Hmm...I'm thinking that it's no longer my computer...

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Let's go over the things I spent doing today:

1) Using CrapCleaner.
2) Running an AVG virus scan, that found nothing.
3) Disk Cleaning.
4) Defragging
5) Uninstallling then reinstalling TEF

So...why is my Forest still having issues with pictos and the like? I'm seriously beginning to doubt that it's my computer....

I don't know, I'm just becoming even more aggravated over this. If this keeps up, I have no clue what I'm gonna do...
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You've emptied your recycle

You've emptied your recycle bin? The music transfer might've had something to do with it this time.

I'm not much of a computer guru, so I don't especially know what to tell you, but I hope a solution's found! D:

Good luck <33
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Picto problems, as in not

Picto problems, as in not spreading? Check your internet, even if it seems to be working.
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Hraeth - Recycling Bin was

Hraeth - Recycling Bin was one of the things emptied during the Disk Cleanup. It's completely wiped.

Possibly, but who knows =/

Pega- I rebooted twice today, which erases any hiccups that my internet might have. I doubt it's an internet issue...

Yes, pictos weren't spreading correctly, or they wouldn't spread at all.
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It is an internet problem.

It is an internet problem. TEF is very greedy with internet usage and is resource heavy. If yours is unlimited, check with your provider that you're getting what you pay for, they should happily run a speed check for your area. You can also do speed checks online. However, if your internet is shared (at college, right?) then this is more likely to be the main cause of your connection problems. when I have to share the internet with my brother when he's downloading on xbox live, I can forget about connecting to the forest.

Problems with connection are mostly to do with your internet. For example, my old laptop is very outdated, but it still connects to TEF instantly because I have good internet connection, despite the fact it will run at 1-3fps. I open it on my laptop if I have a problem with it on my pc, and if it can connect (which it does 90% of the time) it's because I'm doing too many internet-related things on my computer or my pc internet dongle is out of reach of the best wireless signal to the router downstairs. If both my pc and my laptop cannot connect, it is because my internet strength is too low to be adequate food for the game.

Hope that helps. If you're wireless, also try plugging your laptop/whatever directly into the router.

It's easy to tell if it's a computer hardware problem by how the game runs without being connected, by the way. If you can run around without blips and a high fps, it's completely fine.
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Well, the only thing I know

Well, the only thing I know is that the network I use is "hidden" or, on a Vista computer like mine, "Unnamed." And the person who owns it has only given the information to maybe about...4 people.

It IS possible that he may be trying to obtain a torrent or something of that nature, but typically, if that happens, the internet kicks out completely. Still, it's possible.

Another issue I have is that I've tried connecting my laptop to routers before, and my computer simply will not accept it. We did the steps necessary, and nothing works. And honestly, i don't even think the router in our room is hooked up anymore, for that reason. My roommate and I both use wireless connections now.

I don't think it's a hardware issue, I corrected my Driver the other day when I did some updating.

I guess the only thing I can do now is let it sit for a few days, or find the time to ask the owner of the connection what's going on. Like I said, I'm quite positive that there's only 4 of us who use that connection, but still.

Thank you though...<3