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pretty poison


* this bio will lack quite a bit of information as I am learning Ulla's characteristics, personality and how i want her to interact with others but this will be a good starting point for getting an idea of her character.

this bio may contain mature themes.

expedition ; (rp/character development)

*may contain mature themes

kicking off my shoes at the welcome mat


my name is Tilly and i finally made my account and im slowly figuring stuff out lmao

i figured since ill be spending most of my life on my laptop for the next 3 years during university i mays well get involved in a community to stabilize my sanity. I did a sheet load of research for a roll playing community worth signing up for and so i figured id try this out!

i'm working on my character Ula who is a female fawn. thats all i got so far. I'll be slumpin around in game figuring out controls so feel free to drop by and say hi

thanks guys!


ps my laptop runs 3 frames an hour so if i see anyone in-game plz forgive me
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