'N e a t h the surface [warning; potentially disturbing images]

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  • Disclaimer, contact, etc

    This bio will obviously contain dead things, mentions of dead things, violence, blood and gore. There is a picture of a rotting deer at the bottom, don't look if that's not your thing.

    Neath is a character, don't take his actions personally.
    Body donations are always welcome, as is interactions and roleplay. Want to use him in a plot or something? Feel free to ask. B)

    Discord: Apel#9645

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    N e a t h
    there is something in the water

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      21st of August, 2019

      Has smelled a lot of blood in the forest as of late. Becoming a little more active in his habits, especially during the rainy and misty weather. Prosperous times; with an abundance of food, is growing larger.

      Was dozing in the deep when he heard a commotion above, and suddenly a carcass was thrown into the water by Umay, much to Neath's surprise and satisfaction. Tore it apart, eating most of it and hiding some for leaner times.

    Deep down the murky waters,
    a shadow emerges from the mud.
    Its slow, fluid movements makes it blend into the water, rendering it almost invisible. Suddenly it becomes very still, as if listening intently, and a moment later it lazily floats towards the light.

    "If you stare into the abyss long enough,
    the abyss will stare back..."

    ... and so, two yellow eyes gaze up from just beneath the surface.

    Name: "Neath" x
    Age: Unknown
    Sex: Presumed male
    Species: Unknown
    Size: Quite big
    Set: Skull mask, kirin pelt, peacock feathers
    Scent: Musty pond water, death & rotting things, reptile
    Origin: The black waters of Tsea-Hua
    Sounds like this

    The eater of all things dead and rotting

    Crocodilian, Rotmaw, Serpent, Water-shadow, God-eater.

    A being of many names, most spoken with fear, loathing, or caution. He follows the wounded, the dying, the ill and the weak; he is never far behind when someone draws a rattling last breath. The terrible offspring of Mater Heshemsu and a nameless, now deceased and forgotten, minor swamp god. No one but the creature himself knows his real name - if he even has one - but most people know him simply as Neath.

    Watching, waiting, a lurking shadow. He is persistent, but can be chased off; especially by a group. Threatened, he will probably just back away and sulk in the water, but if you actually attack him, he might fight back - especially if cornered or if he has something to gain from it. He'll bite and scratch and whip his fat tail, and your wounds will ooze with pus and infection while your body burns with blood poisoning. A diet of putrefying flesh and a saliva that is faintly corrosive will not make clean wounds...

    ...and Neath does not forget nor forgive. He will feel fierce joy when he finds your dead body.

    Neath is, through simple biology, mostly resistant to magic. He still doesn't like it, as it makes his nose itch, and he is likely to avoid those who show excessive magical qualities.

    His most refined sense is that of smell - he is incredibly sensitive to the scent of blood or sickness, and by sniffing someone he can tell a lot of things about them.

    Friends and relationships are alien concepts to Neath. He cares about no one but himself; you might be a face he recognizes, but he is at best indifferent to your company. The only time Neath might be considered 'friendly' is if someone is wounded or dying, offering what he thinks is words of comfort. It would not seem wise to willingly go close to a creature like Neath, but some do, for various reasons, and some have brought 'gifts'. Neath feels no gratitude and gives no thanks, but he never forgets.

    Unfriendly »Neath is not a friendly creature. He has no 'friends' and he'll likely never have. You might be an aqcuaintance but he probably doesn't like you or look forward to your company. Unless you are close to death, of course; then the rules change. To the wounded and dying he can be almost polite. Clever »He is quite intelligent, grasping many abstract concepts, but not in a plan ahead way -- he lives in the present with few thoughts about the future. Unforgiving »Neath does not forget nor forgive. Have you wronged him, he'll likely remember it for a long time -- he has a very good memory. Indifferent »He does not care for anyone but himself and most things that happens in the forest are of little interest to him, unless they involve him or potential food in some way. Patient »It can go months between feeding opportunities. A large carcass can keep him full for at least two months, more if he isn't very active. And if you are dying he'll wait patiently beside you, until you draw your final breath.

    Notes on Behaviour

    Neath is usually a scavenger, not a predator. Think of him as a vulture - following and waiting until the thing that caught his interest is dead. This means that he will not attack your deer/creature unless attacked first or severely threatened or cornered. He is under such circumstances very unpredictable.

    The only time Neath might be considered friendly is when someone is very hurt or dying.

    He seems to avoid sunspots and sunny areas, unless they are close to water. Usually he does not venture into the Birch Forest unless it's foggy or rainy. Weather has a big impact on him in general; moist weather like fog or rain makes him more active, as do night and twilight (unless paired with cold weather), while snow makes him slow and sluggish.

    He can usually be found somewhere in the pond or around the Ruins, digging the earth for bones.

    In a Fight

    Neath is generally trying to stay out of fights, rather being a watcher from a distance and then following the one who lost the fight. Sometimes he finds himself in them anyway -- even if it would seem quite unwise to attack such a creature.

    Strengths Brute force - he's very strong. Powerful jaws and sharp teeth. Hard scales covering his whole body. Spiky growths on back and tail. Long, thick tail, can be used to knock people over. Claws. No conscience tells him when to stop. A bite will likely cause infection.

    Weaknesses Slow runner. Not a very tactical fighter. Would rather try to flee than fight for a long time. Will not make the first move.

    He has an obvious advantage in water, being much faster and more agile there than on land, and of course the danger of drowning.

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The inquisitive being dared

The inquisitive being dared to take one step closer. Leaning down her muzzle, thin though sturdy as an ivory candlestick, down only a hair from the pond's surface. Bunny whiskers twitching and eyes flickering in search of the waterdweller.

In the stillness a dove shot loudly from its willow perch. The doe's body flinched, losing focus, falling forward and disturbing the paper thin water surface. She shook the droplets from her muzzle, blinking.

[You're an amazing writer.]
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Ravyn: :) He wouldn't hurt

Ravyn: :) He wouldn't hurt anyone~

The creature seems to think for a second, then it moves. With a violent flick of its tail it swims forward; a moment later a pair of bright eyes and a massive scaly head appear just below the little doe's muzzle. "Mrrrhhrr, iss it looking for ssomething?"
It's probably just the shape of its sharp-toothed mouth, but it looks like the creature is smiling.

(Aw, thank you :3 You are too)

Lu: Thank you :>

Track :3

Track :3
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Thank you :)

Thank you :)

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And what a pleasure it is to

And what a pleasure it is to see him again. <3

Sadly, no food here. :c

-Tosses him steaks from the freezer. Hopes parents will not question their dissapearance.-
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Tracking~ He made me laugh


He made me laugh when I saw him peeking over the edge by the pond while Isac and a few others rested. xD
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(That made me laugh too. I

(That made me laugh too. I was also quite excited.)
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Serenai: He likes Atvana

Serenai: He likes Atvana ♥ He senses it is not food :>

Declan: Thank you!

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks his peeking-over-the-edge is fun~

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How very cute.

How very cute. <3 Atvana loves him. Well. Atvana loves everything.

But him included. 8D -Such a dork.-

Its duty to remove the rotting dead from the land...

Perhaps it could deliver a few instead. ;D

Like takeout. xD

Edit: The... Chuffing in the music... Is driving me mad with adoration. That is so cute. xux <3
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Neath would love Atvana and

Neath would love Atvana and follow it like a puppy o_o

Yes, isn't it? :> I imagine he sounds like that.

A small doe sat at the edge

A small doe sat at the edge of the pond, poking the water’s surface with her tiny hooves trying to get the creatures attention. A silly smile was on her face as she waited for the lurker to emerge. " here crocodilly..." she called cutely and quietly. Her floppy ears perked up hearing a few noises off in the distance. Still she kept watch her tail wagging happily as she waited for her new big friend.

( >> its random.... but i felt like i should have her interact with him << >> -flee-)
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The creature lies resting in

The creature lies resting in the murky waters, tangled in rotting seaweed. It lazily opens an eye when it hears faint splashing and muted words from above the surface. Slowly it emerges, shakes slimy green algae from its lumpy head, and swims towards the shore. Two bright, cold eyes are the first things to be seen.

"Nghaarr, one of the little ones, hrrmrr! The Little One of Kindness... Mrkshhrrrhr, is it talking to Neath? Did it call Neath a... cro-co-dill-y? What iss a cro-co-dill-thingy? Sssomething to eat, hurmrrhmmr?"

He lies down just beneath her feet, intently looking at her.


The small Doe smiled to her

The small Doe smiled to her water dragon friend. Hearing him call her the Little one of kindness, it made her giggle she would try and walk into the water to be closer to her scaly friend but sadly enough she could not swim all that well.

” Yes I was talking to you silly…you’re the only one I know that lives in the pond” she said lowering her head to the water and touching her cold wet little black nose to his snout rather cutely. Shaking some of the water off her nose and smiling.

“a Crocodilly is a Crocodile you kind look a bit like one ….and nooo you can’t eat it it’ll eat you!. Then again you could probably manage to eat it…everything’s eatable…event I’m eatable but I don’t taste good at all…” she said looking away for a bit as she rambled. She then shook her head her curly hair flipped as she regained her train of thought

”…Your Names Neath…that’s a silly name but it seems quite fitting for you since you’re always underneath the water” she smiled laying her head on the ground but close to the water’s edge.

” I’m Aeis….” she smiled it’s a pleasure to finally know your name” she giggled.
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How dare I not respond to

How dare I not respond to this! I am so rude. D: I was intending to sporadically comment on beloved Neath's page, but now I certainly must!

That sight in my mind alone makes me gush. He's just so sweet, hungry or no. One cannot help but love him, and his reasons are very much understandable.

Gaahhh. -Foams at the mouth.- That sound still drives me stark staring mad with love. I shall forever fawn over him like women do with babies.

Also, hello, for some reason I've missed you even though you've never been notably gone from here and I don't really know you. Perhaps I sound odd. I do that a lot. > >
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I think it's adorable and I'm

I think it's adorable and I'm rather in love with it, myself. -u-

Ah, I miss seeing him. Something about him has always drawn me.
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:3 I rather like dead things.

:3 I rather like dead things. As well as things that are alive.

Mm, I haven't been playing him much lately. I hope I can change that... he was in the forest yesterday for a bit, for the first time in over a month.

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That's the best phrasing of

That's the best phrasing of it I've ever seen, actually. I agree without restraint. c:

Yes, I do know how that is. I too come and go... Perhaps I'll come upon the forest with some good timing. I see Ephiré around, but oft' stay away due to some concept of shy personal space. Though I've following him around. Neath, however, I'm a little more willing to approach. What an odd player I am to a... "Character" without fear.

I'm glad to see him around, and may I just mention specifically how fantastic that drawing is. Your art has always been lovely to my eyes, but those on this page in particular simply astound me. ♥
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Nerri is feeling very

Nerri is feeling very uncomfortable right now at the pond with this guy watching her, but she's too curious to leave. You gave her quite a scare when she saw you moving towards her in the water as she drank.
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Uh oh.

Uh oh. D:

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This biography gives me

This biography gives me chills. I adore his concept.
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God why wasn't I tracking

God why wasn't I tracking this before 8'D
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Zeekii: That's what he's good

Zeekii: That's what he's good at x)

Serenai: :>

Saosin: I'm glad it does, and thank you!


Tell me if it's annoying/disturbing/generally improper for Neath to stalk Crybaby's body, by the way.

Have I told you how much I

Have I told you how much I love this character? Oh, I have? Well I'll say it again! c:
Queze also likes this guy, he's an animal, Queze can relate to that better than all these deer pretending to be people. (Queze's thoughts, not mine)

I also love that decaying image, rot is so damn hard to draw but you've done it wonderfully. Thank you for warning about it though, that is also appreciated.
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As long as he doesn't eat him

As long as he doesn't eat him (lol) it's okay xD

And I love Neath btw *__* he's very interesting.
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[Tracktrack. And also - tried

[Tracktrack. And also - tried to add you on MSN... but apparently I have the wrong address? *Sadface*]

Revtheyr was a regular at the pond... But today, something seemed off. He had just gotten back, so he couldn't possibly have known what lay under the surface, but as he bent to get a drink... he saw it! And it terrified him. He wheeled back on his legs for a moment... before curiosity got the better of him. A head-tilt... as he moved forward JUST that much.... Peered into the water again... What was that?
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Neath's freaky haha. &hearts;

Neath's freaky haha. ♥ but so original. And I love the illustrations...

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Terabetha: Aw, thank you! :)

Terabetha: Aw, thank you! :) An animal indeed. Teeth and insticts, that's what he is!
Ah, yes, rot is really hard to draw. I had to look at a lot of reference pictures to get it right. I know many people find that kind of stuff really disturbing, so I figured a warning would be good.

Munkel: Oh, he will try to eat him, but he won't do it as long as there are others nearby. I'll make sure he doesn't get the opportunity.
Thank you <3

Revtheyr: Hm. apeldille at hotmail dot com, that would be the right address!

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[Of COURSE it had to block

[Of COURSE it had to block you - because my MSN is doing that with whoever I happen to add. *Snort* I unblocked, though. So if you accept, I'll see you now. XD]
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Hm... I haven't recieved an

Hm... I haven't recieved an add request at all, actually. Maybe try again?

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[It is constantly saying you

[It is constantly saying you are offline, and the messages can't be delivered.... try IMing me? ]

I'm so tracking this |B My

I'm so tracking this |B
My Zach is so qurious about him xDD
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Heehee. Saosin felt like

Heehee. Saosin felt like taking a swim..
He would've interacted more but, unless they're sitting, this glitch makes everyone fly around if they are too close.
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Saosin made Neath confused,

Saosin made Neath confused, haha.

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I'm writing this here because

I'm writing this here because my main point relates most to Neath.

I love your new signature picture. I've seen it around and thought it was lovely. Also, I'm very, very delighted to see what the rest of Neath looks like. He's been a mystery to me for a long time. I have a feeling, even if I know what he looks like, he will continue to be one. I like that. ♥
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Everything about this is

Everything about this is amazing. Massive tracks.

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Must retrack~ I really like

Must retrack~
I really like this character! So awesomee.
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Oh my... first time I've seen

Oh my... first time I've seen this. This character is made of pure awesome.
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Shaku, Starling, Shamiya:

Shaku, Starling, Shamiya: thank you! :)

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Thank you, Serenai (and I am

Thank you, Serenai (and I am sorry for being so terrible late with replies!). I have been a litte hesitant to post a whole-body piture of Neath, just because the unknown is almost always scarier than what we know.

But I thought a small signature picture won't hurt. I am glad you like it :)

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Hmhm. At first I thought it

Hmhm. At first I thought it was just a deer come to check Gustiro out but his behavior in the water reminded me of a character I had read about. I had to confirm it. He is an interesting character. :3

I knew there was more I wanted to say but I got distracted. lol
I loved how Neath cheered them on to fight, hoping for a fatal injury I am sure. ^~ lol

I dont have enough words to

I dont have enough words to describe how much I love this fellow, so I will just track instead. Yeah. ♥
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It's fine! There's no need to

It's fine! There's no need to worry about that; I'm incredibly patient and often quite busy, and realize I'm not alone in that boat.

I couldn't agree with you more. That's always been one of his appeals, how we may know this and that about him, and yet so much is the unknown. I really appreciate your work with him (and, of course, Ephiré and Apeldille-deer).

Despite my love of the unknown, it's nice to see him, and so you know, I don't think he's lost any of his mysteriousness. Not where it counts. c:

It certainly doesn't; I absolutely adore it. He's so cute, off out there, gorging himself on the dead. c: ♥
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*loves this Bio as well* That

*loves this Bio as well* That image at the bottom *o* I love it!

"Your efforts are insignificant! I carry you to your deaths!"
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*U* totallytrackkinnngg~~

*U* totallytrackkinnngg~~
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You know just the other day I

You know just the other day I realized that Neath gives me the impression of the grim reaper. XD I know he is more a scavenger then a hunter. Which I think makes the feeling more real. lol
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He comes to people when they

He comes to people when they are hurt or dying, so in a way, maybe? x)
At the moment he is very interested in both Gustiro and Eli and he thought Joro was very rude to chase him away from them like that, haha.

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Apeldille, It is just the

It is just the feeling I get for that very reason I think. XD
Also I believe she chased him away because he sniffed her. By the way she worded it somewhere makes me think she may also be hurt or something.

She's hurting, in a sense.

She's hurting, in a sense. Not from an injury, but because her fawn is close to being due.

She normally wouldn't have chased since she's met Neath before. He was a-sniffing and so she thought he might be up for a snack

...which may have been an accurate assumption. XD

Sorry for her behavior...
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Hm, then she might get more

Hm, then she might get more visits from Neath (if that's okay). Placenta is good food, he thinks.

Maybe... but he wouldn't try to attack/eat a living deer (unless they attacked for no apparent reason, maybe). He prefers when they are dead and can't fight back xP

Oh, don't worry, I don't take things personally, especially not with Neath. He's not a very likeable one :>