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:: Finding her way back to the forest, her place of origin that she once called home. ::

female ♀ ::
pictogram ::
speaks in #CCBF5C ::
Mellamie, Mell, Mella ::
born on February 12, 2011 ♒ ::

R e l a t i o n s

Waarhijd - biological mother
Skelarrow - biological father

Virgil - uncle
Alain - uncle
Yori - uncle
Amika - half brother
Sho - half brother
Lonhro - adopted brother
Taliene - grandmother

O t h e r

A p p e a r a n c e


Skull mask, Barn Owl pelt, Monarch antennae

` Has a pair of Monarch butterfly antennae
` Patterns and colors are clearly influenced by both of her parents' appearances
` Sometimes seen wearing a skull mask
` Both irises are a very deep red, like garnet jewels
P e r s o n a l i t y

.: Mellamie takes after her mother in many ways. She is blessed with Waarhijd's seamless grace, and moves with silk smoothness even during play.

.: It would seem impossible to picture her amidst the chaos of battle, and being one to avoid violent conflicts as she was taught since fawnhood, the chances of witnessing such a scene is slim - however, abandoning her friends in times of danger is something Mellamie refuses to consider, and therefore will protect and defend them to the best of her ability should she see no alternative.

.: Poppies are regarded with great love and care, as they are associated with her mother. She is often seen wearing them, and may gift them to close friends or young ones.

.: Mellamie may come across as shy towards strangers, but it doesn't usually take her long to warm up to new company. Once comfortable, she is noticeably more relaxed and, should a good impression be made, the likelihood of her approaching the individual in the future increases. She is eager to form positive connections; friendliness comes very naturally to her.

.: Very fond of physical contact and affectionate gestures, but respectful of those who are not.

.: Has a creative eye. Likes arranging and decorating things. Those who wear jewelry or other accessories and adornments capture her attention easily.

G i f t a r t

Thankyou everyone ♥

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/test comment

/test comment

&hearts. ♥

&hearts. ♥

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:3 Track~

:3 Track~
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I'm stalking this now

I'm stalking this now <3
Also, she's really pretty c:
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Verrryyy beautiful I love

Verrryyy beautiful Exclaim I love how cute they are together !! And hello to mellamie once again Eye
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/traaacking 8D

/traaacking 8D
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She's so pretty.

She's so pretty. <3
Tracking this~
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Track. ^^

Track. ^^
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"Hello, my little sister,

"Hello, my little sister, welcome to the world. I'm sorry for didn't be here yesterday... I was away. I'm Amika. You're half brother. You're really, really beautiful, you know this ?"
Amika nuzzled her really much, with much of love. He smiled to her and licked her head.


I'm SO sorry ! I wasn't here D'8>

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Thank you all very much!

Thank you all very much! ♥


She can't talk much yet, her mother needs to teach her very much! ^^
<3 And it's okay!

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I understand

I understand <3

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I did it very quickly, I'm sorry for the fail /slaps herself/
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she's adorable. Welcome to

she's adorable. Smiling

Welcome to the world, little one!
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!! :)

!! :)

aww she's so cute! /tracking

aww she's so cute!
/tracking ♥

Thank you all!

Thank you all! &hearts

@Solaya; Aww, they look so cute! <3 I'll add it to her fanarts c:

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EEEEEE &hearts;






Thankyou very much. c:

Thankyou very much. c:

Updated a couple of

Updated a couple of relationships and her appearance. c:
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good to see her again

good to see her again <3


(: <3
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Thankyou a lot for the track

Thankyou a lot for the track ♥
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By Leuvr

^ You already know what I

^ You already know what I think about this. ♥ I know sure Wot will like it too. <3
/dies of gorgeousness. ;o;

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wonderful <3
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HELLO I'm sending random

I'm sending random hello's.

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Ranza; ohgod. ohGOD. That is

Ranza; ohgod. ohGOD. That is simply stunning, I can't see how on earth I missed this before<3333 asfiuhaloisdj -stares- ♥ ♥ ♥

Shutz; Thank youu c:

z.m123; HAI. 8D

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Starling is so sweet.

Starling is so sweet. ♥

"I've missed you too, dear.

"I've missed you too, dear. <3"

Bump with a few changes + an

Bump with a few changes + an update! <3
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Is that your doe, who resting

Is that your doe, who resting with Domino now? Laughing out loud
Thank u for company =^3

Oh yup! Hey there :3

Oh yup! Hey there :3



Happy Birthday, Mellamie.

Happy Birthday, Mellamie. <3

Happy birthday, Mellamie~ eue

Happy birthday, Mellamie~
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Happy birthday, Mell.

Happy birthday, Mell. ♥
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Happy Birthday Mellamie 83

Happy Birthday Mellamie 83

Thank you !

Thank you !

Happy birthday. c: ALSO;

Happy birthday. c:

ALSO; track. ♥

looking beautiful, ranza

looking beautiful, ranza ♥

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So gorgeous &hearts;

So gorgeous ♥
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So gorgeous &hearts;

So gorgeous ♥

Gorgeous girl! Diamond thanks

Gorgeous girl!
Diamond thanks her for letting her keep her company today ♥