Server-Side Spelldata. It's time for a little chat.

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My piece has been said in the topic itself. I feel no need to repeat it here.
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I kind of agree with you...

I kind of agree with you... It would be a shame to see the spelldata I have organized go. :/
Maybe M+A can make it so the files aren't editable, but not server-side... I don't know how that can be accomplished, if it even can be, but I would grow extremely distant from TEF if I had to gain my set back every time I log in. People put a lot of time and effort into their characters. This includes the spelldata assigned for each of them.

So far people have been pretty good about not messing with the files, except for one incident where there was a doe running around. If it starts getting out of hand like it did in the past, then I might change my mind. Maybe.

Hm. :l
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Another thing that I was just

Another thing that I was just discussing with Moss was the fact that, sure, spelling once in a while is fun, but if you're doing it just to get a specific set, it's nothing more than a chore. Which kills any enjoyment of the game. That, and a character like my V would be downright impossible to get data for, because she does not appreciate proximity. Sure, I can put her OOC to get the set, but then everyone will be wondering why she was all social one minute, and then the next she's running away, and shaking her head no. It'll just create a boatload of confusion.

That, and if you have a lot of people at once trying to get the Spelldata for their characters, it'll just create a lot of chaos, and, in my case, a lot of lag. It'll just be a huge mess =/
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Quote:My understanding of

My understanding of server-side data from a previous topic:

When or if it happens, spelldata will be logged on the server by username. When you log in, you'll be a blank deer for the first time, but after you get your set and log out for the day and come back the next, your set will still be on your deer as it's logged to your username. That, as I understood, was the whole point of server-side data. It's saved, but not with you.
Advantage of this: People who play multiple deer won't have to manually switch spelldatas every time they want to play a different character.
Disadvantages: 1. Special masks etc will be lost until you have the chance to gain them again. 2. You would not have a choice of affixing special spelldatas to your avatar anymore (eg, I have seperate spelldatas for animals & mini).

But in all honesty, making spelldata server-side should not be M&A's priority. They expressed their disappointment with the spell hacking, those who can hack have stopped, and we all respect how lucky we are to be able to switch spelldatas at will. It's part of the games fun, and I don't think the majority of the community will want server-side to happen anyway, in which case:
M&A should listen to their community, and to who plays their game on a daily basis. If it becomes clear that the game would lose its luster/popularity and players would leave or play less, it's counter-productive with regards to game expansion/development. The community is what dictates the endless forest and how it is played.

M&A's only priority should simply be their new and paid projects, and a server expansion so they can host Abios, so they can play with us and be part of said community.
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I am going to just re-post

I am going to just re-post what I said there as well:

I think it would depend on what the answers are to some of those questions asked in the first place.

How I understand the 'closet' thing for example is that every spell cast on your deer gets saved in this 'closet' and you can access and wear any of the sets saved in there at any time.
If that is correct that doesn't sound all that bad to me? Yes you might have to go ooc and go spell spamming to get your set back the first time, but you would only need to do it once, is that really so terrible?
As for those with special masks etc. maybe M&A would be willing to do a special transfer for those that have managed to collect those for a set period of time after, since it would be a one time thing?

But it would also depend on how long would it take to put in place or would the game be closed down for an extended period of time until then?

My point is we don't know exactly, do we?

I don't think it is really possible to have a debate about this until we know a lot more specifics, so until M&A actually say something for certain everything else is just pure speculation, isn't it?
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Sorry I sound a little dumb

Sorry I sound a little dumb but uhh.. what does this server side thing mean?

I haven't been here for over a week. I need to know what this is!
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