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This is mainly for my close friends - I would really appreciate if y'all read this, guys.

[=10]Okay. So, as of late, I've given about a metric ton of thought to this, and I think I've come to a decent decision. I think. But, despite not being entirely sure of it, I have told myself that I'm not gonna pull a switcheroo and take back what I'm saying, because I hate when people do that, and I know you guys do, too.

So T's pretty much outlived her time here. She's probably overshot it by a lot, as a matter of fact, haha. There are a couple of reasons I feel this way - one, she started as just an avatar of myself, as I feel this game is meant to be played, and she's frown into a full-fledged character (one of the most involved I've ever had, as a matter of fact). Second, she has crossed a lot of Forest limits. I remember the day on iScribble when we first discussed the concept of anthro deer, and now look. :B Plus, her backstory - I was young when I made her, so my boundary perception was near-nonexistant, but her past is part of her now, and that's how it is. Thirdly (and this makes me a bit uncomfortable), I feel strange drawing her and writing her as a deer. She's become a human entity - albeit with a very interesting past, but a human nonetheless.

Now this is the part where you might get really pissed at me, because I've made it sound like I'm killing her off, and that's definitely not what I'm saying. :B I am, however, going to pull her out of the Endless Forest. Because, although I love this site, and she wouldn't exist without it, she just doesn't fit here anymore. I don't want this place to become a dumping ground for every single one of my OC's. Oz, Pan, and Aeros still have plenty of life in them, so of course they'll still be here. I'm going to pull Tuna over to dA, and maybe some miscellaneous other places. The bottom line is that she'll be doing things away from here now. Don't think I'm cutting her off - if your deer has a pre-established friendship with her, and you want to continue that, by all means, don't let me stop you.
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Steam's Christmas sale includes The Path!

Just noticed this while looking through the sale items on Steam - they have The Path listed as an indie game on sale for five bucks. 8D It's in the Indie Fright Pack a couple pages into the virtual sale book thingy. If you haven't picked up a copy yet, I highly recommend doing so!
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Streaming for a good part of the night


Huuuuge art dump to do, mostly concerning L4D and TF2, with some OC art thrown in. Maybe I'll do something after that if you guys have suggestions. Mic's on so I can blabber to y'all too. :B
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HEY GUYS help me achieve happiness over here?

Okay so everyone go vote for 4PlayerPodcast in the Podcast Awards here http://podcastawards.com/ once a day until December 15th. Because if they win, Brad, a very easily scared person, will play Amnesia: The Dark Descent and it will be like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=loSzpvq73FY (not-Brad person) or this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Usg6L_Jk9y4 (Brad person). And it may not matter to y'all but IT MATTERS TO ME OKAY. 8C THIS WILL BE YOUR CHRISTMAS GIFT TO ME AND I WILL SHOWER YOU IN LOVE.
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To: Rutilus; From: Tuna

"He asked her something gently and she said no, and then he asked her if they could be friends, and meant it, and she said yes, and meant it."

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Some L4D stuff, some TF2 stuff, and some personal art as well. http://www.livestream.com/feyn
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derpaderp Secret Santa

Heyooooo secret santa what's up. You are a fabulous person for giving me a gift, and since we're in the digital art category, I thought I'd provide some recources if you needed material. 8D

My deer aaaare Aeros, Pan, Tuna, and Oz. I linked you to their human forms there, and their deer sets/appearances can be found on their bios. Feel free to draw them any way you'd like, if you so choose! Their bios are here.

Besides my deer characters, I don't have many other OC's. However, I love to play games (Left 4 Dead 1/2 and Team Fortress 2, mainly), and I draw situations from them often. If you want to whip something up for that it would be supercool. Smiling))

Uuuuh other than that there's not much I can think of. HAVE FUN DRAWING YOU SEXY BEAST YOU and thaaaanks in advance. <333
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Can you guys take a second to look here?

I've had an idea for a community game of sorts that I'd like to perform. It's sort of a game of tag/scavenger hunt involving moderately difficult riddles. It's also Halloween-themed. You don't have to get in the Forest to play, but you do have to play in-character, so you'll have to choose a deer to come along. :B It will involve illustrations and text, and it will probably last for a few days at the end of the month.

So my question is, would anyone be interested in playing? Furthermore, since it will have illustrations, is there anyone that would like to help by drawing some of the pictures?
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An apology.

It's just kind of been eating me up lately and I want to say how sorry I am for neglecting the site so much as of late. :x You know how life is, but goooood I feel bad so I just wanted to stop and tell those of y'all who care. In short, a fuckton of school and other interests have kept me from keeping up with my characters and the website, and T/Pan/Aeros/Oz (among other things) have been neglected so much I feel terrible.

Dannii, I need to extend an apology specifically to you. I am [I]so, so sorry[i] that we haven't talked at all lately. It's my fault. :x Even worse is that T and Rut haven't seen each other in ages and just fffff I'm sorry. <3

So yeah. Sorry I haven't been around, guys. I'll try and pop back up when I can. <333
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Come up with a name for Tuna and Masque's new kitten. :I Also I have no idea what gender it is/what it even looks like SO YOU CAN COME UP WITH THAT TOO. All I know is it's a kittenface. THE BEST DESCRIPTION WINS FREE ARTS OR SOMETHING I DON'T EVEN.

hi my name is fayne and i make sense
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