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Do not go gentle into that good night



The Visionary, Red Sun

Leto Najash

* Similar to Ahsis in the video. Various nonverbal sounds; purring, growling, hissing

* He/him pronouns used for RP purposes; is actually neither male nor female, biologically or otherwise. Able to both sire and carry a child.

* And polyamorous: very capable of loving multiple people at the same time.

* Eats everything; sometimes hunts actively

References to come
Similar to an oryx
* A unique mix of genetics. Born as a cross between a whitetail and a human-faced megaloceros, now infused with troll traits. Outside the forest, he takes the shape of a desert troll. Spirit-touched; a symbaran.

Adult, born 29/04/12
A shade taller than #17
Smells of dust, smoke, spices
* A warm, dusty sort of scent; hints of sharp but sweet spices, tree resins and faint pipeweed smoke. Easily picks up other scents

Monarch, luchador, swan
* Monarch pelt, orange luchador mask, swan or antelope antlers

Of Athuan/Forest origin
* Born twice; in Athu/Emnes and in the Forest. Two lives lived, and merged into one.

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"No, I'm glad you told me. I'll keep an eye out, as well."

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Alarmed, upset, but hiding it pretty well. Worried.
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Recent - 13/10 2020
Has had a few eventful days. A while ago, made good on his promise to bring Yasu to Athu; was joined by Eremes and Harin as well. Had a quite pleasant outing, though took note of something Harin asked Yasu about; something about gods.

Later, watched as the Twin Gods statues had a party all over the forest, and worried a lot about Harin, who he hadn't heard from in a few days, despite texting him. Probably would have banged on Harin's door, if only Leto knew where he lived :unamused: Very happy to see the albino again when he finally visited the forest.

Shared some conversation, Leto asking about that god thing he'd mentioned, quietly curious about why Harin was interested in that. Got an answer, but not one he was happy about: Harin told him he was dying. Slowly, but still; not slow in the eyes of a troll. More upset at this than he might have showed, and alarmed at what Harin is planning to do about it, but has quietly decided to keep an eye out for a solution himself.

Earlier - Rut Day 15, 18/09 2020
(some relations updates)

Last day of the Rut... or at least the last official day. Leto found that the Rut trickled away a little in the second week; he didn't mind, though. Woke up in the Forest just beside Mischief and Peril; gave them a quick greeting before going to the Idol for a drink, then wandered a little. Soon rejoined the two, and now Harin had arrived as well, and a few moments later Ross appeared.

Saw Néli in the distance, invited her to join the little group. One last herd to say goodbye to the Rut, perhaps? They all moved away from the pond, Leto asking Harin to spar - might as well get one in. Had a nice little fight, wasn't sure who won, but enjoyed it nonetheless. Watched as Harin continued with challenging Néli. Thought she won that one.

After a bit of a rest, Harin and Ross had a go at it. Found it fun, at first, seeing that their fight styles matched up pretty well... but then Harin suddenly collapsed in a heap. Immediately worried, wondering if Ross had hit his head or something. He was still breathing, though somewhat shallowly, and his heartbeat seemed... fine. Unsure what to do, though Ross idea of bringing him to a hospital seemed like a good one, except Leto knows Harin loathes hospitals...

But then the albino woke up, thankfully. Leto, still worried, tried to nudge him into the hospital idea but nope, no luck there. Instead they all sat down in a flower patch nearby, vaguely worried and keeping an eye on Harin. Figured some food might not be a bad idea, so went and picked up his now-slightly-stale honey biscuits and handed them out. Would have liked Harin to eat more than one :unamused: get that blood sugar up.

Also visited by Yasu! Happy to see her, conversed a little about her recent travel, and how the Rut had gone. Seemed like they both shared some similar experiences.

When leaving the forest, was absolutely intent on draggin Harin home with him. No way he was leaving the albino alone after this. Ross offered to come with, and Mischief looked like he might need some reassurance too... and then he couldn't leave Néli out, though wasn't sure she'd agree to come visit an almost-strangers home in another world. She was up for it, though.

Portaled them all back to his shop. Perhaps a little pleased by their reactions, and also Very Startled when Mischief turned into a mermaid. Apparently Harin knew that but hadn't told him. >:/ Showed them the upstairs, where he lives, and the evening ended with a quite pleasant gathering in Leto's kitchen. Quite unused to having so many people in his home, but didn't mind. Made some dinner, Harin offered Néli a cigarette (she didn't like it), and fixed some sleeping spots for everyone. Obviously, he needs some extra mattresses or something. Harin went to bed early, and the evening ended with tea and pipeweed and a quiet chat with those who were still awake.

Rut Day 11, 14/09 2020
Woops I'm faling off the updates wagon. Seems like the Rut is slowly winding down a bit; Leto went into the forest with the intention to take it easy again. Sat around for a bit, watched Xxabrielle and Jaromir spar a little, before sensing Harin nearby. Seems like the two other competitors did as well; greeted, and played with, all three for a while before settling down near the Idol.

Mischief, Hector, Peril joined at various stages, and talked a little with Mischief and Harin. Was asked about the flask he'd got from Raido, showed it, let them sniff (and Harin got a sip). Didn't seem like either would appreciate it.

Joined by Uy and Éasca. Leto dozed off a little. Melanie came to steal them? harin grumbled something, then went off to give Melanie a proper spar (in front of her... interest?). Leto followed, amused, cheering him on.

Joined in the end by Circe and Ronra as they went back to chill by the stream and Leto went home again.

14/09 2020
Just some updates. Added some relations, changed a few things.

Rut Day 10, 13/09 2020
Another chill day. Wandered a little aimlessly before meeting Mischief; played and frolicked for a while before the kirin led them to what Leto figures is his favourite flower patch. Happy to sit, anyway. Had a brief small talk with him, speaking of how the Rut was going for them both. Soon joined and interrupted by Harin, and the discussion turned to more general Rut things.

Offered them both some of the cake he'd got from Nabi, amused as they bantered over it. Later also joined by Raido; pleased to see the wolf again, and was surprised when he gave Leto a flask of honey mead. Has tried the beverage before, but rarely, and certainly not the good quality stuff like this seemed to be. Was warned that it was very potent, and promised he'd savour it, not drink himself headless. Asked about other intoxicants from Raido's homelands, curious. Has found the wolf to be pleasant company, and quietly decided to find something better than a mere honey biscuit to give in return for the mead.

Rut Day 9, 12/09 2020
A bit more subdued today, though in good spirits, and the forest seemed quite calm too. Sat down with Harin and a bunch of others. Judged some fights - Harin vs Para, Harin... vs someone else? (Apel wasn't paying attention). Feeling lazy, mostly napped.

Was approached by Nabi! Who had brought a CAKE. Surprised, asked if it was for the honey biscuits he had shared yesterday, was told yes. Definitely have to share that cake around because there's no way he can eat all himself. Thanked her, and then had a little conversation, Nabi asking what he was (a troll) and where he came from (Athu). Then Apel had to go to bed, but Leto will seek her out at some other time to continue their talk, curious to hear about her world too.

Rut Day 8, 11/09 2020
Started out in an excellent mood and full of energy. Met up with Ross, sparred with Ross, then went over to Al and Thais, and had some taunting and banter at Al. Fought the angel, which felt VERY good. Actually had fun? Then more banter, and then Al kept following him to the pond. Figured the angel had some midlife crisis or something - had thought Al would bail from Leto's company as fast as possible.

Eventually moved to the Ruins, where Ross and Thais had been hiding. Weird prank you guys. Watched as Al had a Moment, then shrugged and went off to find more rut activities. Al came and bullied people, and fought Taveer; Leto, obviously, voted for Taveer.

Sat down with a bunch of people. Néli, Raido, Alina, Ragnara. There was a bit of comings and goings, but Leto had noticed that Raido looked a little lonesome, so shuffled closer and followed Thais' example by offering food (she's a genius). Asked if he wanted a honey biscuit and then struck up some conversation and small talk about each others' worlds. Curious of the wolf, and will seek him out again.

Eventually, more people joined. Pleased to see Harin, and watched him fight a lot. Was a bit lazy with the judging though oops.

Left the forest with Harin, quite pleased with how things had gone.

Rut Day 3, 06/09 2020
Started out by chilling at Red Hill, before moving, wandering slowly until he came across a sleeping Minh. Has always been curious of the inky-black yokai, and sat down nearby, a little hesitant, but Minh woke up and moved closer. Yay!

Later was joined by Harin, Mischief, and Menace. Then Ross came by, and he and Harin had a teasing lighthearted spar before sitting down as well. Happy to see his friends in one place.

Then a new face joined (Spencer). Admired her striking feather crest as everyone fell into a bout of play, before sitting down again.

Joined by Rohit, Ross' cousin. Has only heard about him, never met, but was pleased to do so. Watched as the cousins beat up each other a bit, then yelled at them to come sit down. Exchanged greetings, then Ronra came by as well. Big group!

Dozed off (while Apel got some toast), came back to some action! Ross and Harin got double-teamed by Melanie and someone he didn't recognise.
Thought Harin won that one, and didn't see enough of Melanie vs Ross to choose. A little disappointed when Spencer went with Melanie, since he had thought about introducing himself, but will keep an eye out for her at some other time.

Things settled down once again, and Thais and Peril joined. Thais handed out figs.

Rut Day 2, 05/09 2020
After going home yesterday, had a long good think. And took a hot bath. And ate something. Tried to figure out why he'd felt so bad yesterday, and came to a few conclusions - he dislikes the night, and perhaps a slower start had been better, instead of trying to jump into the deep end.

In the morning, had a talk with Harin, who'd come visit his shop. Both agreed yesterday had felt strange, and talked about what could be improved. Later in the day, ventured into the Forest again, this time intent on taking it easy, settling on Red Hill to think and chill.

Was eventually joined by Vivek. Surprised, but pleased; found the male's quiet company enjoyable. Recalls admiring Vivek's sparring technique at last year's Rut.

Eventually left, but will keep an eye out for the serpentine stag. Felt a little restless again, wandering closer to where there seemed to be some activity; was caught by Weasel. Got a nuzzle. Very charmed by the little dude, and joined the group. There were a few familiar faces - Vikal, Sebastian, River Stone, and some others. Found it a lot easier to settle down today and just enjoy the occasion.

Eventually, Harin came by. Glad to see the albino, led him away to Red Hill for some downtime. Conversed a bit about how the day had gone, and there was some flirting and teasing. Overall, pleased with how the day went.

Rut Day 1, 04/09 2020
Started out very uncertain about this whole thing; the Rut has a way of playing on all his insecurities - and participating as a judge for the first time certainly didn't make them less. Felt very unsure as he wandered the dark forest, trying to figure out what to do.

Met up with Harin, and had a lil peptalk of sorts; felt a little better afterwards, but still awkward. Watched Brent and Chrona fight, then half-heartedly joined a group - wasn't entirely sure he was meant to do that, and felt very out of place; greeted those present.

Watched Vikal and Ross spar, and chose to follow Ross for a while, the Fae being a nice familiar face. Ended up near another herd, encouraged by Harin. Kind of joined, sat around a bit. Disliked the nighttime, and had a sneaking feeling that everyone was either taking pity on him or laughing at him behind his back. Wished he had more friends to hang out with (Leto that's the whole point you dumbass!!!)

Watched as Kolgrímr approached, got insulted by Harin, and then the following spar. Thought he fought really well, despite Harin making him falling over once. Can't be that easy fighting with three legs. Finally found someone who seemed even more uncomfortable than Leto, and joined Kol's small herd. Attempted some small talk, but Kol didn't seem that interested; could kinda relate to that. At least caught his name.

Eventually slunk off to mope back home, thoroughly discouraged by this first day, and unsure how to fix it.

03/09 2020
Both looking forward to and feels a bit apprehensive about the Rut. Leto enjoys the socializing and activity, but dislikes how it plays on his insecurities; a stray remark from Harin made him think about his reasons for not taking up the Competitor role. Having doubts but tries to push them away.

Today, ventured into the Forest in a fairly good mood. Was going to join a group near the pond (Ross, Ery, Harin, Mischief) but found Inaria not far off, seemingly alone. Sat with her a while before Irene appeared. Pleased that his niece had company, moved off to greet the group. Curious to see Ery, whom he has only heard about and never met, and pleased to see all of them. Inaria and Irene also joined, and they all sat down in a pile.

Later joined by Peril as well as Sadiki and Llyr.

At some point, saw what looked like a parent with two small children (a glamoured Anastasia, Ruvian, Cero) approach the pond. Inaria trotted off, seemingly curious, and Leto got up to keep an eye on her. Would have liked to go greet the mother, but felt suddenly awkward and insecure. Ended up probably looking like as asshole instead, mostly hovering on a distance, feeling both ignored and rude himself. Harin's poking about whether he had trouble being social didn't help. Still, got closer to keep an eye on Inaria, before eventually settling down again, feeling morose. Eventually the little family left, with Inaria in tow.

Feels responsible for her, but also fairly useless. Considered leaving the group but sat down like a grumpy loaf, with Harin close by for a while, before eventually leaving.

17/08 2020
Has been away on a business trip in Emnes, down to the southern parts of the continent, more specifically the city of Sari-ya Gharei and the edge of the Yamauran Desert. Achieved his goals, got what he came for, and also spent some time looking around at properties, finding most of them too expensive or in areas he wasn't interested in. Also bought a handful of souvenirs that he will hand out to a few people.

Today, woke in the forest by getting yelled at by Harin. Didn't entirely appreciate that, mostly because he was tired from hot and sweaty travel, but was happy to see the albino nonetheless; was invited to sit with a few others - Mischief and Severon; Leto recognised the former. Was joined by Inaria after a while, pleased to see her. Gave her a little souvenir from his trip - a light shawl, warm when it's cold and cool when it's warm.

Later sat with Harin, alone, and spoke about what they had been up to. Learned that Harin seemed to have been giving self defense classes, found the image hilarious but intriguing, and asked to let the albino know when he was doing it next. Also suggested it'd be good practice for the Rut - and then had to explain what that was. The conversation derailed pretty heavily at that point. Laughed a lot. Also gave Harin another souvenir - a small, but quite pretty, pocket knife Leto had found at a market.

23/07 2020
Has been enjoying having Harin in the forest, actually. He's a fun guy, and perhaps more inclined to just walk up to people than Leto is - and so, Leto has managed to meet quite a few more people lately. Pleased with that.

Today, went into the forest as usual, before noticing a group of familiar scents in the Birch - Ross, Harin, Yasu, and another, vaguely familiar sphinx (Eremes). Curious, went to investigate. Was met by Harin, who seemed relieved to see him - the cause evident a moment later. Eremes was heavily hurt, Yasu holding it together (but barely), and nobody quite seeming to know what to do.

Harin went to fetch a big cat friend of Yasu, who Leto didn't catch the name of (Favager).

Ross volunteered some medical knowledge, Leto went to fetch water and some stuff for the pain. Returned with the water, and kassi, a leafy herb to chew, causing pain relief (and very slight euphoria), as well as a small brass key on a leather cord, which causes physical and mental numbness. Yasu went to punch some trees to get splints. Wow.

Helped Ross with splinting Eremes' leg, got some more water, then helped with Favager's leg as well.

At one point when he went to get water, Harin asked about travelling to other worlds. Replied with some uncertainty, made a mental note to make sure Harin can go back home from elsewhere as well.

Later, went home to crash in his own bed. Many things to think about!

11/07 2020
Has been keeping busy, mostly outside the Forest; has some plans, but needs funds for that... aiming to buy a small house in the south of Emnes, just a little getaway, that'd also help him expand his business there.

Also got a surprise NIECE. Saddened by Indira's passing, but determined to keep an eye on Inaria. Already a bit taken aback by her boldness.

A few days ago, learned of a newbie event at the Kantei fight ring; was invited by his friend Harin to come join. Thought it sounded fun - didn't realize that Ross, who'd been doing some end-of-day cleaning in the shop, had been eavesdropping on their conversation.

Kind of got a hint that Ross had heard something, but couldn't be sure how much; Leto would rather not have him know about the organized fights... 'cus it's Ross we're talking about :unamused:

Instead pretended he and Harin were only going to go have dinner somewhere, which Ross invited himself to...

Long story short, ended up being unknowingly followed by Ross to the old parking garage where the fights were held. Had a pretty good evening, watched some spectacular fights, got a few surprises, and then saw a familiar figure step inside the ring - against one of the experienced veterans there, no less - and had a bit of a heart attack. Damnit Ross!

Figured they had to do something, and Harin had the idea that they could turn off the lights to distract from the fight, and give Ross an opportunity to flee. In doing so, surprised Ross, who made some real weird magic, paralyzing a bunch of people before disappearing into the tunnel system.

Leto and Harin managed to go after him, after some trouble, but were pursued by angry djarva people - and thats how Leto managed to yeet them all into the Forest. Wresteld with an angry dog-Harin, and THEN, just their luck, there was a mini Abio, and it was weird. Welcome to the Forest, Harin!

Later, talked things through with the albino, and Ross, got a few things untangled, and also spoke to Verve about what had happened. Whew. Now, would rather like a few days of No Weird Shit happening.


Rage, rage against the dying of the light

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He is so super. Super

He is so super. Super adorable. I. Want.Him. NOW. His expression. ;_; <3
So Hi Leto! Nice to meet ya!
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heeey little one!

heeey little one! <3



Yes &hearts;

Yes ♥
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Love <3

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(No subject)

<3 love track
Siggies by Carry & Amazengalo
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He's adorable! So happy to

He's adorable! So happy to finally meet him. <3
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Squee! <3
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&hearts; Congratulations

♥ Congratulations Herla and Gehirn. This is such a lovely baby~
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*squees all over this* 8DDDD

*squees all over this* 8DDDD
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Cute <3
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Welcome to the forest, Leto!

Welcome to the forest, Leto! I cant wait to meet you!
Profile picture by ahimsa ♥

Pixel Wis by squeegie~
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OH my gosh so cute ^_^

OH my gosh so cute ^_^
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-dives in and gives him a

-dives in and gives him a massive hug- ♥
Track <3

Trackiiiing. &hearts;

Trackiiiing. ♥
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Welcome in the Forest little

Welcome in the Forest little one Smiling .
He is adorable !!
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Welcome, Leto, to the

Welcome, Leto, to the forest.
May your life here be full of surprises and wonderful times! ^_^

Amazing. &hearts;

Amazing. ♥
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Hello beautiful little

Hello beautiful little boy.
His eye markings remind me of a magpie. FUTURE HOARDER.
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Too adorable &hearts;

Too adorable ♥
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Agh! So cute!

Agh! So cute!
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Adorable ;3;&hearts;

Adorable ;3;♥
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Welcome to the forest Leto.

Welcome to the forest Leto.
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Such a kid!! *-* Hopefully,

Such a kid!! *-*
Hopefully, the parents having admitted me to the vam.My a good time! ^__^

Again, Herla's fawns are

Again, Herla's fawns are simply beautiful. I sorta like this one's design more than his brother's, to be honest. Love that little spot behind his ear, and the colours of his face.
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Araignée blinked as she

Araignée blinked as she caught a glimpse of the fawn. She approached with her mother's permission, "Hi there, you are quite a pretty little deer...", the spiderling flashed a smile here, "Do you have a name? Mine is Araignée!"

how cute ^ ^ I want the same

how cute ^ ^
I want the same family T_T
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linorra, not only you

linorra, not only you Puzzled
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(No subject)

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Thank you everyone for your

Thank you everyone for your nice comments :]

The tiny fawn blinked and took a hesitant step towards the spiderling. He sniffed for a moment, then he slunk away between his mother's legs. "Pfffblbleb!"

I'm honestly not sure Herla and Gehirn would let Araignée near :') And he's still too small for proper interactions, I think, he can't even speak yet. But thanks for trying!

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Welcome to the forest! I hope

Welcome to the forest! I hope that my deer will become a good friend to Leto c;
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XD well Araignée wouldn't

XD well Araignée wouldn't know any better, I figure she'd be a persistent little bugger in meeting other deer who aren't towering over her. Herla and Gehirn might have to 'shoo' her off from time to time
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Herla felt her tiny fawn

Herla felt her tiny fawn bumping between her legs, glancing to him and then to the thing that had sent him there, a creature with many long spider legs protruding from its body. Herla did not allow unknown fawns near her newborns and she most certainly did not allow the offspring of predators near them. A predator who was known to eat fawns. She immediately snorted and stomped at the creature, shaking her feathers in clear displeasure. She’d heard it speak so she spoke back to it, “Back whence you came, creature. BACK. “ in case her body language was not clear enough.
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Araignée shivered a bit,

Araignée shivered a bit, backing up, "I didn't mean to...I thought...", she stammered in fear, unsure what she had done wrong to upset the mother doe.

At this time, Nekumbra approached, "Araignée! Come here, now!". The little one with her spider legs sprinted away and to her mother's side, shivering and peeking out from the safety of her own mother. Nekumbra then noticed Herla's new fawns, "So the rumors are true, she did birth twins. Hmm...", the spider doe sighed before taking a few steps toward Herla, "My apologies, dearie. My little one doesn't know the meaning of 'personal space'. I will make certain she does not bother you...or yours...again.", the doe bowed before turning and motioning for the spiderling to follow.

In the distance, Herla would catch Nekumbra scolding her fawn, "What were you thinking, child? You could have been killed! We do not associate with the likes of them..."

Adorable. ;u; Tracking.

Adorable. ;u; Tracking.
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Track this cute child.

Track this cute child.
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*sits here* ;u;

*sits here* ;u;
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Why haven't I tracked this

Why haven't I tracked this yet? :c

Please call me Lyssa or Kir. n.n

Art by Anjali. ♥

Pst, Apel you forgot to add

Pst, Apel you forgot to add Nash. ♥
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Actaully I didn't forget it

Actaully I didn't forget it |D Leto has only met Nash one or two times, I think (if not, correct me >.>) so he doesn't really know him yet. If they meet more I'll put him up there ^^

c': Sorry about that. It's

c': Sorry about that. It's alright, I'll just have to get Nash over there more. ♥
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Gorgeous new picture. The

Gorgeous new picture.
The colors on him are so radiant..and his eyes are amazing. That stare just captures you.
I wonder what he's thinking..?
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Tracking this bio!

Tracking this bio! <3
Probably it too late, but welcome to the endless forest. I hope, we can be friends Eye

By Cicadia and Jalawhey <3
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Tracking this bio!

Tracking this bio! <3
Probably it too late, but welcome to the endless forest. I hope, we can be friends Eye

By Cicadia and Jalawhey <3
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he tried to say Djinn?

he tried to say Djinn? ;___;
My cute little Leto ♥
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Oh I hope Orinoco has a

Oh I hope Orinoco has a chance to meet him in the forest someday ^_^ She'd love to be his friend
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He's so cute I feel sick.

He's so cute I feel sick.

He's such a sweetie.

He's such a sweetie. <3 It was nice to finally meet him. The orca/monarch mini-fawn was my Denali, just in case you were wondering. c: