I just LOL'D so hard.

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So, as most of you know, I live in New York. Town of Brunswick, to be exact.

When I posted the Wiki article about Brunswick (Linked above) at another forum, I saw this, and just about died:

"The town was historically agricultural, but began experiencing suburban sprawl in the later decades of the 20th century, which continues currently. This plague, as in most of New York State and approximately most of the United States, must be stopped."

A) Wikipedia, I love you
B) I actually agree with this, hahahah ;;

lol! I love stumbling across

lol! I love stumbling across little gems like that on Wikipedia.
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Ah, same here. 8D But like I

Ah, same here. 8D

But like I said, I actually agree with this; I've already seen first hand how the town is growing. There's already houses springing up on backroads. There's now at least 3-4 houses that have taken up what used to be a horse farm. It disgusts me to be honest.

And the worst part, is that the property behind my house is "prime developing" space. The only reason it's not being built on is because my property, and the property of my uncles and aunts (We all live close to one another) is landlocking the entire area. Should something happen, and the area gets developed, I will seriously consider packing my bags and leaving.

Yeah, it's sad to hear my dad

Yeah, it's sad to hear my dad talk about the little farmland communities he grew up in (Canada mind you, but the trend seems to be universal) that are simply not there anymore. You're very fortunate, it must be nice to have so much space. Hopefully it can stay that way!
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Tera - I like open places.

Tera - I like open places. Sure, it's not complete farm land (My section of Brunswick is primarily forest actually), but I like being able to relax in the woods without someone yelling at me for being on their property line.

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Infectshun! D: /grabs

Infectshun! D:

/grabs spraygun of infectshun and sprays. :3

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