~ Lauriel The Light Feather ~

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{ White pelt, owl mask, plume }
{An adult young doe}
{ 16 }

She is an young white doe.
From her mother she inherited ability to sense the aura of other beings.
Her favourite places are circles of mushrooms.

Hello, Traveler!

You have come a long way, sit down and rest a bit.
Welcome to the Sun Grove, where lives fairies, leprechauns, unusual deers and other beautiful creatures.
One of them is Lauriel The Light Feather.
One day I met her when I was walking in the woods. She looked after young fawns. When I was hidden in the bushes, I suddenly felt the aura of a white doe and a blissful peace enveloped me.
If you meet her in the Forest, don't be afraid, she is very friendly and caring being.

Good luck, traveler!

Once upon in the Forest...

The rays of the sun fall between the branches of the old trees. You are here.
A traveler in the heart of the magical forest. When the wind blow you hear the rustling leaves. You don't know whence it comes or whither it fly - Are you lost your way?

Suddenly you hear a rustle from the nearby bushes. In front of you appears a white doe. She has an owl mask and a plume on her head. Her friendly aura calms your thoughts. A white doe approaches to you, stepping gracefully...

"Welcome, Traveler" - you hear a harmonious voice in your head - "Don't be afraid. You've reached to the Endless Forest, I feel good intentions from you. What is your name?"

You say your name and bow slightly to the white being, who nods her head for greetings.

"My name is Lauriel The Light Feather, I am a magic doe, one of young fawn's keepers. I and my brothers and sisters could use the magic of the forest to cast spells. Would you like to visit The Endless Forest, Traveler?"

You nod. Lauriel stamped hoof on the ground, the thicket of greenery revealed the hidden path.

"Follow me, my friend" - she said, and together you set off into the depths of the magical woods.

Intriguing atmosphere and

Intriguing atmosphere and introduction. I like your deer's design as well, reminds of the early, wild forest.

Noticed you haven't put your code under the cut, so here's why and how it can be done.

Very lovely and nostalgic

Very lovely and nostalgic design, indeed! I hope to see her in the Forest sometime!

Thank you, it's very kind of

Thank you, it's very kind of you, Uitleger ^^
I have already changed the location of the codes. Thank you for advice! ^^

Thank you FishBiscuit, it's

Thank you FishBiscuit, it's nice to read it ^^

See you in the forest !
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track ^^

track ^^

Magnificent art by 7FinalGirl8 (Hagal)

Ah, thank you! ^^)/ I saw you

Ah, thank you! ^^)/ I saw you in the forest, you're so friendly being! Laughing out loud
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This bio and your art are

This bio and your art are very beautiful! c:
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Your bio page is just so

Your bio page is just so wonderful and luminous, I'm in love !
Siggy by Shiori

Thank you for nice words, my

Thank you for nice words, my friend ^^

Aww, thank you, it's so nice

Aww, thank you, it's so nice to read it! ^^)>
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Hey there! Was pleased to

Hey there! Was pleased to meet your lovely doe at the foam party))

Signature © Draak

A nice surprise getting to

A nice surprise getting to meet Lauriel today.
Gotta say, her energy can't be outmatched:
My zombie deer could barely keep up, haha.

Urschanabi Aww ^^ Thank you

Aww ^^ Thank you for wonderfull time ^^ Nice to meet you too! It's so much fun with you all Laughing out loud

Haha XD Yes, it's time full of energy ^^ Thank you for company, you are great runner! I really enjoyed it! Laughing out loud

Hey, glad to catch you and

Hey, glad to catch you and get to run around like mad again. The zombie goes back to his eternal sleep, but thank you for the wonderful time.
I drew it before Pyxiia's fawn joined us, so going to make another doodle with the trio later when I get the chance.

Heey! Love to run with you

Heey! Love to run with you too! Really glad that I met you in the forest, wonderful time and hope for another time to meet Laughing out loud And drawing is wonderful! I like your style and wait for more! ^^

See u next time! Thank you for fun time ^^

Ah man, where do I start..

Ah man, where do I start.. It's a lovely piece.
I like the playful shapes, the artistic choices you made with those details (the pure and simple flowers/candles, the vibrant complexity of Lauriel's feathers, the fur tufts on Acele's head, the graceful anatomy, the ears, the legs, the masks, the tails, markings). I love this sprightly, almost dreamy shading and coloring, and how it's tempered by texturing here and there, rooting it in reality, in a sense.
I enjoy their sweet, happy expressions and how free and carefree they look in their run.
All these elements combined convey a feeing I believe all of us have while playing in the forest, at some point: the peace in each other's company, the harmony and the fragility of it all.

Thank you for this sweet surprise, and the good time. Always glad to see you and I know my friends are glad to see you, too. Come visit any of us in the forest, we have more parties to throw. Cool
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Hi, just saw your wonderful

Hi, just saw your wonderful art and couldn't help stopping by to comment Smiling
Love their face expressions so much, they incorporate everything the true forest spirit consists of, to me: Acele's wide-open eyes of a newbie still exploring the place; Lauriel's kind and pleasantly relaxed expression as she runs through the forest joyfully with the wind in her feathers; OOCer's playful grin and mischievously narrowed eye - that of an old player who always has a couple of some crazy tricks up his sleeve.
I agree with Uit, this piece is absolutely lovely. Thank you for sharing it here!

Signature © Draak
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Tracking! <3



Aww, thank you two ^^ Love

Aww, thank you two ^^ Love your words, it’s so nice and warm. I’ve troubles to logging to the game but I managed it! And I’m come back! I hope to see you soon in the forest!

Saturnia: Aww, thank you

Aww, thank you dear! ^^ <3
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I hate to be the bearer of

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but a few months ago uitleger was outed to have done some pretty disgusting things and was rightfully chased off TEF, with urshanabi following suit for supporting uitleger.


If you scroll down into the comments: http://www.endlessforest.org/community/node/112438?page=1

Oh my my… A lot of happened

Oh my my… A lot of happened while I wasn’t here. Thank you for info :.(