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Birthday boy

Our younger brother, Hvoshch Knigochei, has grown up this night, so the family has a small cozy gathering not far from the The Great Singing Tree to celebrate. We will be glad to cuddle with more creatures to feel even cozier if there are any who want to join!
His name looks so terrible in transliteration x) It means Horsetail the bookworm. You can listen to the pronunciation here.

Magic gifts from Rosinka


Rosinka wants to use some of her dance magic to gift three things she've created to the first three creatures who wish to get a gift. You can find her dancing at De Drinkplaats. Moooo at her if she doesn't pay attention carried away and write here, please, to start the magic quest.

December-January TEF sketches

Sleeping buddies
Tarter, Sanga, Podorojnik

Sketches for future characters, paper ones were done at work:

Pixel constellations

There I'll collect The Endless Forest themed pixel gifs, I drew.

(Is it possible to make a small table here? o_o)

SylvanRah Piaf Canary and Astor Shanti, Ezio and little Alan

Ryder Zeitler Yandru Malina Tavra

Capiteux's fawn, Rosinka and BroadSandwich ~ A cool cutie pie with two bodyguards

Today my friend BroadSandwich and I met a fawn peacefully lying not near the Ruins when we took a stroll before sleep. We paused for a while to take a photo with them. I didn't check the map to find out who it is, because I didn't suppose I would draw anything with them later. But then looking on the screenshot I couldn't help drawing the 'forest gangster trio' or 'a cool cutie pie with two bodyguards'. x) I'll be happy to found out who the fawn is! UPD: thanks to Uitleger for the information! ^^

~ BroadSandwich's fox-deer
~ My Rosinka
~ capiteux's fawn

Original screenshot:

Picture without pictos:

Rosinka's bio

Rosinka reference

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