What happens when Pega sends you a package...

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You always get something awesome XD!!

This was her part of a Halloween Trade. I totally wasn't expecting what she sent, and to be honest, I'm both awed and scared at the same time.

When I was unwrapping it, I thought it was Quad at first, but then I realized it was Victor when I read the note.

So I still am scared XD...what's going to happen when it gets dark? I tried shining a flash light on him to see if he glows in the dark, but nothing happened there, unless I was doing it wrong. I'd also love to know what he's made out of. He's got kind of a waxy feel.

In any event, I was not expecting this, and it was an absolute surprise. Thanks for such an awesome little Victor, Pega! Oh and thanks for the Purity card too! That's one of the best MTG artworks ever

Edit -

Okay, I put the light on him and went into my bathroom, shutting the door so it's pitch black in there. And when I turned the light off, sure enough, he does glow in the dark! It's really dim but just enough for me to grin about. This is awesome!

I'll have to try him in direct sunlight for a while and see if he gets brighter.
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That is so cool.

That is so cool.
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I'm interested too. >u>

I'm interested too. >u>
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Ahh! [Torciv]! You did shrink

Ahh! [Torciv]! You did shrink muchly, yes! How kindly of the Pega to doing this of you. But, Quadnod! How will he eatings grass and tend onto goat tea? Ahh! But [thesselnon] it is filled with urgings for the pinch or squeeze of mostest unbareable cute. Much lickly a kitten or perhapsing a beautiful woman with manys panclocks.
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Yay, he got there in one

Yay, he got there in one piece! X] (Though with how much I wrapped him up, I'd have been surprised if he hadn't gotten there ok. 8|; )
It's actually a bit surreal to see this and the note in photos...

I made Victor out of translucent Sculpey. >u> He's actually supposed to be a whitish color, but apparently baking Sculpey in a toaster oven "burns" the top from the lightbulb in there shining on it. |D But I thought the coloring was cool and pretty close to Victor's true colors, so, with the suggestion from my friend, I left him like that. And the glow? Glow-in-the-dark paint. >u>
He was part of my experimenting with new materials. Second sculpture made with Sculpey (made a tiny Leowolf first), and one of the first things I used that paint on. Laughing out loud
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XD it took me probably 2

XD it took me probably 2 minutes to get him fully out of all that wrapping. And seriously, I was not expecting this whatsoever. I thought when you said something about mailing it to me, it was just going to be a drawing you did or something. This was absolutely awesome XD
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Blame the ears. I hadn't

Blame the ears. I hadn't thought of the sending when making him. 8D; So when I realized how much they stuck out, it was a matter of bulking up his body so it was the same width as the ears.
And I was gonna do a drawing at first, but this seemed like a better idea when I started testing the Sculpey.