Concerning Mini Devouts.

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I am blogging about this, due to the fact that the harassment towards Nine is already getting out of hand.

The Mini Devout is NOT a hack. It is GLITCHED DATA.

You can stop harassing now.
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Not that I am doing

Not that I am doing harassment considering I have no even been here for it, but people tend to get upset when someone is doing something that looks like hacking and could get the forest taken away.

Somehow I don't think saying "No no its a glitch" without proof will not calm people's anxieties.

I mean if someone ran around with no antlers or a god pelt and said 'no its a glitch', would you believe them..?

Especially since it's been stated this 'glitch' cannot be reproduced.
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Im so sorry if I have caused

Im so sorry if I have caused a problem by my eariler post I was only currious I ment no offence (i even deleted the post).
Im sorry again. I have never heard data giltching that way. Please except my most hymble appoliges .

While I do not have proof,

While I do not have proof, I'm pretty sure my spelldata is not hacked. I did not create the glitch myself, as it was a gift to me for Nine. I can't reproduce it myself and I'm not sure the original owner knows how to, either.

I think this is something along the lines of what happened with Sluggs's spelldata used to cast mini pelts in the older versions. My data is MANY layers of small animal and normal-sized deer, similar to Sluggs's which is small animals and minideer, all stacked in the roster. The devout on me is not sneeze-able, once I strip down to it, like the blank pelt glitch you get from the fountain.

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Even if it was a hack

Even if it was a hack harrassment wouldn't solve anything.
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Technically it would. If

Technically it would.

If you make it unbearable and unpleasant for the person who is using modified spelldata to play it they will stop or leave the community.

It's a rude solution that will probably drive that person away, but if you're upset by a player's actions enough to constantly go through the motions to push them out of the community eventually they give up and comply.
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And what about the innocent

And what about the innocent victims?

Contacting the person if possible or m&a would be the mature way to deal with the problem. Though things like this are usually not the moutain of panic we make it out to be. I know as well as everyone else what will happen if hacking flares up again but harrassment is cruel and unusual punishment.
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When I first started hex

When I first started hex editing, I created a perma-devout spelldata that couldn't be sneezed off. But maybe there's another way of doing it, I don't know. Sticking out tongue
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my POV, whatever it's worth

my POV, whatever it's worth is that unless you can prove either that it is a glitch or it is hacked, you cannot jump to a conclusion and if Nine says that it is a glitch then one must lean to glitching.

I shall produce some words of wisdom used in the criminal justice system.

"Innocent until proven guilty"
The Soul Of Souls
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Anima- Yes, but if M&A

Yes, but if M&A happen to look in the forest/enough people complain we can all get punished.

For all we know the data is hacked.

Ephra has stated it is possible to hack this data, so unless someone can prove the "person who gifted the data" didn't hex it we have to assume they did.
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No you don't. It's called

No you don't.

It's called trust. I choose to trust that it is what Nine says, unless someone can show me 100% evidence that the data is hacked.

People deserve a chance. I bet the first time some people saw some new glitch they thought it was hacked to. The point is, until it can be absolutely proved one way or the other, assumption gets us no where.
The Soul Of Souls
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I think as far as hacks go -

I think as far as hacks go - if it is one - this one's pretty safe. It's nothing a regular sized deer couldn't acquire anyway, unlike the god pelts and invisible antlers and that sort of thing.
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Ephra-'s not. No

Ephra-'s not.
No one else in the forest can replicate a mini devouted deer.

Anyone can be a pelted mini and anyone can be a devout deer, but not both at once.

I mean I understand that 9 wants to be unique and special, but really...It's gonna get people envious and upset.

Frankly I can't talk since I don't really go in forest any more due to harassment and it doesn't affect me, but I see why people get angry with it.

It's the same response as when people did the 'no antlers'.
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So I'll round back to what I

So I'll round back to what I said earlier..

Just because you don't approve of what someone else is doing doesn't make it right to harrass them. :/
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I'm willing to trust nine,

I'm willing to trust nine, even if it is a little hack I personally wouldn't mind
-pokes fingers and shuffles away-
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It's not a hack. Trust me, I

It's not a hack. Trust me, I would know.

And even if it was, which it isn't, what harm is it creating besides the one you all create?
If it is a hack, which once again- it isn't- it's a completely harmless one. It isn't like she flaunting the Red Got Pelt or walking around antlerless. (;

Thank you, Ravyn. &hearts

Thank you, Ravyn. &hearts

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I've just tested Nine's

I've just tested Nine's spelldata and I can confirm this is definately not hexed.

I know how hexed data works, and shortly after leaving the Drinkthings circle, the devout faded away like it should do.
A hexed devout is far more stubborn than that, it will stick no matter what happens.

After it faded I did the routine for getting a miniature pelt and the devout pelt remained on it.

I don't know how this glitch was discovered, but I applaud Miss M and Hraeth for finding it. Perhaps others will be able to find it sometime too in the future, experiment, be patient, this can be fun if you let it be fun.

The Drinkthings have opened up many glitching opportunities for us all, you can even have default antlers sneezed off if you know how to do it.
And I'm also interested in seeing if one can learn to remove antlers via Drinkthings. Hm...

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Please can everyone Back off

Please can everyone Back off of nine and drop the supject, This whole thing is my fault I asked in ryme what was happenin, I never made any acusations of hacks, I simply wanted to know what was happening nine has told me I'm fine I Trust & know nine has been here long enough. Please drop the subject. Im so sorry. It I could have emailed nine i would have but I did not know who the player was. I jyst watched others. Please lets drop this.

None of this is directed to

None of this is directed to you, Onyx. People in the forest were bothering me about my pelt and more here weren't convinced it was legit. That is all. No worries.. &hearts

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