'N e a t h the surface [warning; potentially disturbing images]

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    This bio will obviously contain dead things, mentions of dead things, violence, blood and gore. There is a picture of a rotting deer at the bottom, don't look if that's not your thing.

    Neath is a character, don't take his actions personally.
    Body donations are always welcome, as is interactions and roleplay. Want to use him in a plot or something? Feel free to ask. B)

    Discord: Apel#9645

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    N e a t h
    there is something in the water

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      21st of August, 2019

      Has smelled a lot of blood in the forest as of late. Becoming a little more active in his habits, especially during the rainy and misty weather. Prosperous times; with an abundance of food, is growing larger.

      Was dozing in the deep when he heard a commotion above, and suddenly a carcass was thrown into the water by Umay, much to Neath's surprise and satisfaction. Tore it apart, eating most of it and hiding some for leaner times.

    Deep down the murky waters,
    a shadow emerges from the mud.
    Its slow, fluid movements makes it blend into the water, rendering it almost invisible. Suddenly it becomes very still, as if listening intently, and a moment later it lazily floats towards the light.

    "If you stare into the abyss long enough,
    the abyss will stare back..."

    ... and so, two yellow eyes gaze up from just beneath the surface.

    Name: "Neath" x
    Age: Unknown
    Sex: Presumed male
    Species: Unknown
    Size: Quite big
    Set: Skull mask, kirin pelt, peacock feathers
    Scent: Musty pond water, death & rotting things, reptile
    Origin: The black waters of Tsea-Hua
    Sounds like this

    The eater of all things dead and rotting

    Crocodilian, Rotmaw, Serpent, Water-shadow, God-eater.

    A being of many names, most spoken with fear, loathing, or caution. He follows the wounded, the dying, the ill and the weak; he is never far behind when someone draws a rattling last breath. The terrible offspring of Mater Heshemsu and a nameless, now deceased and forgotten, minor swamp god. No one but the creature himself knows his real name - if he even has one - but most people know him simply as Neath.

    Watching, waiting, a lurking shadow. He is persistent, but can be chased off; especially by a group. Threatened, he will probably just back away and sulk in the water, but if you actually attack him, he might fight back - especially if cornered or if he has something to gain from it. He'll bite and scratch and whip his fat tail, and your wounds will ooze with pus and infection while your body burns with blood poisoning. A diet of putrefying flesh and a saliva that is faintly corrosive will not make clean wounds...

    ...and Neath does not forget nor forgive. He will feel fierce joy when he finds your dead body.

    Neath is, through simple biology, mostly resistant to magic. He still doesn't like it, as it makes his nose itch, and he is likely to avoid those who show excessive magical qualities.

    His most refined sense is that of smell - he is incredibly sensitive to the scent of blood or sickness, and by sniffing someone he can tell a lot of things about them.

    Friends and relationships are alien concepts to Neath. He cares about no one but himself; you might be a face he recognizes, but he is at best indifferent to your company. The only time Neath might be considered 'friendly' is if someone is wounded or dying, offering what he thinks is words of comfort. It would not seem wise to willingly go close to a creature like Neath, but some do, for various reasons, and some have brought 'gifts'. Neath feels no gratitude and gives no thanks, but he never forgets.

    Unfriendly »Neath is not a friendly creature. He has no 'friends' and he'll likely never have. You might be an aqcuaintance but he probably doesn't like you or look forward to your company. Unless you are close to death, of course; then the rules change. To the wounded and dying he can be almost polite. Clever »He is quite intelligent, grasping many abstract concepts, but not in a plan ahead way -- he lives in the present with few thoughts about the future. Unforgiving »Neath does not forget nor forgive. Have you wronged him, he'll likely remember it for a long time -- he has a very good memory. Indifferent »He does not care for anyone but himself and most things that happens in the forest are of little interest to him, unless they involve him or potential food in some way. Patient »It can go months between feeding opportunities. A large carcass can keep him full for at least two months, more if he isn't very active. And if you are dying he'll wait patiently beside you, until you draw your final breath.

    Notes on Behaviour

    Neath is usually a scavenger, not a predator. Think of him as a vulture - following and waiting until the thing that caught his interest is dead. This means that he will not attack your deer/creature unless attacked first or severely threatened or cornered. He is under such circumstances very unpredictable.

    The only time Neath might be considered friendly is when someone is very hurt or dying.

    He seems to avoid sunspots and sunny areas, unless they are close to water. Usually he does not venture into the Birch Forest unless it's foggy or rainy. Weather has a big impact on him in general; moist weather like fog or rain makes him more active, as do night and twilight (unless paired with cold weather), while snow makes him slow and sluggish.

    He can usually be found somewhere in the pond or around the Ruins, digging the earth for bones.

    In a Fight

    Neath is generally trying to stay out of fights, rather being a watcher from a distance and then following the one who lost the fight. Sometimes he finds himself in them anyway -- even if it would seem quite unwise to attack such a creature.

    Strengths Brute force - he's very strong. Powerful jaws and sharp teeth. Hard scales covering his whole body. Spiky growths on back and tail. Long, thick tail, can be used to knock people over. Claws. No conscience tells him when to stop. A bite will likely cause infection.

    Weaknesses Slow runner. Not a very tactical fighter. Would rather try to flee than fight for a long time. Will not make the first move.

    He has an obvious advantage in water, being much faster and more agile there than on land, and of course the danger of drowning.

Then I rekkon' he'd have a

Then I rekkon' he'd have a feast...*shot*
And yes of course it's fine.


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djakshdkfhj i think im in

djakshdkfhj i think im in love with neath.

i read this then saw the pictogram pic..... i almost squeed cause it seemed familiar XD

so i log onto forest and BAM. i find his picto in the forest.
expect a space beluga pelted, magpie masked, venetian carnival antlered stag to be creeping on you

and i found you >: D mwuehehehe laying there by that tree. with that unsuspecting fawn talkin to some random stag next to you

hardyharhar i have yet another soul to stalk in the forest o3o

~The sun dies down, darkness makes it lay.
~The moon shines bright, there is no more day.....
~We are the fighters of the shadows.
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< newb > I went over to the

< newb > I went over to the water and tried drowning my fawn, then I wandered over here while it faildrowned, and I was wondering why the pictogram was so familiar. XD So I went back the game and noticed he was lurking just a lil ways off. XD Gosh, I felt like such a dummy, 'cause I'm all new and stuff. lol < /newb >

BTW, I freakin' love that music. *dies*
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Yeea I was sure it was this

Yeea I was sure it was this character when Hannah saw someone green hanging in the water 8D
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Just stopping by to say that

Just stopping by to say that I *love* the art on this page- particularly the second one, as odd as that sounds. It takes a good deal of skill to draw gore and draw it correctly.

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how did I miss this? I've met

how did I miss this? I've met neath quite a few times.
This is awesome.

I saw him yesterday...He was

I saw him yesterday...He was lurking at my doe, Waarhijd at the Pond. He is so inreresting ♥

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Neath is awesome. O_O I can't

Neath is awesome. O_O
I can't believe I haven't commented here ever before.
The images here are stunning! =D
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Ah, Neath. I adore this

Ah, Neath. I adore this character so much. And you act him out amazingly.
We had fun interacting with him ♥. Well, me, Gehirn not so much I think.
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Thank you all for your nice

Thank you all for your nice comments ♥ Neath is so fun to play. xD

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I think kaoori just figured

I think kaoori just figured out what he is. x)

if i get annoying, please tell me.
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Tehe. He comes for those who

Tehe. He comes for those who are dead and patiently waits for the hurt ones to die.
Don't worry about it :) The same goes for Neath, tell me if he gets annoying too.

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"Why won't you play with

"Why won't you play with me?", he inquires, a little upset that the strange creature wouldn't join him in a game of peekaboo.
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"Sso play is what it

"Sso play is what it wantss... It sshould find something else to play with, ehurhmgh, Neath isss no good at playing. Maybe later there will be play... in the water, perhapsss. Now is waiting time." the creature answers, a little confused by the other's question.

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Flattened his ears, he would

Flattened his ears, he would go find another to play with... but when it mentioned something about water, playing, and later, he was all for it. "Yes! I'd lave to play with you in the water later"... He says, assuming this is what they meant.
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This fellow is interesting

This fellow is interesting :3
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"Wandering alone, found

"Wandering alone, found herself curious about that strange being that often can be seen underwater"

was Dajhi's happenings of today. He certainly is an interesting character Smiling
Hope they interact sometime
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Thank you everyone for the

Thank you everyone for the tracks!

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Ohmygod how scary! Must track

Ohmygod how scary! Must track this. <3 Beautiful css too.
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Thought I would post this Guy

Thought I would post this Guy here, maybe one of these days he and 'Neath could meet Shocked

"Your efforts are insignificant! I carry you to your deaths!"
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lmao I love this guy. Made me

lmao I love this guy. Made me laugh just now.
Dag: Git back in the water, nothing for you here >8[ *stompidy stomp*
Neath: *sniffs him* Aw... *goes back into the water and tantrums* he's not dead... he'd be a good meal too... damn.
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What an awesome bio! I love

What an awesome bio! I love the art and music, very well done. I'll keep my eye out for this guy in the forest!
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Gurgelin: Woo,

Gurgelin: Woo, thankyou!

Graveyard: Hm, the pond is becoming quite a crowded place these days... I suppose they could meet but I don't think Neath will be very friendly.

Iaurdagnire: poor Neath, he was just curious :'D
"Ssstupid raincloud-pelted one >8|"

Sighthoundlady: Thank you! Makes me happy to hear.

Teradeer is enjoying it's

Teradeer is enjoying it's rather ballsy nap with Neath. lol
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Haha Neath is enjoying it

Haha Neath is enjoying it too. He thinks it smells wonderful! But is also a bit confused. It looks dead and smells like dead (or, I suppose it does?), but it isn't!

Hm, that's a good question,

Hm, that's a good question, never had to ponder what Teradeer would smell like before. I'm going to go with old, wet leather with a metallic tang.

On a side note, does Teradeer seem to be floating asleep in the air above the pond? 8|
I'm curious if this is just me of if it's some random attack of air-sleep-floating...
Apeldille's picture

It did a few moments ago! Now

It did a few moments ago! Now it seems to have fallen down. Neath did the same a while ago and didn't fall down until I woke him up -- very strange.

Hm, Forest oddness at work.

Hm, Forest oddness at work.
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I always thought you were the

I always thought you were the only one with a Pond creature, I didn't realize that there we so many others (But then again I don't really get in forest much anymore to know). I doubt they would meet in general since I very rarely get online or on the game ^^;;; I just thought I would post to let you know in case they did meet.

"Your efforts are insignificant! I carry you to your deaths!"
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Ah :) I don't think they are

Ah :) I don't think they are 'many', more like a few -- there is at least one (Israfel) besides Neath and yours, maybe one more. The pond is kind of tiny though, haha.

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Oh I know it hehehehe, no

Oh I know it hehehehe, no worries. I thought there seemed to be quite a few since I saw a few mentions here and there, XD knowing if I ever got online as the guy I'd likely hang in the creek/river (Whatever you wanna call it) rather than the pond itself 8U

And with 'Neath I'm sure that'd be the wiser choice LOL

"Your efforts are insignificant! I carry you to your deaths!"
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I'm sorry, my eyes seemed to

I'm sorry, my eyes seemed to have fallen out of my head and rolled away from the amazingness! <3

I see Neath creepin' on Blue Boy. If the boy's going to die, let him die in peace! XD
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Aw, thank you! Neath is

Aw, thank you!
Neath is actually creeping on Umay -- Blue Boy is just an added bonus! He'll wait patiently, hehe.

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Haha, I love Neath's design.

Haha, I love Neath's design. The artwork is orgasmically beautiful! I can't get over it! <3
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Hey there! My Ishibaba

Hey there! My Ishibaba encountered Neath just now, and he wasn't too happy about it! Baba isn't very fond of predatory creatures, especially when fawns and does are around, and thus it brought out his uncharacteristic aggression. XD Neath is a very cool character, though; I'm glad I finally got to see him! c:

Neath isn't the creeper for

Neath isn't the creeper for once. |D
My Leviathann finds him fascinating and is currently creeping on the poor guy. She was a snake before she came to the Forest, so I think she feels she can relate to him, if only a little bit. <3

Also, late track is late. >> -flails-
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Haha, I see that! He's

Haha, I see that! He's counter-creeping on her though... and finds her physical health interesting 8) Not quite as interesting as Umay and Kody's though.

XD Counter creeping,

XD Counter creeping, lmao.
She's no where near as awesomely ass-kicked as Kody and Umay, but she is bigger than them combined? More to nom on. |D

Neath is so epic

Neath is so epic<3
I find it funny, watching him creep around BD

but she is bigger than them combined?

Haha. I think that'd be impossible |D
Kody's the same height as Lev, while Umay is quite tall herself. Combine both their bodies then it'd be huge. /random. (8
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Much to Ravenflights dismay,

Much to Ravenflights dismay, I am tracking this. I do love Mr Neath <3
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:D Hehe. Perhaps they will

Hehe. Perhaps they will meet again in the future.

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Love this; && track

Love this;
&& track =]
Stitchez Scarr Frozen.
!Get the F*ck outta here!
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Takk: "Keh... So, this is a

Takk: "Keh... So, this is a competition, is it? Do you think you frighten me? You may be big, but do you have wings like I? What is on this shore is mine, not yours! You are nothing against us, foul creature of the pond!"

(In other words, Takk is "pleased" to make 'Neath's acquaintance! ;D)
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Pale, unblinking eyes stare

Pale, unblinking eyes stare coldly at the bird. "Com-peh-ti-tion. Erschk, iss survival. Neath doess not think big-bone-bird is ssscared, but Neath also knows that big birdsss... especially big birds who gorge themselves until they cannot fly... are slow to take off, hmhk? Neath isss faster than full bird and wingsss are useless in water." He opens and closes his mouth once, as if already tasting the bird. Large sharp teeth and a rot-smelling breath tell of others who have gone that way.

(Haha, Neath is not pleased at all! xP)

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(Gah, I love the way that

(Gah, I love the way that Neath talks! XD)

Takk started at the large creature's words, but only briefly. He quickly regained his composure, although he ruffled his feathers uneasily. The hideous beast had a point: for almost every meal, Takk would always gorge himself. He couldn't help it...couldn't stop. It was then he realized just how vulnerable he was when he was at his most sated and content. A shiver of unease trailed down his spine, and with another ruffle he hissed and flapped his wings in frustration.

"You talk big, foul beast, but alas you do not frighten me," he snapped, eyeing Neath with malice. The vulture could not hold back a wince as Neath opened his maw, taking in all of those sharp, jagged teeth. But that smell... Rather than bring him terror, it only seemed to reawaken Takk's hunger...his desire. That smell of death...it was a most delicious thing.

"Keh... Regardless, we hold a common interest. Perhaps, rather than threaten each other, we may help each other," Takk continued carefully, cocking his head. He wouldn't dream of partnering up with predators larger than him, let alone those of other species, but if it means that Neath would not make a meal out of himself then he could swallow his pride for once.
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Tracking. &hearts;

Tracking. ♥
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He's incredibly interesting.

He's incredibly interesting. I will be watching.

I'm curious. My girl is something like a zebra. He is something like a crocodile, is he not? Would her stripes make her more of a target then she is?

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Dun, dun, dunnn! XD 'Neath

Dun, dun, dunnn! XD 'Neath can stalk Sorog if he'd like, since he'll be heavily wounded and a little defenseless for a while. He just dragged himself back to his favorite rock at the playground so he wouldn't be around others. c: