Hopping on the V-Day Art Boat [posted - Happy Valentine's Day]

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Toss some deer at me for Valentine's day art, pairs or single is up to you.
5 slots so I don't regret this. |D
Image refs are preferred, but if one isn't available, then at least provide a good description from a bio or something...

1. Mai and Halla

2. Beren and Cervena

3. Glisseo and Enthbril

4/secret. Sixdeer and Roodeer

5. Lane and ]Nicholas

6/Bonus. Ma Mousse and Quad

Happy Valentine's Day! ♥

Mai and Halla?

Mai and Halla? /soselfishhsorryy ;;
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Beren and Cervena? ♥

Beren and Cervena? ♥

By Leuvr

Glisseo (in sig) and

Glisseo (in sig) and Enthbril? (:
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One more slot.

One more slot.
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Lane and Nicholas? Edit: okay

Lane and Nicholas?
Edit: okay added links. And also lane only has one feather behind her ear. :/
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Your art is always adorable,

Your art is always adorable, would it be possible to request my Ma smothering Quad? They aren't a couple or anything, but I think Quad needs to be affection-smothered by a big moose once in awhile. C: Thanks Pega!

Edit: Oops, just missed out, oh well! ^^ Looking forward to seeing these!
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Because it's you, Trigger,

Because it's you, Trigger, I'm making the exception. B|
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Aww, Pega, thank you! You're

Aww, Pega, thank you! You're fantastic! 8D
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All drawings are posted now.

All drawings are posted now. =B

Whaa~ Thank you so much for

Thank you so much for doing them!
They look so tiny and adorableeeee!
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These are all absolutely adorable, Pega. And this was quite the surprise, too! As you can probably tell from my wild key mashing up there |D ♥ Thank you so much! I get the feeling Six was behind this B|
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I clicked this to see who

I clicked this to see who Pega made and wasn't expecting to see Quad up there XD...

That completely made my day, and Ma is honestly one of my favorite characters so I'm both thrilled and honored that you guys thought of me. Thank you Trigger and Pega *nuzzles all around*

I know it's not much in return, but I've had this song stuck in my head all day and since it's kind of a love song I thought it would be fitting for the day. Eye

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Eehehehehe, oh my, that's

Eehehehehe, oh my, that's fantastic! Thank you so much Pega! 8D Poor Quad looks so worried! xD These all look so wonderful, I really like that style you're using! ^^

Happy Valentine's Day Pega, you're the best!
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@acer: You're welcome!

@acer: You're welcome! ...*mops up exploded acer bits* 8|;

@Haru: I always get amused by the key mashes. 8'D
There might've been a secret IM. >>

@Quad: Hope Quad's not too traumatized by the obese moose lovings. Laughing out loud

@Trigger: We might just have to both pitch in for therapy for the poor blackbuck. \o/
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Heee, yes that was me~ >u>

Heee, yes that was me~ >u> Thank you for doing this, Pega, it's adorable OuO

Signature by Roo ♥
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You're quite welcome. >u>

You're quite welcome. >u>
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A long overdue thanks youuuuu

A long overdue thanks youuuuu ♥ Lane and Nicholas look so cute :3 :3 :3 Thanks Pega
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OH how did I miss these?!

OH how did I miss these?! Beren and Cervena are adorable, as are the other pairs! ♥

By Leuvr
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Better late than never. Glad

Better late than never. Laughing out loud Glad you like them!