Capiteux's fawn, Rosinka and BroadSandwich ~ A cool cutie pie with two bodyguards

Today my friend BroadSandwich and I met a fawn peacefully lying not near the Ruins when we took a stroll before sleep. We paused for a while to take a photo with them. I didn't check the map to find out who it is, because I didn't suppose I would draw anything with them later. But then looking on the screenshot I couldn't help drawing the 'forest gangster trio' or 'a cool cutie pie with two bodyguards'. x) I'll be happy to found out who the fawn is! UPD: thanks to Uitleger for the information! ^^

~ BroadSandwich's fox-deer
~ My Rosinka
~ capiteux's fawn

Original screenshot:

Picture without pictos:

The picto's account name is

The picto's account name is capiteux.
That fawn is gonna be thrilled to see this art, I bet. It got ace idea and style. Loving it.
The colors are so damn nice on the eyes, too.

Uitleger, thank you so much!

Uitleger, thank you so much! ^^ And for the link tooo!
Urschanabi's picture

Bump, I hope Capiteux sees

Bump, I hope Capiteux sees this Smiling

Signature © Draak

wow. just. WOW. I feel so

wow. just. WOW. I feel so honored!

capiteux here, feeling like a serious V.I.F. all of a sudden! (very important fawn) (not) - so sorry I missed this before, it must have been when I first downloaded The Forest. I am still just running around joyously, aimlessly. I first logged-in anonymously and knew in minutes I wanted to create an account: fell head over hooves for the artistry and zen of it all. the thoughtful, purposeful layerings/depth of landscapes, and light/dark, and SOUND.

so flattered and humbled to be pictured and drawn by other Forest dwellers, who've enjoyed the secret garden so much longer than me. (can we please not tell anyone else about it?)

capiteux, I'm glad you

I'm glad you finally got to see this masterpiece. You could make a biography for your fawn and put it there. Just sayin' Sticking out tongue

Urschanabi, ^w^

Urschanabi, ^w^

capiteux, welcome to the

capiteux, welcome to the Forest! ^^
Sure! The most VIF of all the VIFs! *cool emoji wearing cool sunglasses*
Yes, it's wonderful in the Forest... it's truly a magical place.

I have to say, I'm a total

I have to say, I'm a total luddite. I'm getting some help from a very good friend I told about The Endless Forest that I knew would enjoy it, but it doesn't run on their set up.

anyway, I wanted to give credit where credit was due: navigating, the rudimentary image, a 'signature' (IF anything appears appended to this message?), and hopefully bio-type info eventually, if I can figure out where put it, is entirely due to the help of a friend who can't even play.

palette appropriated from /

palette appropriated from / inspired by SiLu!

:¨·.·¨: `·..·‘