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Magnet Speaks...

What is this feeling that overwhelms me? This rush of...something that makes my heart pound to the point that I wonder if it'll burst from my chest. It grows stronger everyday, usually just lingering, but when I see's like a stampede. I've never felt this way before. this what love feels like...?

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Antics 8-6 to 8-9-08

Pega: An album again, but make sure you read the titles and captions. They're there for a reason. =]
8-6 to 9-08
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High-quality closeups?

If anyone wants any high-quality closeups (like the ones I just posted on the "portraits" thread on the forum (, Scape will be in the Forest for awhile to take them. Just ask him by pawing the ground to follow you to where you want the closeups taken. He'll sit when I'm taking the pictures, so be ready to pose then. =] He may get up to move to another angle, so be observant. You don't have to take any in return either; I know how to take self-closeups, so I'm set.

See you in the Forest!

EDIT: CLOSED FOR THE NIGHT. Playing at that size slows things down. XD; I'll take more tomorrow/later though.
I got 3 "customers" tonight, taking 15-16 closeups for each. Don't know how that happened. O.o; They've been uploaded to albums on Photobucket, since I don't know if any of you can unzip .rar files. ^^;
Whew, finally got Photobucket to work again. I closed and reopened my browser, and that seemed to fix it. XD;

To download them, click on the image to make it bigger, then right-click and "save as". Then just click the image to make it small again, and click "next" to keep going through the images.

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Antics 7-28 to 8-02-08

Pega: I'm bad. XD I built up over a week of screenshots. But there's 35 only, so it could be worse.

7-28 to 8-4-08
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Origins chapter 10

<=To chapter 9 * To chapter 11=>

Author's Notes: I would've had this out sooner, except for the past 3 days, life happened, so it got delayed. XD Once again, it's gotten longer. I ended up spilling onto a 5th page, though that could be due to how I space everything...
Anyway, we're entering another leg in the story finally. You'll see what I mean when you read. Eye
Now, onto

Chapter 10

Time went on in the Endless Forest.

Three exciting events happened in a row for Scape.

First, the Easter Abiogenesis.

In a great display of power, the Twin Gods themselves appeared in the Forest, taking on the form of glowing orbs of light. The representative statues of the Gods took to the air, floating around the Forest as the Gods themselves exercised their magic.

Weather changes, explosions, things flying overhead, disco balls, giant stars, fire, flower fireworks… These were only a few of the things they made happen.

Scape had never seen so many deer gathered together at once! It made maneuvering around the Forest a challenge, the group was so tightly packed, trying to get close to the Gods in hopes of being blessed by them.

The event had lasted for over an hour, and partway through, the stag had had a spell-cast glow overtake him. He thought it was probably just another casting of the devout pelt.

Except, that’s not what it turned out to be.

Once the glow faded, he’d found himself wearing the coveted zombie pelt.

He’d been too shocked and busy trying to keep up with the hoard enjoying the show at the time to react, so he held his own celebration once it had ended, running around the Forest in joy.

The dragonflies had been…hard to judge in their reaction.

“Very…interesting…” had been the general comment among them.
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Origins chapter 9

<=To chapter 8 * To chapter 10=>

Author's Notes: o.o I seriously had writer's block for this. Then I decided "to *beep* with it" and put a break symbol and went from there. Once I figured out how to start the scene, the words just started pouring out faster than I could type. XD Don't be too harsh in pointing out mistakes. The majority of this was typed after 3am. I seem to be more creative in the wee hours of the morn...

Anyway, I present

Chapter 9

The colors continued to fall for many days after Scape reached stag-hood. Those who hadn’t heard the news were shocked to see the fawn they knew all grown up. His friends that were still fawns seemed to look at him differently, either in awe or envy. They seemed to act a bit differently around him, too. He didn’t know why; he was still the same Scape. Just…bigger! And pretty soon they would grow up, too.

They slowly came around when they realized the only thing that had changed about Scape was his size…and perhaps his energy level.


The three deer were sitting, relaxing on the biggest rock at the Playground. Twenty-one, the fawn Selig, and Scape had just run around on the rocks, tiring them out. They weren’t sure what to do now, so they continued to sit for awhile.

Finally, the fawn – who wore candles on his head since he did not yet have antlers – rose. After listening for a bit, he signaled for the other two to follow, leading them to the pond.

A stag was sitting atop one of the weeping willows. It was hard to tell who it was from where they were, but luckily, after seeing the trio at the base of his tree, the deer came down.

Taiko greeted them, and the now-quartet splashed around in the shallows for awhile. He admitted he was glad of the company; there was hardly anyone around at the moment.
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Origins chapter 8

<=To chapter 7 * To chapter 9=>

Author's Notes: x_x Uh, yea. I keep staying up late typing these. Forgive any typos you find, but do point them out. XD; Anyway, we've finally reached the end of...something. You'll find out when you read. XD; And yes, I basically reworded a forum post I made some months ago for more than half of this. =P It was perfect for this chapter, but I improved it. X]
Alright, enough insane 4:30am ramblings from me. Onto

Chapter 8
He’d finally done it.

Scape had mastered water-walking.

Without having to worry about losing his set, the fawn had no concern over falling in the pond. He had fallen, too. Multiple times. But it had been worth it once he’d finally timed the walking right.

Another fawn had mastered it at the same time as him, too, it seemed.

He’d found that same young stag later in the day, and together they had a fun time of merging with the pillars and rocks at the Playground. They’d even formed a multiple-headed rock when another fawn and the same stag that Scape knew – Sluggs – came along.

The fawn was called Seed. Even after their second meeting, the fawns were friends already.

As the days went on, the colors continued to fall from the sky, brightening all whose moods were down.

Scape now considered Seed his best friend. Whenever they were both awake in the Forest at the same time, antics would ensue.

Despite the lack of spells being able to stick to him anymore, the young deer had a great fawn-hood, and even managed to learn some of the latest tricks that were discovered, such as air-sitting.

But nothing beat hiding in a tree.

Scape would do this as often as he could, since he knew he would have trouble finding trees big enough once he grew up. It was one of the things he’d miss about being a fawn.
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Origins chapter 7

<=To chapter 6 * To chapter 8=>

Author's Notes: After a one-day break due to not getting on the computer early enough to start, I have this up now. Though I'm surprised I'm posting this, cuz I had to type stuff earlier not for fun and started this late...
Anyway, I'm rambling.
Can't believe it's chapter 7 already. o.o And we're still in the fawnhood part! Gah. Too long. I hope I get it done soon...
Ok, I now present

Chapter 7

The grin on the fawn’s face threatened to split his face in half as he ran through the Forest.

It wasn’t just from the completion of his “set” thanks to the pelt he had decided on.

It was because of the shining “sun” that now floated above his head, between goat-like antlers, known as Orca antlers.

A pictogram that looked a bit like a landscape.

A picto that read “Scape”.

“Woo-hoo!” He leapt into the air, sprinting along towards the pond.

When he reached the shallow water – being careful not to go too deep and wash away his look – the young deer now officially known as Scape gazed at his reflection.

He saw the same dark mask and antlers that helped in determining his name, but now with a different pelt – a dark blue with gold star markings and lines. The Nightfall pelt. A fitting name, as it looked like he could hide in the dark if not for the glowing gold. The blue seemed to shine in the sunlight.
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OMG Epic o_o

First-person closeups! I found a spot in the birch forest where you can make your deer get really close to the camera! In fact, I have Magnet there right now, where Vipin and Fulu found him. Laughing out loud As long as I don't rotate the camera...
I'll have pics up later, so expect this updated.

EDIT: Here are the shots I took. =] I took more than I thought, so album time. XD;

7-27 Self-Closeups plus FINALLY

The "plus FINALLY" part you know about if you've read Sarie's blog. =D But this is from Magnet's view.

Yep. Fulu helped drag them over to each other. Though Magnet was doing that on his own and felt awkward being told to hurry up. Laughing out loud

But whoot. Finally got to nuzzle back. He felt a little nervous around Aspen at first, but loosened up eventually. =] Let's see where this if we don't know... XD

EDIT2: Brought Richter in for reference shots, but felt like trying to take closeups at the other spot I heard about: on the Twin Gods hill. Worked great, so I took a bunch. Laughing out loud They've been added to the album, along with a closeup of a group of dancers on the biggest Playground rock taken by Magnet before he switched in Richter, from here.
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Antics 7-20 to 26-08

Pega: Yea, I fell behind again. XD Writing a chapter everyday makes you not type other things. But since I couldn't get a chance to start on a chapter 'til late, I'm not gonna post one tonight. This is getting done instead. =]
Album for your (and my) sanity. XD
7-20 to 7-26-08
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