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A Short Day


I woke up in the dark today! I lashed out and tried to run but only tripped over my too long legs!
BUt BUT! It wasn't dark!! I was only buried under the forever falling flowers!! A small pile was where I had slept!
They taste so sweet!! I will eat them everyday!! I hope they fall for a long time!

I ran into two young ones but they didn't want to play with me.
Instead they ran off and left be behind, Well- I DIDN'T WANT TO PLAY WITH THEM EITHER!
I did.

But I did run into a deer with a funny name, It was like an angry frog hiding under a leaf! I called them four times!!
Yelling as loud as I could into their ears! From all sides!! But they didn't wake up...
I studied their name and "Larkspur" came to me. I will not forget this Larkspur so easily, no I will find them again.

ANd they will wake up! AND WE WILL PLAY!! AND IT WILL BE GREAT FUN!!
Until then, I will eat these flowers and run the forest.
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Watching the others.

I love watching how the "oldies" or elder deer frolic with each other!
They were prancing and jumping over each other and very kind. <3
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Back To The Forest

Due to stress and family issues, I took a break. It's all good now, but i missed the forest.
I missed my newer deer growing up, and theyre all adults now. Penelope still needs a look, and a story, but I have no idea how to create her. I hope to find a suggestion or creativity spark, but I am still mentally tired. For now, she roams as a deer with only flowers atop her head.
I cannot wait to get back into the game afer this break, as this game is beautiful, as well as an escape. The community is a wonderful place as well.
Perhaps I'll get my sister to roam with me again too.

Nirnasha grew up, but he must wait til Halloween to get his mask.
I had a weird and realistic dream about him.

Heilong, my character, is becoming more developed.

Luna is happy as always.
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I like this nook. I think that sleeping deer is Jennie1.
This is the first time I've seen more than seventy deer about. Ooh

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A Tired that Ran Endlessly

(In this POV My little deer thinks on a deep tiredness and stopping but then waking up and all is good! )
In case folks need to stay clear of those thoughts yeye Nothing too graphic though- More under the cut! nV n)

It felt like for the longest time,
I was a deep tiredness that wandered endlessly through the misty grays of sleep.

It claimed me like I thought the forest would, and I was apart from myself for what felt like eons.
Even now I'm only halfway back, only halfway to my self and awareness. I'm here but I'm not awake.

I move as if through deep murky waters, Is there a way out?
Did the forest eat me after all like I had feared all those eons ago?
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I'm back!

Four years later lol <3 Don't know how many of you that once knew me that are still lingering here, but I still feel very much at home here. Will definately update you all with a new deer once I get around to making him or her, because I DESPERATELY need to scrap my old character oh god haha... the cringe. So so much pink. Oh well.

I'll see you all in the forest <3
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Back home at last


It's been eight years since I played this game. To be clear, I've always wanted to come back; however, my old PC kicked the bucket (repeatedly, over the course of a few years) and I had to make my netbook my primary computer. While it was good, and reliable, and hasn't failed me in the six years I'd been using it, it... definitely could not handle the game. I always kind of regretted that, since I didn't really get to play much when I had the chance.

A lot of things happened while I was gone from here. I graduated highschool, then got a bachelor's degree, then my master's. I gained a lot of responsibilities, met new people, and found out a lot of things about myself. In a way, I'm a completely different person.

To be honest, I was quite shocked when I logged in here and saw that I had several blog entries written, including a rather lengthy bio. I... had no memory of writing them until seeing them again, lol. In any case, I deleted them all, just to spare myself potential embarassment.

I have no idea how things work here anymore. Do people still hang out here? Well, I guess I'll post and see.

I just spent ten hours (!!) setting up my computer (windows 10 is.... high maintenance, lol) and I'm eager to get back in the forest. I love the atmosphere of this game so much, and I really missed it.

Hope to see you all here.

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Heilong ~ Beginning

I have created a character today after I had a really weird (like, so weird) dream.

Heilong (Black Dragon) is a mysterious black deer with shifting stars in his pelt. His antlers are large and dark purple. His Dark eyes reflect the night sky. Shy and distrustful, he only comes out at night to stroll through the blackened forest.

I created a picto for him


And here he is in my best drawing of him so far


I wish I could draw better, so I could portray him how I see him. Sadly, I am not yet at that level Sad
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A Fun Organization Project

Today I made a website (now my homepage) for my (way too many) deer to keep track of them. In addition, my IRL friends requested some too! I'm working on them, but it's a fun project for me. It's not the prettiest site, but it works for me, as it's purpose is to keep track of things. My friends CandleHeart and LunaLostFace are coming up with origin stories, so I should probably track their posts. Cricketxs is very new, and doesn't know i'm doing one for her yet. It's a surprise! Laughing out loud I hope she'll like it
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