"The Deer God" game on Steam

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I don't know if anyone's posted about this game yet on here, but if not, well here it is.

I found a neat game on Steam called The Deer God.

In the game, you were a hunter, but after an unfortunate event, you die and meet the Deer God, who reincarnates you as a fawn. You go through a journey to find various powers and to essentially restore the Deer God to their rightful glory. The path is very treacherous as you have many natural predators and there are a lot of obstacles like forest fires and spike pitfalls that can kill you. Also depending on how you 'behave' in the game is whether you are reincarnated as a fawn again, or if you are attacking innocent animals like other deer, rabbits, otters, ect...the Deer God may punish you for misbehaving. The first time I played through, I was attacking anything and everything and then died in a fire, and the Deer God punished me and transformed me into a porcupine, which cannot jump. I got stuck in a crevice where I starved to death and it was a game over. I also have heard that you can be turned into grass which the rabbits eat.

Anyway, I've encountered foxes, snakes, alligators, piranha, aggressive birds, scorpions...even other hunters. I've also read that when you grow older in the game, you can not only mate with does, but may have to fight other stags as well.

It's a challenging game, and I've only played a little of it and can't tell you how many times I've fallen into a pit of death, but I am very intrigued as to what'll happen later in the game and will be playing it a bunch. It is $9.99 USD on Steam and is still in development, but so far I've really enjoyed it.

Oh and feel free to add me on Steam! Quadraptor7

I have a handful of games and usually play something every night. I have...
The Deer God
Goat Simulator
Moonbase Alpha
Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel (currently downloading though, gonna be like tomorrow before I can actually play)
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It was brought up way back

It was brought up way back when it was in Kickstarter and a few other folks here backed/play (myself included) :3
I don't think I have you on Steam, but I've been wanting to try out multiplayer and haven't had anybody to play with~
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Haha it's a nice game, love

Haha it's a nice game, love the atmosphere but absolutely infuriating when you fall into a pit of death repeatedly. >:'C

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Totally getting this game! :3

Totally getting this game! :3
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This looks breathtaking O.O

This looks breathtaking O.O
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Ah sorry, I stumbled upon it

Ah sorry, I stumbled upon it by accident the other day and finally decided to download it. Was almost certain someone would have posted about it on here but just in case they didn't I had to share XD.

Aivilo - feel free to add me. Quadraptor7

Same goes for anyone from TEF really XD. I also picked up Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel since my brother plays it all the time and hopefully soon will be doing some multiplayer with him and anyone else.
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Quaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad I've been


I've been keeping an eye on this game, but haven't got it yet just due to it apparently being really buggy and needing tweaks? (I dunno, I'm just going by the reviews).
It looks like it's got great potential though.
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Draaaaaaak! XD Yeah I've

Draaaaaaak! XD

Yeah I've had a couple of minor issues...it closed out on me when I hit the menu screen once, kind of random. And then one time I respawned and there wasn't anything but the sky, clouds, and mountains. Wasn't a foreground or deer or anything.
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They've fixed most of the

They've fixed most of the bugs, thank goodness. It's way better than it used to be xD You should've seen the bears literally fly, lol. There are still a few kinks, though. They're supposed to have the final release out soon, hopefully everything will be nice and smooth then~
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Hey, this looks quite

Hey, this looks quite interesting. It reminds me of a game called Shelter that's on Steam too.
When I saw 'deer god' I thought of Antares..


Mmm. <3
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Ah thanks, I didn't know that

Ah thanks, I didn't know that it was available!

I am waiting for its release

I am waiting for its release to Wii U. I prefer consoles obviously.
Also, the longer alpha period than promised bugs me out.