Okay, gang I need your help. Badly.

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Because I am sick and tired of the game's freezing crap.

Basically, long story short, there's a ton of people on right now. As a result, my game freezes for about 20 minutes to half an hour before anyone starts moving again. I'm finding this very annoying, because there's certain deer that I'm trying to trail here, and for them to be in front of me for 20 minutes, only to find that they actually moved is downright annoying.

Now, I was told a while back that double tapping the ALT key can help make the game move again, but lately, the ALT key has not been working for me at all.


What can I do, ASIDE from rebooting the game, that will keep my game from freezing?
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Hmm... this might help: -try

this might help:
-try setting nature level lower
-shadows, ect.
-little small things you don't really need
-seeing that your "tracking" people, idk if you could turn player ident. off
hope that helps!

I'm not sure :C Maybe post

I'm not sure :C
Maybe post on the problems thread in the forums?
Other than turning nature details and all other non-essential elements way down, and checking your internet connection in general, I'm not sure what else you can do. Sorry.
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Blinking off. Shadows

Blinking off.
Shadows off.
Nature detail dowwwwn.

that's all I know too >=
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I've lowered the game volume,

I've lowered the game volume, turned off things I don't need...

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When mine freezes like that I

When mine freezes like that I use ctrl+W so I shoot over to the Gods' statues, then switch right back.

But some days this doesn't work. :x

i was told that if you run

i was told that if you run the game in full screen mode that FPS inceases. id try that
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Sometimes content on your

Sometimes content on your actual computer can freeze the game or really lower the FPS.
On my family computer, TEF would run a ridiculoud 3-4 FPS, and would be freezing alllll the time.
But on my laptop, it's really fast, around 16-17 FPS.

When my game runs slow or crashes, I usually go through my files and delete stuff, empty your recycle bin, run a few scans to clear crap out and so on.
It's a lot to do, but it may help. (:

Also maybe try not opening as many windows on the internet at once?
That could freeze it.

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[aaaah, double post. /fail]

[aaaah, double post. /fail]
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Lu - I just tried it, and it

Lu - I just tried it, and it didn't work. I might try again later =/

Nezz - I can't, because I'm talking to people on messenger right now. My game will crash if I run it full screen.

Spirituelle - I only have the windows open that I need open...and normally, my game runs fine at about 5 gigs. I'm currently at 10 gigs.