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Billow <3

A few days, or maybe a week ago, Billow was born. She is my fawn, and has two candles atop her head. She is exploring the forest and learning the ways of it, and is making friends along the way! So far I have learned that fawns cannot retain magic, but can cast, and to try not to cast on sleeping deer or pelts on mini deer. So far her favorite place to go is the twin statues and to places with mushroom trees. In a month, when she grows up, she will discover the world of possibilities with her look, but she will definitely keep her candles as they represent the light in her soul. I want to come up with an origin story for her, and any inspiration and tips would be appreciated!
So far I love the game, and Billow loves the forest and its charms.

I would like to learn how to post pictures, so I can post screenshots of her and friends Laughing out loud
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Luna LostFace ~ A Beginning

Luna LostFace was born today, my first deer in the game. She's a fawn, and someone has spelled candles onto her head. I've done my research, and I want her to have the day of the dead sugar skull mask. But, how do I get this? Not enough research was done.

I would like to come up with an origin story for her, but have not yet found inspiration...
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Luna ~ My Main Deer

Luna was my introduction to TEF. At first, as a fawn, I was very confused, but with her I learned how to act, communicate, and enjoy TEF.


^Google Doc to see her picture

She is a mini deer, with a white pelt, black whale face, and peacock feathers. However she does have a tendency to change her appearance. Her symbol resembles that of a pretzel, you can look at my profile to see it. I am always willing to help out, so if you see her stop by and I'll see what I can do.

She started out with the green pelt, those crazy big white antlers, and the raven/crow mask (idk which one).
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Nirnasha and his symbolism

Nirnasha is my fawn. When he grows up, I'd want him to resemble death and rebirth.


The name's F1. Yes, it is unusual, and no my mother didn't pick it.


Hello? Is it me you're looking for?

Notes: hey some might recall me but I am back, my laptop well now old laptop broke and the RAM overloaded so i needed a new one it took up this this point to get online and come back ( I had forgotten my user name curse those X's) but I am here and I can say i miss the friendly face here and the kind users. SO i am now here and ready to work on getting myself settle down into the community!


I have stop drinking Coffee and switch to tea so it's now funny my name is Coffee Crusher
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This cervid fellow's revival~

*pops out it's head from the bushes of outside life*

"Oh my, such a long while and eternity,
For this fellow's absence in this place's amity~

Perhaps, an amend from this such year(s) of life~?
Yes, a similar ol' dear with an improvement's strife~
Is prepared for another friendship and interest-sharing might, indeed~"

*waves at everyone within it's return*
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Emerged from the blood like a different kind of womb

The Antideluvian
Born from the blood lake
affinity to poppies
broken skull in half
all grown
black and bleached needles

Father? Mother? Pond?

Pfp by Harvey
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Nos unum es.-Personal blog

"We Are One."

"Hello I'm not dead I am very much alive and still lurking!"


I like to doodle?? a lot??
i'm very quiet and most likely wont contact you unless you contact me first
hello and hi and welcome, it's not the best but here I am I guess?

[center][=Book Antiqua][=#9370DB][=19] 8/1/20

I uh.. guess i'm coming back? Hey Smiling

9/28/19- Hi,,, so I’m not totally gone in case anyone was wondering, which I find doubtful. But I finished Bootcamp yayy, I’m not sure if I should start coming back?? Idk I just I miss the beautiful art and calm scenery but I don’t miss the little to no interaction I’ve seen or anything of that sort. So this might be my goodbye to everyone? Well, everyone who comes across this I guess. I had a nice run but I don’t think I’ll be coming back other than logging on to see the updates and sit in the forest ambience. Have a nice day

10/15/18- Going to start edging back into the forest again using this accounts picto. I'll be OOc and just chilling, so please feel free to message me or sit and chill with my deer. The ambience is very nice. I've oficially been accepted into the Air Force, i'm going in with the Aerospace medical Service job under my name, so i'm happy i'll get to help people Smiling

8/10/18-Heyy. I'm kind of sad, I've lost almost all my drive to play this, rip my characters. I've been on as much as possible to honor Fly and be a part of the circle for him.
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