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Arrow's playing DotA 2... again. [Twitch Stream] [Offline]

You can watch it if you want.
I'll update this as often as I stream (:

Games I may play~

DotA 2
TES Skyrim
Any Assassins Creed
Don't Starve
Total War ROME II
The Sims 3 (laggy :c)
Mount & Blade Warband
Battleblock Theatre
Child of Light
Whatever my poor wallet has to buy ;n;
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Tell me a memory.

It may be good or bad, funny or sad, whatever you prefer.
Try to think of something that had to do with the Forest. Your favorite memory of it, perhaps.
If someone did something that moved you to incredible emotion, please share it with us. Hopefully it was not an angry emotion, though.
If you can't think of anything to do with TEF, you're welcome to remember anything from anywhere else.

If you want to add a personal one, go for it- I don't even mind if you use a different account to post it on to protect privacy.

Not planning on using these for anything, just a place to share thoughts with one another, I suppose.
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Child of the West Wind

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Is it just me?

Or is anyone else having trouble with non-spreading pictos?
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Just some songs I'd like to keep tabs on.
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[Art Blog]

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CSS Question

See here.
Does anyone know how to keep the background image from repeating? Like... to have it just totally stretched out? I've tried anything I could think of but nothing seems to work- not even making a big huge image and uploading it, since photobucket resizes it everytime.

Thanks in advance~
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