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nov. 10 '22 // hello everybody! my thoughts all over the place rn but i just wanna talk it out?
for that 5 years of being silent here i always at least once a year went there to check for new posts, pictures, look at my old art and ocs. yesterday i actually downloaded the game and as i was checking my characters i realised that i FORGOT LOTS AND LOTS OF IN GAME STUFF you know like how to reveal your pelt on mini deer, spells and all of that. i know that like nobody supposed to remember those things over the years, but i got so offended of myself like "come on that's the common knowledge!" and the fact that i forgot lots of that stuff made me real sad AHAHA maybe it's too much but it is how it is eh
i mean that game with my characters were there for the half of my life and i forget things that is so precious to me? feels almost like a betrayal... i hope i will make it up to myself, maybe being here more often will help with that
here comes actually the next problem - the lack of time. that's the reason i dissapeared actually and here is the timeline from 2018: school started getting hard; severe events occurred in my life; after all that the pandemic happened during which i moved across the country; got to college, graduated and got a job for a gap year that traumatised me mentally; got to uni and having lots of trouble studying; facing my mental illnesses not being able to get help... however, i'll try to look at future with hope and optimism <3 it gets better, i know for sure

i think i deviated from the topic huh
anyways, i will try to be here more often, despite the fact that for years of being online here i wasn't like standing out or being socially active on community OR in game Smiling always been just watching other people which isn't a bad thing actually. i have always had a social anxiety that makes it impossible for me to express myself and communicate, but little by little i'm working on myself and i want to adjust these things just to make it easier for me and other people of course. i adore all the members of this community, the most interesting, creative and kind people i have ever met in my life. it is a truly amazing phenomenon and i adore it with all my heart... I MAY BE A LITTLE BIT EXTRA RN OMG it's 2 am and i'm sleepy and emotional heh
i guess i should go to bed, thanks to the people who read this nonsense Smiling

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Hey, welcome back to the

Hey, welcome back to the forest and thank you for this post! That part about getting angry at yourself for forgetting precious things is so relatable it made me smile Smiling
Don't worry though, you'll remember everything again in no time! Here's the guide on loading sets on minis, btw)
Also, the 'Display name' feature is broken, unfortunately: you won't be able to comment on your own posts if your display name is different from your account name.

Please don't hesitate to ask if you need help remembering anything else about the game) Good night!

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This was a sweet read, sorry

This was a sweet read, sorry to hear that you've been struggling though.
I'm not sure if we were ever familiar but it's always good seeing old members return.
If you've got Discord then you're most welcome to join the TEF server there, it's much more active than the site these days! <3

Heyy, I remember your

Heyy, I remember your username. (But I also had trouble recalling all my deer and css tricks, my memory's a cheese like that)
Welcome back.
This place and the people here are amazing, indeed. I say don't sweat about your activity levels or anything. There's all sorts of folks here and there'll always be those who click with you.
Personally, I'm mostly idle (busy with the offline life) with the occasional tef (community/game) rush. Even then, friends come to poke at my poor deer body now and again, ha.

P.S. You're also welcome to hang out on the community site and help bring it back from the ashes, anytime.
See you around!

@Urschanabi: hey!!! it's

@Urschanabi: hey!!! it's actually nice to hear that you can relate x) thank you for the guide and remiding the thing about display name which i succesfully forgot too XDD thank you again!!

@J!n: hello! i remember you, but i think there was no interaction x) thank you for sharing about discord server! i actually never heard of it before, but i think i get why is it more active, this site is so old if you think of it and it's kinda hard to communicate with each other here x) but anyways, gonna join the server, thank you!

@Uitleger: hi! i totally get you with memory, i forget even what i ate at breakfast, not to mention these things! thank you for those words, i'm not going to push myself too much, just wanna be back to the community and do something x) thank you again!