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His name is , Otis

gender - male
species - endless forest deer
set - large white antlers, magpie pelt, barn owl mask
age - young adult
orientation - demi pansexual
mate - none


Born on June 26th, 2010
Son of Poltergeist and Wudiin
Twin brother of Sterre

Cannot understand him? Click.

|Memory Map|

^This is a map of the forest. ^
Places he associates with pleasant memories, events, and scenery are
in this color.
Places he associates with unpleasant memories, events, and areas of danger are in this color.

|Who He Is|

* His name, Otis means 'the one who hears well' in Greek.

* Casting the devout pelt on him will
Allow him to think
Stop him from running
It reminds him of his parents.

* He is schizophrenic. However, he has recently overcome much of it and has learned how to deal with the voice of the moon.

* The moon is Red Hill. His mother is the tree near the ruins surrounded by grass and plants. His father is the pond.

* He can occasionally be found whistling. It is not understood why he has this skill and still lacks a voice. He may imitate bird calls when he is alone to pass the time.

* Despite his large antlers and strong frame, he is extremely non-violent, passive, and calm.

* Otis cannot emit any sort of sound relating to his voice. When he is injured, he will not scream but breathe heavily, as if attempting to. He also may shake, almost like he is shivering.

* He often charges into the middle of a fight just to stop it. This naivety often results in injuries.

* If another deer acts violently towards him, he will not fight back, nor run away. One would have to ask him to understand exactly why.

* Friends and family are the things that bring him the greatest joy.

* Adores hills and high places. Will be more at ease when interacting with others at a high altitude.

* He may be found speaking to his mother's tree as if it could talk back. If others approach 'her' tree, he may try to introduce them to it.

* He loves playing games. Don't always assume the reason he is hiding behind a tree is due to his shyness. He may be 'spying' on you. (Evil doers beware!)

* Celestial genesis

|The Others|

Ç :
"×! @. Ø^^^. @=ž!! .../\∞"

þ] :
"۝ . <3 .....???"

Æ :
"<3<3 ....~? ..."

=+ :
".../\ ...@Ç=×?"

θ :
"ØØØ ×!^"

[)] :
"???? ....~? ...? ...^^^^^^**^^^^. <3?"

°}} :
"/\/\/\/\/\/\ .... /\/\ ....,.,__ ... @=ž"

µ :
"♥ ♥ ...!! ~ ~ ~"

& :
"?? ?? ...?!!??"

÷] :
"♥. ~?? ....~~~~~~. ♥ "

He cannot speak.
Tell him your story.
He is willing to listen.
Willing to listen.

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*presses the like button*

*presses the like button*

Wow.... tracking....

Wow.... tracking....
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*Totally didn't get a preview

*Totally didn't get a preview of this in your CSS blog*

Looking great!

Oh, hell yeha.

Oh, hell yeha. <3

Yes &hearts;

Yes ♥

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Looks fantastic so far. 8'D

Looks fantastic so far. 8'D ♥


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*loves all over this*

*loves all over this* omnomnom

I giggled when the dramatic

I giggled when the dramatic "LISTEN!" suspense was built up and the next line was "More later"
Want more. <3
It's really pretty.
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/in absolute awe @o@

/in absolute awe @o@

By Leuvr
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-sits in here- c:

-sits in here- c:

Thank you so much, everyone!

Thank you so much, everyone! <3<3 It means a lot~


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I still love that picture and

I still love that picture and this character. Consider this a track. (:
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Yay, it's an Otis. :'D I've

Yay, it's an Otis. :'D
I've been waiting for this.
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"You watch a lot of things.

"You watch a lot of things. Once, I stood beside and watched with you. That is enough trust for me; I am not one who thinks to be close is to be touching."

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(No subject)

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Why have I been searching for

Why have I been searching for this last week?
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Brr, moon you scary. Lovely

Brr, moon you scary.
Lovely bio <3..

Look what I found. :3 Gonna

Look what I found. :3 Gonna track this. <3
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Oh my goooosssshhhhh &hearts;

Oh my goooosssshhhhh ♥
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Gorgeous &hearts; And he's

Gorgeous ♥
And he's seems like such a sweetheart!
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My deer Jade tried

My deer Jade tried introducing herself after she noticed him watching from afar
I laughed when he acted surprised and ran when I stood to face him

Interesting character, lovely bio <3
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.../\ ...@Ç=×? I'm sorry,

.../\ ...@Ç=×?

I'm sorry, forgive me, I was stupid - Dag - Moon... - Making a comparison to... - lying/don't believe... - ?
Moon is a liar? Confused...

Scythe - Ohsheesh, thank

Scythe - Ohsheesh, thank you!
Hraeth - Mmhmm! It's a bit overdue, huh? xD'
Iaurdagnire - Dingdingding. You're pretty much on the right track / correct. Don't believe everything the moon says about Otis.
Snowsauria - <3
PLK217 - ahaha~ <3
Misako - Mmhm. D: Thank you!
PrairieWolf - hehe! Thanks for the track!
OkamiLugia - Heh. Hello~ <3
Iskalo - ohsheeshskaljf thank you! <3 He tries to be!
Uwharrie - Ohpfft. XD' Otis, forever the coward it seems! Thank you so much!
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*Grin* This appeals to my

*Grin* This appeals to my love of puzzles. <3
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I like this lots. The

I like this lots. The background is beautiful. My big fat monitor was too big for it so I had to resize the window.
Ahhh <3
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Iaurdagnire - Puzzles

Iaurdagnire - Puzzles ftw!
Parrotspineapple - fasklfjs Thank you so much! Ahaha, you and your crazy assuming high res monitor. I'm jealous. Pfft.

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Oh God, this deer is amazing

Oh God, this deer is amazing ! Sorry about Nat-Nat's strange attitude. She is a bit emotive in this moment.

Avatar & signature by Shimmyshimmy. ♥

Need to track this.

Need to track this. <3


There, haha. x)

There, haha. x)
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-loves all over him-

-loves all over him- <33
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"The moon is Red Hill. His

"The moon is Red Hill. His mother is the tree near the ruins surrounded by grass and plants. His father is the pond." + the memory map + his way of 'speaking'

Shimmy, your creativity scares and fascinates me at the same time. I felt I should say that.

Laiia -

Laiia - sdfsdakjThankyousomuch. <3 Don't worry about it! Otis enjoyed her company nonetheless. :]
Jala - I see what you did, there. Thanks for the track. <3
1Antidote -
"?! !!! <3 ~~ --'!"
Ocean - ohmygoodness ahhhhhsdklafj. *flustered* Thank you, ahaha. Such kind words kjlakfjds;a. <3<3<3 Thank you. <3

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fascinating character.

fascinating character. tracking. <3

also, i adore that playlist. *3*


Track <3
Love this guy. Sei' got introduced to him by Nat-Nat if I remember correct. Seikin had crying mask, space beluga pelt and doe stubs and... Circled+Nuzzled him.

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Dear Shimm, you probably

Dear Shimm, you probably already saw it because you have all sorts of wizard powers but I made this thing here so I could organise the complete celestial genesis as it were. And I mean everything.
All ordered via date. SO FEEL FREE TO USE THIS. I made it for the both of us!
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Tracking this one too then!

Tracking this one too then!
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Oi. You. I got this thing

Oi. You.

I got this thing awhile ago as a present.


Late laaaate birthday and thing to show you that I love ya missy.
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Ooh, this is pretty I`d

Ooh, this is pretty Smiling

I`d love to rp with him sometime.
Profile picture by ahimsa ♥

Pixel Wis by squeegie~

I love the music on this

I love the music on this page.


Kate -
also I can see what's happening
and they don't have a clue
they'll fall in love AND HERES THE BOTTOM LINE

i'll stop really

They both look so pretty! this person is a really great drawer oh my goodness look at otis' eyes they ARE SO PURTY

Also I still need to get you a b-day gift miss birthday person
THANK YOU oh my gosh hahaha

Poppflower -
Thank you! I love rping! I'd love to rp with you as well anytime you'd like. :]

ClockWorkC -
Thank you! Sorry that some of the songs don't work anymore!
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A track for this strange deer

A track for this strange deer ! <3
Siggy by Shiori

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I cannot tell you how excited

I cannot tell you how excited I am to see this updated okay.
So MSN isnt a thing anymore - you use discord? FB?
Lets do things with our kids again.

bump because i updated his

bump because i updated his adult appearance and hey guys look im still alive hi