But I do know that one and one is two..[Gift icons for Bintaroung and Moss <3]

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These caps have been sitting on my laptop for a while, haha. I have been meaning to turn them into icons for you both, and today I finally went and made a few.

I might make some more later, I'm not sure.

If they're too dark (I know they're a bit dark on mine), just let me know and I can lighten them up a bit (:

Hope you guys like these...<3

Perfection, love..

Perfection, love.. <3 Thank you, so much. I'm sure Bittles will love them, too. Mm~!

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Daww, yes, indeed I love

Daww, yes, indeed I love them. Thank you so<3
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I'm glad you like them, both

I'm glad you like them, both of you...<33