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medical drudgery below the summary! yes i have posted this EVERYWHERE ELSE but i crave validation enjoy support

SO UM HI it's been a while...honestly i never intended to return to tefc, but i am historically bad at making promises, so here i am. not for any reason other than kinda feeling like i had grown out of a lot of it--i've spent the last two years moving out and figuring out my way in a new city, so i guess you can't really blame me for that.

BUT! i developed a rare disease

(Aplastic Anemia)

which has left me kind of couchlocked most days, i'm on outpatient atm but am looking forward to like, four weeks at least of recovery time. i've already spent about a months worth of time in the hospital while they tried to diagnose me. as well as that, i effectively have zero immune system so like, i've spent additional time just from running fevers. i thankfully have great healthcare atm. it's still scary, because i honestly don't know what might happen.

(FUN FACT: did you know that having no immune system will make your body cause fevers just for the giggles of it? i did not until recently)

this isn't a post for me to like garner sympathy or anything, i just kind of hope someone who remembers me will read this and keep me in mind. i'll try to update with positive developments. seems pretty quiet around here as of late, but this is childhood and teenage nostalgia for me.i don't think i'll ever be able to completely forget about it, no matter what.

i have also started collecting stuffed animals as a weird coping mechanism to not being able to bring my cat in the hospital, pls dm for floof collection

you'll see me around on newer characters and maybe a few old faces. if anything i'm gonna focus on making atmospheric characters that can just kind of chill and be free-to-use ambiance for those of y'all into plotting, i'm more into just using discord for roleplay at this point ;v
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being in the hospital and being under the age of 50 meant i got to met stephen jenkins (LIKE FROM THIRD EYE BLIND) which was AWESOMEEE

(I told him he looked like a russian gangster and he seemed geniunely surprised)

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Hey hey o/ Nice to see you

Hey hey o/
Nice to see you around. Read your post and keeping you in mind! Hope the recovery time goes well for you and fever-less.

it's always nice to see

it's always nice to see players come back, both newbies and oldies. tefc is a sticky thing :}
welcome back <3

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I'm sorry to hear you're not

I'm sorry to hear you're not doing so well, hope things get better for ya. (:


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Thanks y'all. It means a

Thanks y'all. It means a lot.

I'm finally reacting to the ATG treatment (kind of like a weird pre-chemo, I would explain it but I don't even understand) which means I only have to get blood around once a week. Laughing out loud

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