'N e a t h the surface [warning; potentially disturbing images]

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    This bio will obviously contain dead things, mentions of dead things, violence, blood and gore. There is a picture of a rotting deer at the bottom, don't look if that's not your thing.

    Neath is a character, don't take his actions personally.
    Body donations are always welcome, as is interactions and roleplay. Want to use him in a plot or something? Feel free to ask. B)

    Discord: Apel#9645

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    N e a t h
    there is something in the water

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      21st of August, 2019

      Has smelled a lot of blood in the forest as of late. Becoming a little more active in his habits, especially during the rainy and misty weather. Prosperous times; with an abundance of food, is growing larger.

      Was dozing in the deep when he heard a commotion above, and suddenly a carcass was thrown into the water by Umay, much to Neath's surprise and satisfaction. Tore it apart, eating most of it and hiding some for leaner times.

    Deep down the murky waters,
    a shadow emerges from the mud.
    Its slow, fluid movements makes it blend into the water, rendering it almost invisible. Suddenly it becomes very still, as if listening intently, and a moment later it lazily floats towards the light.

    "If you stare into the abyss long enough,
    the abyss will stare back..."

    ... and so, two yellow eyes gaze up from just beneath the surface.

    Name: "Neath" x
    Age: Unknown
    Sex: Presumed male
    Species: Unknown
    Size: Quite big
    Set: Skull mask, kirin pelt, peacock feathers
    Scent: Musty pond water, death & rotting things, reptile
    Origin: The black waters of Tsea-Hua
    Sounds like this

    The eater of all things dead and rotting

    Crocodilian, Rotmaw, Serpent, Water-shadow, God-eater.

    A being of many names, most spoken with fear, loathing, or caution. He follows the wounded, the dying, the ill and the weak; he is never far behind when someone draws a rattling last breath. The terrible offspring of Mater Heshemsu and a nameless, now deceased and forgotten, minor swamp god. No one but the creature himself knows his real name - if he even has one - but most people know him simply as Neath.

    Watching, waiting, a lurking shadow. He is persistent, but can be chased off; especially by a group. Threatened, he will probably just back away and sulk in the water, but if you actually attack him, he might fight back - especially if cornered or if he has something to gain from it. He'll bite and scratch and whip his fat tail, and your wounds will ooze with pus and infection while your body burns with blood poisoning. A diet of putrefying flesh and a saliva that is faintly corrosive will not make clean wounds...

    ...and Neath does not forget nor forgive. He will feel fierce joy when he finds your dead body.

    Neath is, through simple biology, mostly resistant to magic. He still doesn't like it, as it makes his nose itch, and he is likely to avoid those who show excessive magical qualities.

    His most refined sense is that of smell - he is incredibly sensitive to the scent of blood or sickness, and by sniffing someone he can tell a lot of things about them.

    Friends and relationships are alien concepts to Neath. He cares about no one but himself; you might be a face he recognizes, but he is at best indifferent to your company. The only time Neath might be considered 'friendly' is if someone is wounded or dying, offering what he thinks is words of comfort. It would not seem wise to willingly go close to a creature like Neath, but some do, for various reasons, and some have brought 'gifts'. Neath feels no gratitude and gives no thanks, but he never forgets.

    Unfriendly »Neath is not a friendly creature. He has no 'friends' and he'll likely never have. You might be an aqcuaintance but he probably doesn't like you or look forward to your company. Unless you are close to death, of course; then the rules change. To the wounded and dying he can be almost polite. Clever »He is quite intelligent, grasping many abstract concepts, but not in a plan ahead way -- he lives in the present with few thoughts about the future. Unforgiving »Neath does not forget nor forgive. Have you wronged him, he'll likely remember it for a long time -- he has a very good memory. Indifferent »He does not care for anyone but himself and most things that happens in the forest are of little interest to him, unless they involve him or potential food in some way. Patient »It can go months between feeding opportunities. A large carcass can keep him full for at least two months, more if he isn't very active. And if you are dying he'll wait patiently beside you, until you draw your final breath.

    Notes on Behaviour

    Neath is usually a scavenger, not a predator. Think of him as a vulture - following and waiting until the thing that caught his interest is dead. This means that he will not attack your deer/creature unless attacked first or severely threatened or cornered. He is under such circumstances very unpredictable.

    The only time Neath might be considered friendly is when someone is very hurt or dying.

    He seems to avoid sunspots and sunny areas, unless they are close to water. Usually he does not venture into the Birch Forest unless it's foggy or rainy. Weather has a big impact on him in general; moist weather like fog or rain makes him more active, as do night and twilight (unless paired with cold weather), while snow makes him slow and sluggish.

    He can usually be found somewhere in the pond or around the Ruins, digging the earth for bones.

    In a Fight

    Neath is generally trying to stay out of fights, rather being a watcher from a distance and then following the one who lost the fight. Sometimes he finds himself in them anyway -- even if it would seem quite unwise to attack such a creature.

    Strengths Brute force - he's very strong. Powerful jaws and sharp teeth. Hard scales covering his whole body. Spiky growths on back and tail. Long, thick tail, can be used to knock people over. Claws. No conscience tells him when to stop. A bite will likely cause infection.

    Weaknesses Slow runner. Not a very tactical fighter. Would rather try to flee than fight for a long time. Will not make the first move.

    He has an obvious advantage in water, being much faster and more agile there than on land, and of course the danger of drowning.

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cicadia: Thank you, I'm glad

cicadia: Thank you, I'm glad you think so!

He's not really a crocodile, more something like... uh, I don't know. More along the lines of "water-dragon" without being a dragon. Eh.
Stripes don't make a difference, the only thing he would care about is whether she was hurt or not, since he isn't hunting others, just waiting for them to die. If I had him attacking others I think he would get an angry mob chasing after him every time he was in-forest, haha. I'm trying to avoid that.

Uruushou: Hehe, he will... since Sorog is so badly injured Neath might even sneak into the Birch forest to stalk him (he usually doesn't go there unless it's raining or foggy. Too hot!).

edit: ALSO I got my own page. yesss

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Traaack! He's interesting


He's interesting >.>
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XD Hahaha, sorry for the

XD Hahaha, sorry for the craziness whenever 'Neath came by XD Nightmare was being an outright protective bugger he was. But I was lagging and such on my computer so at times 'Neath would disappear on me LOL!

"Your efforts are insignificant! I carry you to your deaths!"
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Gee Neath thanks for leaving,

Gee Neath thanks for leaving, you were the only thing keeping the vultures away! XD
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wocio: Thanks! Graveyard: I

wocio: Thanks!

Graveyard: I don't mind the slightest! Neath wasn't very impressed by Nightmare's attempts to chase him away, though, more amused. At times he approached just to see Night' go all rage-y, not because he wanted to creep on Herla and Gehirn (he had done that before anyway).

Shiori: Oh, the irony! 8) You're welcome, Darcy~ Haha, I had to go to bed, otherwise he would have stayed longer.


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Oh my word. OnO Amazing, and

Oh my word. OnO Amazing, and frightening. The music fits him perfectly; it almost makes you feel panicked. What is it? (:

This is not a track. Yes it

This is not a track.

Yes it is! -flee-
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010: I see what you did

010: I see what you did there.

SilverBells: Thank you! The music is "Call of the Serpent" by Sephiroth c:

Torturer: And I see what you did too! >> Thanks!

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I always thought this music

I always thought this music was just perfect for him.


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"Beast beneath." The other

"Beast beneath." The other speaks, peering in to the depths just on shore. Wild Thing knew what it is, what it does, so then dropped a dead hare in to the domain of Neath. "I found."

The deer lay neck-deep in the blackening water, watching the oddity rest beneath the surface. The animal looked for nothing but a silent company that he had no intention of growing attached to, so was his mindset in the night. It seemingly was better to be closer to things like Neath at this time, anyhow. You just had to make sure they were fed first.
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The creature hears the words

The creature hears the words of the other, the sound distant and distorted through the water. He lazily floats up to the surface, gazing intently at the deer; no emotions in those cold bright eyes. He bares his teeth, almost a smile, sniffing and prodding at the dead hare.

It seems to be deemed satisfactory, and the creature takes it, almost carefully, in his mouth and slowly slips down beneath the surface again with a lazy sweep of his tail. After a while he comes back, this time without the hare -- saved for times when food is sparse.

He takes place a tail-length from the deer, and there he stays, at least for the time being. He has nothing better to do, and besides, it would be rude to just go away.

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Xemi: Yeah, I think so too.

Xemi: Yeah, I think so too. :] It's "Call of te Serpent" by Sephiroth.

Alinaquil: Thanks!

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The Warlock had been

The Warlock had been disappointed when he noticed that the dragon was surrounded by friends - again. This made his mission even more difficult, and forced him to wait before he attempted to attack. It was at that moment he had noticed this strange creature lurking around. The creature had seemed interested in the dragon as well...or perhaps something close to her. Either way, this had sparked the Warlock's interest, and he had left the dragon be, while he had began to stalk his new target instead. In the end, his hooves splashed through water, as he walked out in the pond's shallow end. He narrowed his eyes, and finally saw an reflection of the creature's eyes and scales just below the surface. The Warlock did not fear this creature, but he was still slightly alert as he sat down in the water.
"Who are you?" He asked after a little while, hoping that the creature was close enough to the surface to hear him.

( Here, have a very late response to why the Warlock kept following Neath around yesterday. Was supposed to post it then, but then the servers went down, of course. xb )
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Cold bright eyes watched the

Cold bright eyes watched the other intently from beneath the surface. They blinked once, twice, before narrowing into thin slits. The shadow in the water heard him well, this one who had followed him earlier, the one who had disturbed his hunt for the dead deer in the ground. His curiousness and being-in-the-way behaviour had been irritating.
Neath did not like him much, but he had noticed that those who watched the dead-hole had become nervous when this one hung around. There had even been a small fight. There was a lot of different smells coming from this one, too, some of them very promising: the smells of anxious expectations, death, and something unknown that made his nostrils twitch a little. There was wounds too, albeit nothing very serious.

Lazily he floated towards the shore, raising his head as he came closer. Water dripped from his body when he heaved himself up from the water, the grace he displayed in water gone. Slowly he walked up to the deer, cold gaze not leaving the other's frame.

The peculiar sound of large teeth clicking together was heard when he opened and closed his mouth. A wet, low purring, nothing like a cat's, came from his throat when he brought his head forward to sniff the other. It would take a strong will to not balk away from his rot-stench mouth and sharp teeth. A moment later he took a step back and lowered his bulk down into the water again.

"Mhrschgh. Isss Neath. Why doesss it want to know, iai-nghrú?"

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The Warlock perked his ears

The Warlock perked his ears when he saw the shadow in the water began to move. He instinctively rose to his feet when the creature's scales broke the water's surface. The Warlock had to force himself to stand still when the creature sniffed him, before he finally took a step back and sat down in the water again, as the creature did the same.
"I am curious of who you are since I saw you lurk around the dragon." He said, tilting his head as he narrowed his eyes, looking at Neath.
"What is it about her that have caught your interest?" Being unaware of the deer burrowed in the ground, the Warlock believed it was Illrose that was the source of Neath's lurking.
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The creature in the water

The creature in the water throwed his head back and made gurgling, deep sound, while his scaly mane flatted itself backwards.
"Iai-ágh-chrk! Neath isss not interessted in sstupid smells-like-serpent!" he hissed. "Smellss-like-serpent iss stupid, is vile, iss, is... scheczk-nga! Why doess it rather want the wormsss to eat dead one than Neath! Mrrghwrkgk-ieeeschkghr." He clicked his teeth violently now, obviously frustrated, but perhaps his frustration wasn't actually aimed at the deer before him. After a moment his growling ceased abruptly and his gaze returned to the other. "But perhaps smells-like-serpent diess soon. It smells of dead and hurt. Perhaps it's bones will see the Good Eye in the sky soon. Hscch. Then Neath will eat its rotten belly, and Neath iss able to dig up the dead one and eat it. Sstupid ones put the dead in earth." He shaked his head, sending tiny water droplets in all directions before he sank back down in the water.
"Iergh. Neath will wait."

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The Warlock perked his ears

The Warlock perked his ears in concentration as Neath spoke again. A slight chuckle escaped his lips. Yes, the dragon was stupid and vile. Finally someone here in this place that was actually able to see that! And there was a dead one in the ground? That explained the spot of fresh earth the dragon always sat upon.
"Oh, you don't have to wait long. The dragon will die - when I kill her. Then you can have the body in the ground." But not the dragon's body, cause he would have to take it with him back to his own world.
"But I might need some help...would you help me kill the dragon, Neath?"This creature was perhaps not the largest or fastest one in this forest, but he had some sharp teeth, and those jaws was probably able to do lots of damage, to rip flesh and break bones. The Warlock could have use of an ally like Neath.
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His scaly, almost feather-y

His scaly, almost feather-y mane flattened backwards again and he let out a deep growl.
"Neath iss hungry, not sstupid. Hasss seen smells-like-serpentss friends. They scheczk-nga too, dislike Neath. Would chase Neath to pond, never able to leave again! Ieeerschk! Too many, too big. Dead one in ground iss no good if Neath isss dead too." He eyed the warlock suspiciously. "It fight. Maybe win. Then Neath eat. Maybe it losesss... then it isss good meal too, orhrh." The creature clicked his teeth hungrily.

(it would be very interesting, but alas, I think that if Neath attacked someone he would get chased and attacked by a mob of deer evey time in was in the forest u_u)

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The Warlock listened silently

The Warlock listened silently as Neath spoke. Not with any word or gesture did he show any disappointment, although he had really hoped to have this creature on his side.
"A shame, but I do understand." He then said, and got up on his hooves with a heavy sigh. He shook the water out of his fur, then grinned behind the mask.
"Oh, I will win. Don't you doubt that." The Warlock chuckled, and got out of the water with high steps.

( Haha, I understand. It was interesting to rp with him though. n_n )
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(Mm. That's how it is,

(Mm. That's how it is, unfortunately. Neath has no friends that can help protect him and he's already disliked by many characters who would love an excuse to attack and chase him all over the forest, I think. Pity, though, it would have been really interesting!

It was fun. Perhaps we can do it again sometime)

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That is too bad, cause he is

That is too bad, cause he is such an cool and the concept behind him is amazing too. I guess the reason he is disliked by so many is because of his appearance, and he eat meat. Even Illrose didn't like to have him around, until she understood he didn't attack wounded deer, he only waited for them to die. She then kinda accepted to have him around - until now of course, when he lurks around Blue's grave. x')

But I adore him, and would certainly like to do it again, yes. n_n
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Yeah, I think so too. It's a

Yeah, I think so too. It's a little strange, there are much worse deer and creatures around, but oh well, I suppose they have friends that can stand up for them, haha. Perhaps they have a nicer appearance too.

Since he is rather menacing-looking and creepy I can't blame anyone or their characters for trying to chase him away though :')

Sometimes it is boring that I have to "hold him back" kind of. I'm sure he would try to attack back sometimes, but well he can't. Or what I mean is that even a small, not powerful deer can chase him away because if he did attack it for being annoying or for being hungry, the rest of the forest would rage all over him haha. *ramble*

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Yeah, you are right, it is

Yeah, you are right, it is indeed strange. Oh, I don't know about that, I think Neath's appearance is rather awesome. :')

Exactly, that is the reason Illrose kept shooing him away in the beginning too. But I think she could have attempted to 'befriend' him at some point - if he weren't trying to eat her son - since she is rather intrigued by his dragon-like appearance, as I've told you before, lol.

I understand you there, but sometimes we players just have to interfere in the way our characters behave, for everyone's sake. xD But on the other hand, there are other characters that fight and attack all the time, I can't see any reason that they would rage more on Neath than on those characters. But perhaps it is as you say, they have friends while he have not.
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Awesome, maybe, but not very

Awesome, maybe, but not very good-looking or mysterious or whatever makes other "evil/bad" characters attractive. x) but I'm okay with that.

Yeah, I know. That's why I do it, and I am also really bad at having my characters hurt other characters. Makes me feel bad, haha -- I, as a person, really dislike to hurt other ._.

And anyway it would feel very unfair to have him fight and hunt and stuff since is a rather powerful creature. I feel it's kind of... eh, unresponsible? to have a really powerful character and go hunting/attacking others all over the forest.

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... Gilligan thinks Neath's

... Gilligan thinks Neath's mad cool. :'D -not stalking this conversation or anything-
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And I want several of my

And I want several of my characters to think Neath is boss as well.

*not stalking either*
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Oh, I think he is rather

Oh, I think he is rather good-looking, if one ignores the rotten smell of his breath, lol.
Haha, I dislike to hurt others too, but I love letting my characters hurt others/ get hurt, as long as I know it is all in character, and that everyone is okay with it. n_n

I think that is a part of Neath's concept I really like. The fact that he really is quite powerful, but instead of using this power constantly on others he is a scavenger. I think it makes him more credible as a character. :')

Edit; Lol Xemi and cicadia. xD
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Xemi: Gilligan has on the

Xemi: Gilligan has on the other hand not yet been hurt enough (that Neath know of) to have been on the "soon-to-be-food list" either ;) I imagine that might change one's opinion about him. But who knows, maybe not!

And the same for your characters, cicadia. But yeah, who knows! xD

SnowSauria: Mhm. I like to have powerful characters not using their powers. Probably has something to do with that I like to be in control of things e_e lol.
It's nice to hear that it works for his character :)

Now I have to sleep ahaha. So tired (and sick, damn you cold).

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It certainly does. n__n Awh,

It certainly does. n__n
Awh, have a good night then, and hope you get better soon!
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LOLmaybe... I dunno, I don't

LOLmaybe... I dunno, I don't think Gill will ever make it onto that list, I don't think he can die. |D He might get onto the majorly wounded = smell tasty list though..

Night, feel better. :< <3

I've seen this fellow around

I've seen this fellow around quite a lot
I believe he deserves a track~
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Thank you :)

Thank you :)

Trackinggggg finally, like I

Trackinggggg finally, like I wanted to do million years ago.
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Absolutely gorgeous creature.

Absolutely gorgeous creature. TRACK. thought I was already

That painting. JUST *_* <3! I'm speechless
Siggy by awesome Sypris


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Sessy: :D Uzulii: THank

Sessy: :D

Uzulii: THank you!

Menismermum: C8

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Xemi: Hm?

Xemi: Hm?

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Oh nothing, I just said

Oh nothing, I just said something dumb trying to be funny then felt awkward about it after D|
My jokes are stupid anyway |D; sorry about that.. ;; <3
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Oh X) I wouldn't have minded,

Oh X) I wouldn't have minded, I like jokes!

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Lol aww ;A; okay, well, I'll

Lol aww ;A; okay, well, I'll keep that in mind in case I have any urge to say silly things here again xD <3
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Dunno why but that second

Dunno why but that second part of his updates cracked me up, rofl.

Neath can have a buger from

Neath can have a buger from mc donalds. 8(
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Fff, poor Neath. So much fun

Fff, poor Neath. So much fun interacting with him. ♥
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I love this. So much. -tosses

I love this. So much.
-tosses him some Cajun meats from our fridge-
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Neathhh. I thought I had this

Neathhh. I thought I had this tracked.
Poor guy. |D North'll bring him a body if he gets extras.

Woah dude I thought I had

Woah dude I thought I had this pinned down.
Loved him from the first time I saw him.
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Thanks for the tracks, guys!

Thanks for the tracks, guys! It's fun to see a bit of interest for Neath.|D