These veins, they carry the stardust of an unruly heart.

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September 9, 2019
Attacked, yesterday whilst sitting at her tree with Izara by a stranger (Tyr) Fended him off until she could toss babee through a portal and just hope she didn't land somewhere she shouldn't in the rush and once the hole was closed fled, with him hot on her heels. Got swiped at her haunches a bit but otherwise not too phased, didn't bother looking back when another jumped in (Eydis) and then another (Romulus) and ANothere (Ingólfr). Once she could rest stood on a hill with Kaorii who came to sniff at her. Nodded that she was alright but eventually curiosity got the better of her and where the fight had led. Satisfied the beast was downed and seemingly had his head popped off by Rom. Gave the two a bow of gratitude and a brief exchange of words with Ingo who seemed less than well, sorry she couldn't give him more information but had to check on the babe and soon after left the forest.

April 15, 2019
Borned a babe.


Name Isiel Caelius Uandis * Isiel translates to Moon daughter.
Caelius though second, serves as a surname meaning "heaven".
Uandis is second name given to her later in life translates to "monster bride" because her people are assholes.

Nicknames Isi. Isil.
Titles Moon, Star Kissed, Star Mother, Mother Night.
Pictogram wake
Species Whitetail/Mule Deer/Celestial
Sex Doe
Age Adult
Size #7
Reference Click

Diet Herbivore
Scent Mint, sage.
Zodiac Cancer
Spotify | Tumblr(NSFW) | Toyhouse

Mini |Beluga Pelt | Real Deer Mask | Doe Nubs



» Cracked battle skull.
» Decorative skull painted by Verve.
» Red jasper necklace crafted by Verve. Not worn.
» Assortment of gemstones.
» Bearskin blanket.
» A cloak, earrings, necklace with a silver arrowhead and muffins from Grim.
» Bracelet, fuzzy socks, mini blue Christmas tree and a snow globefrom Zev.
» Dreamcatcher and candles from Rahal.

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Aw, she seems sweet! ^^

Aw, she seems sweet! ^^
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Hello! I do believe we've

Hello! Laughing out loud
I do believe we've met!

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So pretty! I'll keep an eye

So pretty! I'll keep an eye out for her!
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I think I've met you in the

I think I've met you in the forest a few times before =) I love her name!
gloryofdeerforever's picture

So your the doe Mistic saw.

So your the doe Mistic saw. Track//
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Heheh. c: Thanks

Heheh. c: Thanks everyone.
Isi tries to be a reall sweetie.
I'm sure I recognize a couple but I cant be too sure. Still not too aquainted with many Pictos. Plus it is kind of difficult for me to keep up with my short memory.

This is sort of a progress bio since I don't really feel like she's intellectually deep enough yet. xD
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Ohmy.. &hearts Lovelovelove

Ohmy.. &hearts Lovelovelove


Links & Info
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Whoa, dislike fawns! I keeps

Whoa, dislike fawns! I keeps that in mind. Smiling
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Yay! Bio ^^ Love this doe :3

Yay! Bio ^^ Love this doe :3
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it was you! my doe Dajhi was

it was you!
my doe Dajhi was trying to help you to get your set today ^^
nice to meet you ^^
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:] Not all of them. She

:] Not all of them. She really likes your fawn. By the way, does your fawn have a name?

And thank you Dajhi for helping her. xD We appreciate it.
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Oooohooooh, I know Isi~! I

Oooohooooh, I know Isi~! Shocked I believe this was you playing about with my Jester yesterday morning in one of the pictures in this post of mine? Laughing out loud Isi was an absolute doll-both Jester and myself had a lovely time, and thankies so much for being so wonderful, eee~! Laughing out loud You guize were so much fun, and I adore her little scarf up the top as well as this bio-she's so sweet~! We said toodles to you yesterday in the forest but I think you were on 'be right back' at that stage-apologies for having to leave so quickly, I had an appointment to go to Sticking out tongue

Aaaand, hai thar~! :3 I'm Zebbie-pleased to meet you, and I hope I can mess about with you again soon, eee~! ♥
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LOL. Isi loves following

LOL. Isi loves following Darcey around almost to a stalkerish extent. O_o

xD Thanks. I dont quite remember but that was very fun hanging out the other day. I will look for you again sometime. :3
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Haha :3 We welcome stalkers!

Haha :3 We welcome stalkers! It's nice not to have your friends randomly running 'from' you >< We just apologize for being boring a lot XD I don't think he knows what to do with himself in so much company hehe
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Phew, much better! :] I

Phew, much better! :] I haven't got any char's yet. And I still recognize your picto as flying Ibis. Or dolphin that looks in the cold night sky. One of the most easiest and beautiful names. By the way, why Isiel? Link with Ice? My deer have only a nickname: *Lone*. It because he is always alone in the World. He not want to use names right now, all that he have is sadness. To forget about this he plays in the forest. He is some sort of... wanderer. I think it's a part of my storyline. Maybe I write it down later. But problems with language again... And I can't perceive him without myself.
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Lol yeah. She get's so sad

Lol yeah. She get's so sad when other deer run away :c It's alright though, we dont get very bored as long as we have someone to play with.

Actually Isiel is just a name I had made up. I thought it sounded nice and unique. Smiling Then my friend has a character named Isilee and mentioned that "Isi" is a unisex name in some Native American language that means deer. So if fits. Laughing out loud
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-istotallynotstalkingthis- <3
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Wow! I thought about ice

Wow! I thought about ice because she looks frozen.
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What a beautiful doe! I

What a beautiful doe! I believe my fawn Jonas met you just this evening. He was helping her get her set back. :]

He'll be growing up soon, so maybe they can play together a little more properly. He can be a bit energetic, being only a child.



Oh hello...I think I've seen

Oh hello...I think I've seen her around Smiling
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I see her around a lot. C:

I see her around a lot. C: She's been really nice to me, even though I'm a fawn still. >__>
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Lol. I'd personally feel bad

Lol. I'd personally feel bad if she was even rude to one. xD So she plays nice -- For now!
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-Frown- something

-Frown- something wrong? You seem quite off today. Distant...Was it something I did? You seemed so happy with that other deer, but me...-shifts awkwardly- I'm sorry if I'm being silly...
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It is not your fault... I am

It is not your fault... I am sorry if I made you feel sad. That was truely not my intentions. I didn't want to concern them. It felt very uncomfortable for me to feel that way around them.

The recent rain had put her in a bad funk Made her realize things she doesn't care to disclose to anyone. c: So she just put on a happy face for the strangers.
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"I...see. No, no, it wasn't

"I...see. No, no, it wasn't your fault, either. -blush- I'm sorry, ignore me I was only concerned. I am...glad that you feel you don't have to hide yourself around me, truly. -Smiles and nuzzles neck- If you ever need to talk you know you can talk to me, I hope. Don't worry I can take anything -pulls away and flashes a sincere grin, chuckling-

Awww ;.; I'm sorry to hear that. It's funny though because the exact same was true for Darcy ^^' He hates the rain and always gets a little emo in it, and it carried over into yeaterday definately. He's quite insecure deep down...
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-smiles- It's alright. You've

-smiles- It's alright. You've been a good friend to me so far. This, I suppose, I will deal with on my own. I shouldn't have to trouble anybody for it.
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...-frowns- "But you don't

...-frowns- "But you don't have to deal with it on your own, love. Nothing can be so troubling..."-eyes soften- "But if it's your own trouble in bearing the confessions alowed, then... I will not pry, for I sympathize completely. If you need your space I will respect it."

Oh, what a pretty bio~

Oh, what a pretty bio~


Tracking.. <3

{Click to view Nine's bio}
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"I'm sorry about today,

"I'm sorry about today, Isiel...and, well, lately, heh. I don't mean to be so scatter brained. I realize we've lost track of eachother a few times...I really am sorry. I'm not really in the practice of abandoning one friend for another...-sigh- It's hard to explain, I guess. Just...just know I didn't mean it. I'll make it up to you! I promise..."
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Ears lay splayed. "It's okay.

Ears lay splayed. "It's okay. I noticed you did not seem yourself...I thought... I might have been in the way or a nuesance, so I left." Isiel knew there were things beyond what she even knew going on but sometimes - even she, who would avoid it at all costs, got caught up in the emotional rollocoaster of others. "You dont have to explain to me. I can be clingy sometimes." It was okay to tell her to butt out every once in a while no matter how much she hates it.
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MINE. *steals* /ninja track

/ninja track in disguise |D

By Leuvr
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O: -stolen-

O: -stolen-

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-grunts- "I will be with

-grunts- "I will be with you, if I have to chase you through the whole forest"

Uuuuggh sorry for the sitting I had to go help my mom with somehting ;.; Why did she leeave? Man. He doesn't want to be a crappy friend but she's never on when he is, or she doesn't seem to want to be around anyone...
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Ahah. Sorry about that ;3;

Ahah. Sorry about that ;3; The forest kept on dying on me then I had to go catch a show on tv. xD Then I ran back out but someone else was online.

Personally I've been busy in life since I just started my externship at an emergency vet hospital. Smiling

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Thank you for your compagny,

Thank you for your compagny, Miss Isiel, you are a nice doe...

The deer smile and wait.

(sorry for the Double-Post ^^')

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She was te doe gemmy fell

She was te doe gemmy fell for.... but he doesn't now because he never see's her..... anyway he hopes to see her again!
If your bored, drink a glass of wine!
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tracking <3
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Forgot to track this o3o

Forgot to track this o3o
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dgadk. Realleh? ;.; They

dgadk. Realleh? ;.; They should definately hang out some. Because I remember him.
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Row and Isiel are nuts

Row and Isiel are nuts XD
Seems like the perfect pair of ladies to go get drunk together and go do something stupid like attempting to wrestle a hotdog stand. We should consider it! -giggles- Oho I'm funny. -cough- ;D
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I was wondering where you

I was wondering where you went off to! =o Good to hear you didn't poof...-glomp- ;_;
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"It was lovely meeting and

"It was lovely meeting and spending time with you today, Isiel." The hind bobs her skull clad head merrily, ears piqued and eyes bright. "I hope we'll have another chance to do it again some time soon."

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;_; What was wrong with Isiel

;_; What was wrong with Isiel last night...?
Darcy was wondering why she sat so far away from him...Then when she finally came up he tried to stand close to her but she kept moving away. I hope we didn't do anything...
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Neeew, I was just rubbing off

Neeew, I was just rubbing off on her. Just wanted some space without being lonely I guess. ;.;
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HEY FRIENDS. Just wanted to


Just wanted to let everyone know I'm still alive. :< But I can no longer get in forest until I figure out what is wrong. It won't let me connect or log in. It just says Error. I've removed and re downloaded the game but that doesn't seem to work, so if anyone has an idea of what it could be or what I could do, please please drop me a line.