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some updates

medical drudgery below the summary! yes i have posted this EVERYWHERE ELSE but i crave validation enjoy support
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“There is no articulate resonance. The common problem, I suppose, is to have more to say than vocabulary and syntax can bear. That is why I am hunting in these desiccated streets. The smoke hides the sky's variety, stains consciousness, covers the holocaust with something safe and insubstantial. It protects from greater flame. It indicates fire, but obscures the source. This is not a useful city. Very little here approaches any eidolon of the beautiful.”

Samuel R. Delany, Dhalgren

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non-zero possibility [personal]

disclaimer: i'm gonna swear here. also the gif is by paul robertson
i remade this bc i can't be assed to find my old one
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night collisions

srry for updating so much forgive me
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The Dice of Fate

The hub for than’s plotline!
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XV. The Devil

ding dong he is wrong
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painkillers and parasites

onh god i should've waited to upload oh well
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wendi's rut blog

things here soon
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Out of Character Day (October 14th)

Take a break from the IC fun to have some OOC fun! Forgive the messiness.
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All things regarding Thanos's headworld! Gurundurah is a harsh, rugged land, known for being embroiled in a feudal system. Although it may be considered barbaric to some, all kinds of creatures have made this their home.

One could even call the setting a blend of post-apocalyptic and medieval influences, considering Gurundurah is born from the wreckage of a past world, known only as the Second Era.
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