Hello everyone

Hello everyone Smiling

I've just rediscovered this game. I used to sometimes drop in while I was in college but then forgot about it for a long time. I loooove the background sounds! They are so relaxing and calming and remind me of a warm summer afternoon and the smell of pine needles (I don't know how I came to that conclusion....it was just there suddenly). I also really like how Thy's pictogram reminds me a bit of a kitsune. Back when I was registering her, I was presented one that looked even more like one but then I accidentally stopped the registration and had to start all over again Sad

I still have no idea what I am doing (I never had) and currently just run around with my little fawn trying to figure out all the emotes and hoping that I won't offend anyone by choosing the wrong ones.

Welcome to the Endless

Welcome to the Endless forest!
hope you will enjoy the atmosphere and find the way to enjoy the whole game. Saw your pictogram in the map and it really looks very cute ´u` <3

No need to worry about making anyone offended when you try the actions/emotes, you really should try them all! ^^
Even trying to mix the emotions/actions together makes the actions even more interesting ~

Really hope to see you around and hopefully you enjoy your stay in the forest!
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Hi Thyelleia, welcome to the

Hi Thyelleia, welcome to the forest!
What a lovely association, makes me miss summer (and my early days in TEF as well).

Here's some info you might find useful, and if you have more questions about the game, please don't hesitate to ask!

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Thank you both for the

Thank you both for the welcome and the information (the FAQ is super helpful and interesting) ^^

So far, I've been running up to random deer and bowing before them since I think (I don't know for sure though) that it might be the official greeting. One deer gave me a spotted coat for a while which was really fun and I transformed into several small animals while drinking from a fountain.

Speaking of other animals: I have seen several amazing bios where people RP as deer-hybrids, other animals etc. I haven't RPed for a while (I used to play RP MUDs) so I am a bit rusty but how does one find people to RP with?

Thank you to all the deer who

Thank you to all the deer who played with Thy and gave her such pretty pelts to wear! ^^
I'm sorry I had no idea how to communicate that I had to leave. How do you usually emote that?

Hello, welcome to the forest.

Hello, welcome to the forest. It was my skeleton deer who kept casting magic on you. Glad to know you enjoyed the costumes.
And you got it right in the game - we usually bow before we leave.
As for the roleplaying, clicking deer's pictograms on the maps (1,2) usually leads you to their biographies which contain some sort of personal contact info. Most people prefer to roleplay via Discord these days.
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Quote:I'm sorry I had no idea

I'm sorry I had no idea how to communicate that I had to leave. How do you usually emote that?

Most people will use sad + bow, and depending on how close they are may also nuzzle as a goodbye!

The gesture language has some interesting nuances you'll pick up over time.

Welcome (back) to the Forest!

@Uitleger Thank you very much

@Uitleger Thank you very much for the costumes! I especially liked the blue swirly one. I am so
looking forward to being able to wear pelts for a longer period of time. I love being a fawn though
since it kinda mirrors my cluelessness xD The somersaults were fun as well ^^

Surprisingly, I managed to somehow remember the password to my old account I had back when I
was in college and it was interesting to see the forest through the eyes of a mature deer for a while.
I somehow prefer playing a smaller deer though (I always make smol characters in RP and games...
maybe it's subconsciously since I am quite tall RL and always wish to be smaller....)

I'll do my best to get better at gesture language which I see as an interesting take on communication.
I think it's to actually look at beings to find out what they're feeling or trying to say instead of always
doing everything via speech.

I'll also post something on the RP-seeking channel of the Discord. I'm a bit rusty and do not know yet
what kind of character Thy will have and how I want to play her so I hope that's okay.

Thank you all again for the warm welcome! ^^

Hah, the Blue Swirly is one

Hah, the Blue Swirly is one of the Fawn Exlusives, enjoy it while you can!
As well as the sheer freedom of running around clueless and exploring, usually the best days of tef life.
Good to know you seem to be settling in well, it'll be interesting to see your character's biography on this site one day.

"maybe it's subconsciously since I am quite tall RL and always wish to be smaller"
And likewise here, my fawn character is the one I enjoy playing the most, for that reason. I envy his ability to squeeze into places, a lil.