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Origins chapter 6

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Author's Notes: X_x This one was a bit of a struggle. I intended to write out the fawn's entire fawnhood, but it looks like it's gonna be spread over another chapter.
If you couldn't figure out that whole "source" pointing out things last time, it's clearer this time. No, he's not crazy. XD
Well, here's

Chapter 6

The forest was in the midst of celebration.

Everywhere the fawn went, parties were breaking out as numerous spells were cast back and forth between deer, trying out the new “sets” that had been created.

He had found this place was called the Endless Forest, and it was watched over – as well as created by – the Twin Gods. It was a sanctuary for deer, filled with magic and peace.

Currently, there was a special event going on known as Mardi Gras. The young deer had been “born” in the middle of it. To add to the fun, deer who normally couldn’t keep “sets” for long were allowed to keep them as long as named adults.

It was because of this that the fawn found himself looking very odd after emerging from one of these spell parties.

Wandering over to the Forest’s pond, he gazed at his current look. A mask that looked oddly familiar now covered his face. He’d heard the name before. It was called the “real deer” mask. For some reason, this brought a small pain to his heart.

But, ah! He finally saw why his head felt so heavy. The big white antlers adorned his crown, one of the biggest pairs of antlers in the Forest.

Well, those had to go. They would tire him out before the day was done.

Rather than “sneeze” off all the spells, he opted for the easy way to get rid of them. He’d heard about the pond’s cleansing powers…

He dove in.

And turned into a frog.

“Whoa,” he croaked.
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Auriea in the Forest!

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Origins chapter 5

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Author's Notes: Again, woah, I'm posting. o_o Though personally, I'm not too pleased with how this chapter came out. There's no dialogue, so it feels kinda...bland. Very little happens, though I wrote it cuz it's based on real events, interpreted a slight bit differently since I know more since then, and...I hardly remember what happened that day. ^^;
Oh, and...please don't kill me for what I did here either. XD;

I now present

Chapter 5

Golden sunlight streamed through the branches of the trees, warming the land below. Song birds twittered back and forth with one another, sharing news and gossip as they filled the air with music. A white dove would fly by occasionally, enjoying the pleasant weather of the forest. Only the squirrels seemed nervous as they scuttled through the leaf litter. They would pause, glance at a nearby clearing, and hurry off.

It became clear what had them on edge. A deer was in the clearing. A fawn with a flat face, fast asleep in a shaft of light.

There was a groan.

The fawn was stirring.

Heavy eyelids lifted to reveal bright gray, the young deer taking its first look at this place.

Everything was blurry. He blinked for a moment, clearing his vision as it adjusted to the new surroundings.

Everything was in warm shades, the trees being light beige and cream colors, and the ground red-toned with wheat-like grasses.

Blinking again in surprise, the young deer slowly rose to his hooves, shakily standing as if for the first time.

To him, it was.

He had no idea where he was, or how he may have gotten here.

He sniffed the air on instinct, searching for the musty scent of predators he somehow knew.
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Origins + other stories

Herein contains the written works I have posted on this site - not including roleplay posts. Those are too scattered around to compile.

The first thing you'll notice is the multi-chapter story that dominates the top part of this blog. It's discontinued, but I keep it around for nostalgia's sake. Everything else is one-shots unless stated otherwise, followed by a list of gift writings I have received that have been posted on this site.

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Origins chapter 4

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Author's Notes: O_O Mein Gott, I can't believe I'm posting this now. It's 5am, and I just now finished this chapter. XD Please forgive any mistakes you find; I didn't bother to proofread. I wouldn't've done a good job on that anyway. *feels slightly insane from exhaustion* I now present to you

Chapter 4

Her son had been rather quiet lately. Much of the time she found him looking through things more than at them. Even when he ate it seemed mechanical. It was beginning to concern her.

Normally, he would be spouting questions about different things they might see, or what someone else had talked about earlier.

He was even spending less time with the other fawns.

She didn’t really blame him in that area, but he’d usually make an attempt to talk to them when it was playtime.

He’d been like this ever since she’d noticed he had snuck off from the herd. She’d searched for him for a good while, but he had ended up finding her instead. Strangely enough, he’d come from the direction of the brook. Had something happened while he was there?

She watched as he grazed listlessly not far from her. He didn’t seem harmed, so what could’ve caused this change?

So many thoughts were swirling through the young deer’s mind. To go, or not to go?

If he went, he’d be away from the stares, insults, and whispers they thought he couldn’t hear. He’d be with deer like him, with flat faces, who wouldn’t think him strange for it. There would be acceptance, for he would no longer be the different one.

He may even meet his father.

But…he would be leaving the most important being in his life behind.

His mother.

She’d given him life, sheltered him from harm, and loved him unconditionally. It would be difficult to just leave her like that.
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Origins chapter 3

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Author's Notes: O_O I'm just as surprised as I'm sure all of you are that this is out already.
What the heck is wrong with me?? XD This definitely isn't normal.
Anyway, it's longer this time, but it feels like it could be better. I'll leave that up to you to decide.
Well, here's

Chapter 3

No one that way.

No one the other way.

That way was clear, too.

No one was around.

Good. All the better for him.

The fawn had hardly stuck around the others before taking off on his own. He didn’t wish to hear any insults. Besides, he had more important matters to attend to.

Like continuing his conversation with the dragonfly at the brook. He just hoped he was still there.

‘But then…it did say I’d know where to find it, so I guess that means it’ll still be there.’

Briefly checking for other deer again, the young buck covered the remaining distance to the brook. The dragonflies were there. Not that he hadn’t expected them to be; he’d always seen them flitting about here. Soon, the biggest one landed on a stalk near him.

“Greetings, young one. I expected your return.”

He smiled, recognizing the dragonfly’s buzzing “voice”. “Hello again. Um…” He cast his eyes to the side, suddenly feeling awkward. “I wanted to continue our conversation from earlier…”

The insect made a sound he thought was similar to chuckling. “Ah, yes. I thought as much. What do you wish to know?” It seemed almost eager to “talk” to the fawn.

“You mentioned something about a forest before…?” he prompted, unsure of a better way to begin.
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Origins chapter 2

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Author's Notes: Whew. Already chapter 2. I'm on a roll. XD Though if this pace suddenly slows down, it's cuz this isn't normal for me. Heck, I have fanfics I haven't updated in a few years. ^^; But you're not here to hear about that. So, here's

Chapter 2
He was alone. No other deer from the herd in sight.

Frankly, he was beginning to like it that way.

A sigh.

…ok, so he didn’t like it.

His mother hoped he didn’t take notice of the stares and whispers, but truthfully, he did. And every one of them hurt.

Especially when he’d tried to join the conversation.

He winced at thinking of the reactions he’d gotten when saying his dad was bright red, and called the Crimson Drifter because of it.

The other fawns had laughed, calling him names he tried to block out.

“Flat-faced freak” being the most memorable. What had they meant by that anyway? Deer didn’t have flat faces? Sure, everyone else in the herd had faces that were long and ended in narrow snouts, but was having a face not like that really so strange?

He gazed at his reflection in the waters of the calm brook. His face, so different, stared back at him sadly.

“There must be deer like me out there somewhere…” he mumbled to himself.

“Oh, but there are.”

His head shot up.

“Who said that?!”

No answer. Just the buzzing of the blue dragonflies zipping by as they caught their meals. One flew close to his ear, causing it to twitch, trying to bat it away. He shook his head in irritation, the buzzing making his ear itch.

“I did.”

Gray eyes widened. It was louder this time.

He frantically turned his head this way and that, but there was no one else in sight.

The dragonfly continued to buzz in his ear, actually landing on it.
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Origins chapter 1

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Author's Notes: I've been tempted to write about my deer's pasts for awhile now, but I only just figured some idea of a plot this month.
So, I present to you, the first chapter of

(Title subject to change.)

“What’s Dad like?”

The slender doe paused in her nibbling of the tender shoots at her hooves, raising her head again to look towards the small deer at her side. Large gray eyes were staring at her expectantly in a face set in curiosity.

Her fawn.

The son she had yet to name.

They were standing a ways from the rest of the herd, munching on the green grasses by the brook. It bubbled by calmly here, with hardly a ripple to the surface. The perfect setting for the colorful insects zipping about merrily as they hunted their prey.

She noticed her son’s head tilt in shortening impatience.

She had yet to answer his question.

Casting her gaze to the side in thought for a moment, she turned identical gray eyes back to him. “What brought this on all of a sudden?”

The fawn lowered his gaze. “Well…all the other fawns are always talking about how great their dads are…how strong they are, and…I’m the only one who doesn’t know his own father…” His voice turned to a mumble as it trailed off.

The doe’s ears lowered some. “Oh…well…”

“Is he dead?”

“What? Oh, no…” She frantically shook her head. Sometimes her son surprised her by knowing more than she thought he did. More than a fawn should know.

“Then where is he?” He gazed up at her with those large eyes again.

She sighed. “I’m not sure really. He’s…not a member of our herd,” she admitted reluctantly, lowering her head to half-heartedly continue munching.

Her fawn’s ears perked up. “He’s not? How come?”

Another sigh. “He’s…” She searched her mind for the right words. “…different.”
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Antics 7-19 & 20-08: Mysterious Happenings

Yesterday a strange phenomenon was spotted in the Forest. A nameless stag that wouldn't move; it just stood in one place by the pond.

It was noticed, however, that if one were to have it in their view as they're moving away, it would start running once they reached a certain distance.

Move closer again, even by just a tiny amount, if it's "within range", it'll stop running again, as Scape shows.

He performed this test a second time using a different location, with the same results.

This was followed by the sighting of what was believed to be Zaeyde's picto on the border. It quickly disappeared, so Scape made nothing of it. Until he chose a random direction to run in and came across this.

Zaeyde's picto, deerless. In just a moment, a default deer soon appeared on the spot, bearing the picto. Both disappeared soon after.
And then...

Are zombie antlers randomly sprouting from the riverbank?

As Scape faded from the forest, the nameless was still seen in the same spot. Hopefully the next day it would fade too.
Except it didn't...

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Closeups for Skokey

In case you couldn't tell, Scape ended up trying to distract you. Wasn't his original intention (he thought poppies would be more fitting in the day ^^; ), but he went with it when you started giving him his set. (He knows what it's like to miss someone and that distractions are welcome. He even has his own set, called the "mourning" set: skeleton pelt, sightless mask, and candles.)
Ok, here's the pics from the impromptu closeups taken at the cage (I somehow took 15 o.o):
Here's where I decided to give them come composition and soft effect:
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