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Ungulate size comparison chart (Updated: NEW LINK)

Edit 7/9 2018:

Updated link! bye old dropbox, hi deviantart link


Well. I've never been a particularly good community member, seldom commenting and such, so I thought maybe I should give something back to all of you wonderful people. So here goes:

Inspired by this thread by Dajhi, I'm making a bigger (hopefully better) one.

New, updated link

Old photobucket link

If you can't read the numbers on the left side, from top to bottom it says

- 2 m (~6 ft 7 in.)
- 1.5 m
- 1 m (~3 ft 4 in.)
- 0.5m

1. Female human
2. TEF Deer*
3. TEF Deer, mini**
4. Mouse Deer***
5. Moose (also known as European Elk)
6. Fallow Deer
7. Whitetail Deer
8. Pudú
9. Pronghorn
10. Reindeer/caribou
11. Red Deer
12. Roe Deer
13. Mule Deer
14. Muntjac****
15. Megaloceros giganteus/Irish Elk
16. Shika
17. Elk
18. Marsh Deer
19. Blackbuck
20. Greater Kudu
21. Lesser Kudu
22. Gerenuk
23. Thomson's Gazelle
24. Blue Wildebeest/Gnu
25. Saiga antelope
26. Eld's Deer
27. Hog Deer
28. Pampas Deer
29. Sambar Deer
30. Bighorn Sheep
31. Père David Deer
32. Bongo (antelope)
33. Gray Brocket
34. Chital/Axis Deer

* This height is based on how big they are in comparison to poppies and the altar in the Ruins. May be inaccurate.
** Same as above.
***Which on of them, I don't know. Probably Philippine Mouse Deer.
**** No idea which species/subspecies.

! Important:

Remember, all these are male deer. Females are usually smaller, how much depends on which species we're talking about.
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