this.
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Lame title, couldn't come up with anything good.
Random SAI scribbling to relax myself a little. I wanted to draw something happy and colorful but ended drawing this instead. Some other day then~
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Stormbringer says hello!
He is a part of Ephiré -- a creature-entity-something he shifts into at times, usually not in the forest (Stormbringer is very big and trees and large wings does not agree).

Stormbringer's purpose and being is something of a mystery yet for me, but it would be very nice to do something with the idea since I'm quite fond of it.
It would be interesting to play him in-forest but I'm not sure how it would work... I'm thinking that Eph just changes to the dotd pelt (the ribcage could with some imagination resemble wings), but it's up to you if you want your deer to see him as this creature or not.

Thoughts or opinions on this?

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Bouncy Bounce

i like when deer jump Smiling ive never drawn a deer before so if my anatomy is messed up then...oh well XD

the other dot on the mask is supposed to be a 3rd eye
someone said it looks like he was shot in the head >_O meh

background is ugly but oh well...i'll probably keep messing with it if i dont just do a totally different image


im not usually proud of my art haha but i am proud of this <3 thank you TEF for inspiring me <3
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Home again, 21

Is there a place you visit often when you daydream? I think this is one of mine.
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