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{ elder . shaman . mentor . guardian }

"O, Twin me and give me strength, for I am lost..."

Ishibaba is an ancient stag, and is quite possibly as old as many of the trees in the Forest. He has suffered through traumatic events in his life that include the death of two of his mates and three of his only children.

Having outlived his only family and living with the guilt that he could not have saved them, Ishibaba became a recluse of sorts...a wandering hermit that kept to himself for many years.

After ages of isolation, a twist of fate occurred that changed Ishibaba's life for the better. He discovered a newborn fawn who was alone and terrified, her mother having died while giving birth. Ishibaba comforted her, took her under his wing and raised her as his daughter.

He named her Uruushou, after the hyacinths upon her crown.

Enlightened, Ishibaba became a mentor for wayward fawns, teaching them of the wonders and dangers of the Forest. As a shaman, he has great knowledge of medicinal herbs and roots. His mask is one that is presented to renowned elders and shamans in the Forest, and is made in the likeness of the Forest Spirit to represent wisdom and divinity.

The suffix "baba", which is the equivalent to "sensei" in Japanese, has become a part of his name in respect for his wisdom and his age. This has been bestowed upon him by the fawns that he mentors and looks after.

| wise | strict | conflicted | protective | kindly |
| courteous |

Because he is an old fellow, Ishibaba does not like to play as it quickly exerts his energy. If a deer comes up to him and asks him to play, he will give a polite bow and sit to indicate that he is tired.

He also very rarely laughs or smiles. Instead, he will nod his head in an amused gesture.

Despite his lack of energy and playfulness, Ishibaba is very fond of fawns and will comfort them or give them company if need be. He also enjoys the company of other deer when he decides to sit and rest.

| Forest Spirit mask | grey pelt |
| default antlers with poppies |



Little Roe, the Twin Gods have blessed me with your presence. My heart breaks to see you so scared and alone...but now, you do not have to be afraid for I am here.

I will protect you, keep you safe and help you find your mother. I may have not been able to save my children, but I will be able to save you. This I promise you, little Roe.

Rest your head, now, and may your dreams comfort you. A new day shall come soon.


Nekumbra... You are strange, indeed. I am horrified by your ways, and how heartlessly you devour those fawns...and yet, I cannot help but sympathize. I am trying to understand you, for I have never seen such a creature of power and darkness.

I have much to learn, and much more to understand. I truly wish I could trust you, now...but with little ones at stake, my eye will be trained on you. I cannot sit by and watch fawns die, just as my little ones had so long ago... I cannot live through that again.

No...I made a promise to the Gods, and I will stay with it 'til my death. Forgive me, Nekumbra... I must protect them. I must save them...and perhaps you, from yourself.

|||||||||| . physical | mental . ||||||||||

Scraped on the chest by Virgil while protecting Nekumbra; quickly healing.

Code borrowed and modified from Rune of Runes.
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Test commennnnt~

Test commennnnt~
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Test comment, part deux~

Test comment, part deux~
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Oooh, pretty CSS

Oooh, pretty CSS Smiling
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Thank you! c: All of the

Thank you! c: All of the credit goes to the maker of this blog; I just made a few modifications. Man, I need to learn my own CSS. :<

He's staring into my soul

He's staring into my soul ...must...track...gah D8

-drive by track-

-drive by track- <3
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Haha, thank you Samael and

Haha, thank you Samael and Selruil! ♥
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Tracking this; he sounds like

Tracking this; he sounds like an interesting character. Smiling
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Thank you kindly, Anjali~ c:

Thank you kindly, Anjali~ c:
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I really like what you did

I really like what you did with this. He seems like a wonderful character too. (:
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Thank you, Laruna! &hearts; I

Thank you, Laruna! ♥ I hope I didn't put in too much text, seeing as how the scroll boxes are small. I'll definitely be making some adjustments. c:
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My fawn Phion saw you today

My fawn Phion saw you today when she woke up.
I love his set.

(Your CSS is leaking....please put it under the cut))

(thanks, starling! The avatar is amazing! And Thanks Pretzil for the siggie!
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Ah, so that was you! Thank

Ah, so that was you! Thank you so much~ c:

( is? I cannot see it leaking, unfortunately, and it's already under a cut. Hmm...)

Edit: Gah, now I see it! How exactly do I fix it? I'm not that great at CSS... D:
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"Hello again, Ishibaba. I've

"Hello again, Ishibaba. I've been trying my best to change. Leviathann taught me how to hunt small birds, squirrels, rabbits, and so on...and now that I feel more full and satisfied with these alternative forms of food, I don't feel like I have the cravings I did for fawns like before...

I hope one day you could see me for the doe I am rather than the spider..."

*tracking Eye *
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The old stag gazed at the

The old stag gazed at the spider-doe warily, his narrowed slightly. He felt a sense of relief when she told him that she was hunting other animals, and was indeed getting satisfaction from it. Perhaps the fawns will be safe after all...but who knows when she will desire for bigger prey once more?

"It is a shame," he said with a sigh, "that you must live your life as such. I am relieved that you will be staying away from fawns, but I cannot say that I am pleased with one of our kind hunting down another living creature." He closed his eyes briefly, wondering what the Gods would make of this. How could they allow such a creature to exist? Why did they allow those fawns to be sacrificed?

His faded grey eyes met hers, and he looked at her for a moment, brow furrowed from behind his mask. "I do hope so as well, Nekumbra. Nay...I pray so."

(Thanks, Quad! ^_^)
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Oh no.. I'll take a look at

Oh no.. I'll take a look at it, see if there's anything I can fix. It probably means my deer's bio is leaking code too. ):
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Yay! Another elder in the

Yay! Another elder in the forest! He and Granny should meet sometime =]

Tracking! ^^
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Thank you Laruna, I

Thank you Laruna, I appreciate that! c: I'm still learning, haha XD; Hm...maybe, but I checked the page on my phone and it seems to be leaking there. It doesn't on my computer, though, which is odd. It must be a resolution issue.
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@ Honeyfur ~ Haha, believe it

@ Honeyfur ~ Haha, believe it or not, I was just thinking that earlier today! Granny is such a doll~ c:

Thank ya muchly! ♥
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"Listen, I know you want to

"Listen, I know you want to keep and eye on me and all, but please, I'd just like a moment to my thoughts. I tried to tell you that I wanted some time alone but you kept following me.

Please, just trust me. I won't eat any fawns. I just need a moment alone."

Nekumbra sat by a rock in the birch forest, and inspected the small gash on her shoulder that she got from Virgil's unexpected attack. It wasn't deep but she wanted to sit and let it stop bleeding.
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(Whoops! I didn't realize

(Whoops! I didn't realize that that was what she was trying to say, but now I know. Sorry about that! XD)

Ishibaba nodded in understanding, but inside he was boiling with anger. For some reason, seeing Nekumbra getting hurt, despite what she has done, filled him with contempt. The gash was not deep, and not immediately worrisome. He will get herbs for her later, but for now he was to respect her wishes. He slowly trotted off back toward the Playground and caught sight of the stag that attacked Nekumbra. He lounged on a flat rock, his eyes meeting Ishibaba's own in a subtle challenge. Scowling, Ishibaba rested in the long grass, far enough from Nekumbra to have her space, yet close enough to keep an eye on her.
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((It's no problem, I know

((It's no problem, I know scratching the ground can be interpreted a number of different ways. I tried to repeatedly scratch the ground and shake her head to tell him she didn't want him to follow. No big deal Eye

I'm gonna log off for now. Thanks for roleplaying with me again XD))
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(Ohh, I don't think I noticed

(Ohh, I don't think I noticed her shaking her head. Whoops! XD I had Baba stay by her after a few minutes because the fawn came back. I was afraid Virgil would come looking for it. :<

No problem at all, 'tis always a pleasure! Laters! c: )
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So tracking this. Priest

So tracking this. Priest needs to meet him.
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Thanks, ocean! &hearts; Hm,

Thanks, ocean! ♥ Hm, Priest... Sounds interesting already! May I have a link to his picto so I can find him easier? c:

Also, does the CSS appear to be leaking to you? Laruna says it's leaking on her screen, but it's not on mine. We're trying to fix it up. :<

How gorgeous css this

How gorgeous css this is..♥ I'll look forward meeting this deer in-forest. (:

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Thank you so much, Nopje!

Thank you so much, Nopje! ♥ Baba looks forward to meeting your deer as well! c:
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It looks like the leakage has

It looks like the leakage has been fixed! That's one less thing to fret over now. c:

Edit: Added a new box with health and mental bars. I might take them away after a while, though, but for now it's filler.
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Whoops, I missed this post.

Whoops, I missed this post. Fail. xD
Here's his picto. He's currently not active, but I'm hoping to make him so soon. ^^

It isn't to me, I don't think. o:
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Haha, no worries! I love that

Haha, no worries! I love that picto; the bottom half looks like a Japanese shrine~ c:

Oh, good! I think it's fixed now, even though I couldn't see the problem myself. I think different resolutions may affect how people see it. :<
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tracking. Kaoori just met

tracking. Kaoori just met you Smiling
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I hope it is! It's also

I hope it is! It's also probably different browsers (I use Google Chrome). ^^
Thanks! ^^ I always thought of it as a map of the ruins with a mountain on the top~
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Thanks, Kaoori! c: I'm sorry

Thanks, Kaoori! c: I'm sorry Baba wasn't doing much; I'm multitasking a bit, as usual. XD
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@ ocean ~ Ohh, good call; I

@ ocean ~ Ohh, good call; I didn't even think of that! I use Chrome also, and when I checked the page on my phone that's when I saw the leak (my phone's browser is Safari). So, that explains it! XD

Ah, neat! I can totally see that now. I love pictos that form an image~ c:
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How am I not already tracking

How am I not already tracking this???
Kobal Snuff
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How dare you not be tracking

How dare you not be tracking this already?! RARRAARGGHAGHHH~ *foam* DDD:<

Pff, I'm only kiddin'. No worries! XD
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Kobal Snuff
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Thanks, icky! 8D

Thanks, icky! 8D
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Oh! This is who played with

Oh! This is who played with us yesterday. ♥
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Indeed! And lucky you,

Indeed! And lucky you, because Baba almost never plays, haha! ;P You guys were very sweet; Baba was quite curious of Julian and Levi, although all of those shenanigans did wear him out after a bit. XD My Internet was being weird unfortunately, so I lost connection a couple of times. Regardless, Baba had fun! c:
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Yes! I wasn't expecting him

Yes! I wasn't expecting him to run around with Julian and Deionus and Levi. ♥ So I was very happy about that, actually. ♥
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Aw, I'm so glad! &hearts; He

Aw, I'm so glad! ♥ He still has a bit o' a feisty spark in him, even though he'd never admit it! ;p