A Thousand Hearts {bio}

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Aeros is a stag of older age.
He is typically seen in the Orca pelt, Long mask, and poppies. Howeve, there is more black than white on his fur, and his antlers are enourmous.
He is large, but graceful in build. His eyes are brown and he has a strong face.
His pictogram can be seen here.

Aeros is a gentle stag. He has been kind and fair all he life, and refuses to fight, which has cost him at points. However, he is infinitely wise and knows almost as much about the Foerst as the Twin Gods themselves. He is very quiet, but if you approach him, he will not turn away.

He was created into the Forest many years ago. Growing up at a peaceful time, he found he had a strong mental connection with the Gods, and became somewhat of a mix between a storyteller and a priest. His first made died long ago, but shortly after Naire and Corsair were entrusted to his care. They were followed by Loop, Pandemonium, and lastly, Tuna. Though the fores was dark for a time, he finally found peace with Lieka.

Though he only has a few close friends, Aeros enjoys the company of all deer. He's particularly fond of fawns.
Still, he is somewhat of a solitary being, content with observing. Still, he has no problem with entertaining those who come to say hello.
He's adopted many children. The only two who still remain are Pandemonium and Tuna. Although he disowned Pan, he still loves her, deep down.
He loves Lieka with all his heart.
He can be found anywhere in the forest, although his age prevents him from being terribly active. Officially, he is in retirement.

By Lieka

Brand New Day - Joshua Radin
April Child - Rigoletto
Unlike Me - Kate Hanvenik
Paint Me in Your Sunshine - Marie Digby
Seasons of Love - RENT cast

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And I'm glad you never

And I'm glad you never killed Aeros off, too. :C

I like him! ^^
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If I had it would have been

If I had it would have been HORRIBLE AND BLOODY AND VIOLENT.

<3 -- Dannii <3


-- Dannii <3
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Aw. You've updated. <3 I

Aw. You've updated. <3

I would be drawing AerosxLiëka right now, but it's the fanart-a-thon. c:
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You missed an artart. c:

You missed an artart. c: